Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chairish is the Word I Use to Describe...

Today's ensemble is made up of two items that I found in the same thrift store. The skirt, like yesterday's leopard cardigan, was on a put-away rack, and the jacket was on a display. Yes, I barge in like I own the place and take apart displays. Hey, that's what displays are for!

The jacket was $18.50 (which is not exactly thrift pricing, in my opinion, but it was a thrift "boutique" and the profits go to help women in need, so I'll give them a pass). I fell in love with the gorgeous portrait collar:
Inigo is watching me - it's very early in the morning before work.

I am seriously a sucker for a cool lapel. The material is actually a very thick cotton, almost denim, but it's fully lined, even down the sleeves. Pretty unusual. I love the fit and the fact that the bottom of it has belt loops (that's my old trust black belt in there). It's French Connection, and I see by their website that their jackets are around $178. I guess 10% of that is not so bad after all!

The skirt was only $12.50, it's by Mia Hansen, who appears to be a Vancouver illustrator. I can't find anything about clothing that she's done, so maybe this was a one-off.
I loved the fit and feel of this skirt all day - the slit at the back is not very high, so I had to take less than my usual big strides. It felt very old-school.

Here's a better look:
The fabric is a poly cotton - I was afraid it was going to wrinkle if I even looked at (doesn't it look like it would, with that raw silk sort of look to it?), but it was amazingly resilient. It has two flat pockets on the front of it, with a chair silkscreened on each. When I first saw the skirt, I thought for sure it was Smoking Lily, because of this skirt. How awesome: I have two skirts with chairs on them!

The stuff:
My second wear of these shoes (last seen here). Love that zipper rose - I wish I'd bought 10 of them to give to all my friends.

Jacket (French Connection, thrifted), cami (Esprit), belt (Plum), skirt (Mia Hansen, thrifted), shoes (kate & mel), zipper rose (Victoria & Albert Museum gift shop).


  1. That title is a groaner... at least in a good way.

    I love the jacket. I'm hoping I love the skirt - I picked up a brown wool skirt only slightly shorter today in my thrift-adventures and I'm going to try wearing it at that length for a while, but my original intention was to hem it. I have such mixed feelings about that length.

  2. I know, sorry, Cara! I love the jacket too. This skirt length is a little hard to get used to - it does need heels, I think. Good luck with yours!

  3. I too love portrait collars,a nd the chair is really great. Good finds!

  4. I rather love your title - and moreso your skirt! I'm always looking for things with a classic but quirky twist. These pieces work wonderfully together.

    Not only is paying 10% retail awesome - but profits going to a good cause. That's just awesome. I think that's why I enjoy thrifting as much as I do. I know that Goodwill helps create jobs for many many people who would otherwise not be able to support themselves due to disability, health or otherwise.

  5. Very elegant dear!! Not as stunning as the previous one, but equally classy! I probably have to start making zipper-jewellery: they're so cute! Kisses :)

  6. The detailing is so cool!! I really love the jacket and would have snatched it up just like you!!
    You look great as always!!

  7. Both pieces (jacket & skirt) are fabulous. I like everything about BOTH of them! The chair on the pocket (and isn't that a tulip, too?)...and the lines of that jacket make them both VERY interesting.

    Oh, Sheila...I'd so be wearing these if I had my weight off. As it is, I'm just in a holding pattern wardrobe-wise. I WILL be fashionable once again. It's just about impossible to find lovelies like this in my size at thrift stores.

    Enough groaning. Back to discipline. You inspire me.

  8. I am digging that chair detail you have posted

  9. for any of Sheila's possibly younger readers who don't know just how much of a groaner this title is, go here:


    yep, 'groaner' is the word that more than applies. i could say i need your posts, just like a thousand other bloggers, but......how i wish you would chairish me as much as i cherish ewes.



  10. That jacket is fantastic. It was definitely worth $18.50.

  11. Fabulous look Sheila! Love the collar on your jacket.

  12. This is beautiful; it has a lovely retro silhouette. I just love finding thrift items that pair up together!

  13. So pretty I love that jacket!!! The skirt is fun and modern and classic all at the same time. I just picked up a pair of loafers heels in brown leather, that purchase was inspired by your shoes!!

  14. Thanks, Lesa!

    Megan, I'm a sucker for puns. I love quirky stuff like that too, thanks! I always like to shop at stores that are non-profits, it makes me feel good - I actually donate to these stores too.

    Dimi, thank you! You should totally make zipper jewelry!

    Pam, thanks!

    Rebecca, thank you. No tulips on the skirt, but I love the lines as well. Aw, Rebecca, don't give up hope - you can do it, I know you can.

    Shayla, thanks!

    Ha, Steph, did you have that song stuck in your head? I know I did! Ha!

    Thanks, Rebecca, I agree!

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Audi, thanks - I love a retro look.

    Alison, thank you - how awesome, your shoes sound great! What a perfect reward for hitting your goal. :)

  15. Oh, the portrait collar would make me look twice at that jacket too.

  16. Oh my Lord, that JACKET!! Love the neckline on you, and the cut...I am swooning.

  17. Oh, I LOVE that skirt! So incredibly cool...and it really looks great with that jacket. A very inspired pairing, for sure!

  18. Terri, it's the kind of detail I love.

    Kristen, thanks!

    Thanks, Rita! You're so sweet. :)


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