Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Outfit - Animal Print and Bare Toes

I hope you all had a fabulous, relaxing weekend! I know I did!

This is my Saturday morning WW weigh-in outfit: I've had the skirt for a while and have been dying to wear it, but it's been too cold. It was still too cold yesterday, but I did it anyway. I demand warm weather!

Anyway, the skirt was one of my great deals at The Bay last month: it was $11.99 on clearance. Not bad! I love the swirliness of it:
This is the second wearing of the top (first seen here) - I remembered that it had a very low scoop neck and wore a cami under it this time.

I love these sandals (last seen here). I had a panicky moment at WW when I couldn't get the left shoe unzipped - I had to weigh in with one shoe on! - but I got it undone eventually. I was worried I'd have to cut myself out of them.
This is my first wearing of these for the season and while they were comfortable, my toes were absolutely freezing all day.


  1. I love the swirly skirt and those sandals make your feet look so dainty!

  2. So cute! I'm really loving the all-white looks right now, and white shoes in particular are becoming something of an obsession.

  3. Very summer-y! I love it! Although I can't wear clothes like that before June! It's just too cold for me! Have a nice week dear!
    p.s. - I'm very happy since it's Easter Holiday here and since my bf is a teacher he gets two weeks off school! Yay! :) Lot's of together time!

  4. Sometimes I worry that I write too much on people's blogs so I tell myself I'm going to just visit and not comment. Then, I come here and can't help myself -- I have to comment!

    I love this outfit. The skirt is amazing: not only beautiful in design but also in swirliness. That's a fringe-benefit I highly value since there's no male-equivalent.

    And the top is cute, too. It completes the look, with the white shoes matching perfectly.

    I've said this before because it's true: even your casual outfits are stunning. Your creations are so sophisticated. You're teaching the advanced class. :)

  5. That is a great skirt! I love that you were able to capture swirl-action with your camera. Timing that just right is hard! Good job! You look great and I really like the print and the pricepoint for the skirt!

  6. I am loving the maxi skirts (again!, as I wore them in the 70's). You look great in that twirly skirt and those summery sandals. Lol about the weigh-in with one shoe on. I think I once took earrings off to get weighed : >

  7. I love this! I'm with Audi and loving the all white looks. They're so breezy and inspiring of warm weather. I'm willing my warm weather to spread because it is lovely!

  8. Another fabulous outfit - love the sandals, and glad you managed to escape them both in the end :-)

  9. I am far too jealous of your obviously beautiful weather to do much more than radiate envy. Oh, and keep it going with the maxi skirts! Convince me to get one!

  10. I love that skirt! Really makes me wish I didn't get rid of one I had like that. I got rid of it way back when I didn't wear skirts or dresses. Makes it difficult to get rid of things when you regret it later....

  11. Thank you, Terri! Ha, I never get told I have dainty feet - mostly that my feet are huge!

    Audi, thank you. I am not really a fan of white (the sweater is cream, but close enough) as it's too harsh on me.

    Dimi, thanks, sweetie! I was freezing all day! Have a super holiday - happy Easter!

    Ralph, aw, you can write as much as you want, thank you. I had skirts like this back in the 70s, when I was a kid - I loved to twirl then as well. You are so kind, thank you.

    Thanks, Yvonne! I just twirl very very slowly.

    Patti, me too! It's a trend that deserves not to be a trend, but a staple! I take off everything I can when I weigh in!

    Megan, thanks! Please send warm weather here, as it it so freakin' cold!

    Tat, thanks, hon! Me too!

    Kelly, it is not beautiful - it is cold, don't be fooled by my frigid bare legs and toes! You need a maxi skirt - they are wonderful!

    Alison, thanks - you can probably thrift one quite easily. Nah, never regret it - they're just clothes.

  12. It's getting warmer and you look amazing in that twirly skirt !!!!
    You look fabulous ... Go Sheila, Go Sheila, Go SHeila..
    (i am singing)

  13. As I was scrolling down my phone, I thought "that's a really "plain" top for Sheila... what's up?"

    Then I saw the skirt. *swoon*

  14. Ha, Lorena, you crack me up. Thank you, sweetie!

    'Doll, fooled you!


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