Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Return to Form - and A Folex Miracle!

After yesterday's debacle of an outfit (okay, it wasn't as bad as this gawdawful mess!), I knew I had to get back on that fashion horse with some tried and true Sheila style!

I got this awesome leather vest on consignment a couple of weeks ago for $18.98 - I couldn't believe the score! I love a snug fitted vest! They hold everything in so nicely, especially with a belt over top.

The blouse underneath is another one of my "mystery" items - it has no label. This is the first time I wore it - there may have been one other time, but I can't find it. I do love a swooshy skirt: I adore this skirt. If I ever do a 30 for 30 challenge, this skirt would go in it in a heartbeat. I've worn it many times, last time here.

The stuff: My glorious red boots make another showing (last seen here).

The jangly bits: The reds kind of match. Close enough, I say!

Blouse (mystery, consignment), vest (CAbi, consignment), skirt (Marc D'Alcy), boots (Miz Mooz), belt, bracelet and earrings (Plum).

I had to include this picture of Inigo, playing on his new scratching post last night: Hee!

Oh, and I had to show you - I got pen on my lovely skirt today: A big long streak of black pen, that sat there all day. Boo...my skirt is ruined. (sad face)
But wait! We have Folex!Folex to the rescue!

I've written about Folex before (a long time ago), and I swear I am not getting any kind of kick-back from them. This is an amazing product! It removes pet vomit from carpet, red wine from anything, and yes...pen from my faux suede polyester blend skirt.

Check it out: I sprayed it directly on the fabric. I've used it tons before on all kinds of fabrics, and have never had a bad reaction - if you are nervous, try it on a spot where no one will see first (spot-test it, is what I'm trying to say...it's late). It doesn't smell, it's pet-safe and it is non-toxic. I buy it at the grocery store - it's about $9.99. L and I give a bottle of this in a wine bag as a house-warming or host(ess) gift for our friends.

I gently rubbed it in with my fingers: It's already starting to disappear!

Several years ago, we had a party and my friend Michael spilled an entire glass of red wine down the front of his white linen shirt. I grabbed the Folex, a handful of paper towels and stuck my hand up his shirt (I asked first!). The Folex took out every spot of red wine - to the kitchen full of drunk people, it was like a miracle!

I blotted the area with a paper towel: I can still see a little bit there, but not much.

I hung it to dry and an hour later.... I actually had to look at the previous pictures on the camera to know where to look! Isn't that amazing? It's like new! And no damage or stain at all on the fabric.


  1. First of all I love the boots! Maybe I'm jealous because I don't get to wear them that much? Secondly, that is some fancy cat tree you have there. My little kitties would be hanging out all over that.
    Thirdly, I bought a brand new blouse, full retail price (damn!) wore it to lunch with my daughter and ended up getting what I thought were two spots of water on it, so what did I do? blotted it with more water. As you have probably guessed by now--it was oil. We have this stuff called S-32 which sounds a lot like Folex, I am soaking it right now, maybe the damage is done with the water, but who knows, keep your fingers crossed for me.

  2. Very nice outfit! I love a long skirt, always! That folex thing sounds amazing! And you must have the best shoe collection ever!

  3. I agree with Lesa...the boots rock! I would wear this entire look...it is perfect for work! I will have to save this idea for the fall...the vest would be too warm down here now...already in the 90s!! I use OxyClean on everthing...it has been my friend for stain removal ...particularly when my boys played football!

  4. I'm glad that you were able to get out the ink. That skirt is really pretty.

  5. Every time I see those boots I want to run out and buy them. The vest is great, perfectly fitted tailoring mixed with naughty leather.
    Glad you got the stain out!

  6. Love the vest! I'm on the lookout for more, myself. With the amount of animals around my house I can always use a good cleaner. Does it smell ok?

  7. Is that product available as far east as MN? Because BOY HOWDY do I need it at Casa De Scary Closet!

    Love the vest - nothing makes me happier than a well-fitted vest.

  8. I soooooo love your outfits!
    This one is really great because it screams Steampunk! and possibly Weird West! to me. And I love that (as you already know). :)

    (Did you have the intention to make it look like that or is it just me seeing Steampunk everywhere?)

    I wish I could borrow from your closet. *sigh*

  9. Hmm... I'll have to keep Folex in mind! I usually use hairspray on ink stains, but then the item always needs to be washed!
    At first I wasn't convinced that this was really "tried and true Sheila style"... until I realize the vest was leather. There's the edge I've come to expect from you!

  10. Omg so much love for this outfit. A leather fitted vest!?! I've been trying to thrift a simple vest for weeks, but it seems like my goodwill doesn't have many vests, cardigans or jewelry.

    Also ♥ love for the MM boots. How freaking awesome is that spot remover. I can't tell you how many times I've done something stupid and ruined clothing. I'll keep that stuff in mind next time.

  11. so glad you'r feeling yourself again~I know what you mean!
    The vest looks great along with those boots!
    I just bought some folex for a stain on the carpet--it didnt get rid of it totally--but I'm glad to hear your raves. I will find other uses....Paula

  12. Lesa, thanks so much - I guess you don't get to wear them much in Miami! Isn't it a lovely cat tree? Oh no, your poor blouse! I hope the stain comes out.

    Dimi, thank you! Folex is great, and yes, I do have the best shoe collection ever.

    Pam, thank you! Wow, I can't believe it's that warm already! I don't like the smell of OxyClean.

    Rebecca, thank you.

    Kelly, ha, go for it, before they are all gone! Thanks!

    Charlotte, thank you. Folex doesn't smell at all.

    Erin, take a look around for it - I stumbled on it by accident. Google it - they have a website (a very crappy one!).

    Sal Kaye, aw, thank you. :) I love the Steampunk aesthetic, but don't deliberately aim for that. I just like what I like.

    Cara, yeah, hairspray leaves marks and then you have to dryclean to get the alcohol out. Hee, of course it's leather!

    Megan, thanks, I know, I was so excited to find this! I have a really hard time finding vests too.

    Paula, thank you, hon.

  13. I really like this outfit. The vest is great. And I've written "Folex" on my shopping list. (What a great house-warming gift idea!)

  14. Thank you so much, Rebecca. I hope you like the Folex!


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