Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let's Move Another Venue

...Like Iceland, or Hastings, or, or this place! (Double bonus points if you can name the song and musical that quote is from).

I realized today many of you guys in other parts of the world don't actually get a full Spring as a season. As in, three months of rain, wind, sun and blossoms galore. It will not be 80 degrees here for at least three more months.

It's chilly in the mornings (I'm still wearing gloves, although not a scarf and toque), slightly warm-ish during the day, and it cools down substantially at night. I am eager to wear my summery stuff, but it's really...Spring! And it has sprung.

And here I am in yellow again: This is a new-to-me blouse that I picked up on my last big consignment shopping trip a few weeks ago. It was $14.98. I love the buttery yellow and the ruching down the front.

I've done this strapless dress over most of my button-down shirts - it's one of my favourite easy-peasy go-to looks, and I've done it at least five times. I last wore it here.

Here's my change of venue! I hate how the late afternoon/early evening light is making my den half overexposed and half too dark when I do my pictures, and our condo is full of windows so the light is either really glary or non-existent.

This is our exterior staircase; my little camera is perched on a ledge four floors from the ground (it's a wide ledge, don't worry). I look all leggy in these! And it was very chilly! But it's natural light, so I'll do a few shots outside when I can.

The stuff: My lovely orangey-yellow Tsubos (last seen here). SO comfy!

A close-up: I love this belt - it's got flaming skulls on it! The buckle belongs to L (I bought it for him for Christmas a few years ago) - I just took it off his belt and snapped my belt to it. I love it when you can change up buckles.

Blouse (Le Chateau, consignment), strapless dress (Club Monaco), belt (consignment), buckle (local leather shop), shoes (Tsubo "Erebus"), ring (Plum), earrings (locally made).


  1. I love those yellow Tsubos! And the new photo venue!

  2. I love the yellow with turquoise. I'm going to try it out.

  3. Love the outdoor shots. I can't edit to see more!

  4. I really feel like I've heard that quote somewhere recently, but can't place it! I love your sunny yellow and orange pumps. Also rock on for the change of place.

    We've already hit 90F weather. Thankfully it's gone back down but wow I think I'd freeze to death with a long winter.

  5. One Night in Bangkok, Murray Head, from the musical Chess FTW!

  6. Chess!

    I love that musical (though which version did you get?!)

  7. Thanks, Ray!

    Cara, cool, I will use it again.

    Lesa, it's a favourite colour combo of mine - try it!

    Kasmira, awesome, I will try to do more.

    Megan, it's from "One Night in Bangkok" sung by Murray Head (he's the brother of Anthony Steward Head, who played Giles on Buffy), from the musical "Chess."

    Tizzy, double bonus points for you! Good job! Thank you very much for commenting!

    KiwiMichelle, right you are! The only version I've owned is the London Cast Recording - I've had it for well over 15 years.

  8. Hey gorgeous!! I really like your strapless dress combined with bright yellow!! And your staircase! Kisses!

  9. One Night In Bankok. Chess. LOVE.

    *scrolls down* Awww. Other people guessed it first. But I have it on my IPod!!!

  10. I'm glad to finally have a few moments to comment. I so love your strapless over other shirts. I cannot without a bra and have yet to find a great strapless. One day I'm going to come across the perfect fitting strapless and give this a try. FYI - I'm down 16lbs and only 10 to go. Once there, I'll evaluate if want to go another 5 or not. I may follow your example and lose the 5 so I have wiggle room.

  11. Haha, One Night in Bangkok -- so cheesy, but so good! Glad to see that other people still remember it.

    Love the sunny yellow, btw!

  12. I really like this look and it would be easier for us big-boobied gals to do a strapless!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    In cincy, we have lots of rain in the Spring/dark days in winter, and then as we can don our "can't-wait-to-wear" spring outfits ( cute cardis with leggings, or long sleeves with sandals, etc.... it suddenly turns 80 degrees and HOT !
    I have about 3 weeks of outfit i'd like to post, but am afraid the weather isn't going to allow for them.
    That's one of the reasons I am trying to clear out my closets, as I have so many things I never get to wear and my favorites seem to not get photographed!

    Daylight is best for photos, i think, but as our weather is so rainy, i think i've found an indoor spot that is OK.
    What do you think?
    Is the indoor area pleasing ?
    Or is it too white?
    I value opinions!

  13. Love the yellows! I'm in Portland, and spring here is not just "summer lite" fact it's been somewhat nasty this year. I need something yellow to get me through the next month or so!

  14. Must try this blouse under the long skirt look. it's actually good to see you out and about and your camera living so dangerously.

  15. Dimi, thank you so much!

    Erin, you got it! And I hope you love when it comes on!

    Thank you, Rebecca, I love the colour!

    Alison, great to see you! The great thing about wearing a strapless with a shirt under it is that of course you don't need to go strapless - you just wear your regular bra! Good for you, hon, I am so proud of you. I knew you could do it. :)

    Ha, Audi, I am all about the cheese! Thanks!

    Reva, it's the best way - I have gotten so much more wear out of this dress than I ever thought I might. Our spring sounds like that except for the getting hot part. Cleaning out one's closet is a good thing!

    Christa, thank you! Yes, I imagine your weather is very similar - coastal. Yellow is the best!

    Terry, give it a try! Heh, even I like to live on the edge once in a while.

  16. Two shades of yellow, and an outdoor shot that shows off your legs? Double thumbs up from me!

  17. I like the new venue.... and guess what ?
    I copied your shoes, same color :)
    Imitation is the best form of flattering right ?!
    Well, it depends..

  18. Thanks, Kristen!

    Lorena, awesome! I am totally flattered.


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