Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flowers and Denim on a Weekday (Oh, and A Butt Shot)

Today, there were glimpses of sun, and not just on my lapel:
I do like to make my own sunshine. And as you can see from the glare on my picture, it's actually light outside! Will wonders never cease?

This jacket is new-to-me: it's another Smoking Lily item (I adore their clothing - here's a post with links to my Smoking Lily items). It was $26.95 in a consignment store and you can bet I snatched it up! It's a stretchy denim with aqua denim piping all around the edges, and aqua on the cuff linings:
The skirt is my mystery skirt - I thrifted it in Seattle a few years ago. It doesn't have a label, just a little tag with a leaf on it. I love the heathery green tweed of it and the embroidered flowers on the bottom.

I'm wearing a red top underneath to tie in with the red in the flowers. My second day with no neutrals! Colours are the new neutral!

Detail of the jacket:
Hand silk-screened detail on the inside back.

The stuff:
I would love to show when I last wore these, but it's nearly impossible to search on a brand called "Me Too". Actually, I think I remember when I wore them last...yup, here. Hmmm...I need to wear that skirt again.

A close-up of the bits:
That is a most excellent flower. The earrings were a gift from my dear friend Sherylyn.

Note: no kick-backs from Smoking Lily - I link because I love.

Jacket (Smoking Lily, consignment), top (Planet), skirt (mystery, thrifted), shoes (Me Too), flower (Roberta's Hats), earrings (Shi Studio, gift from Sherylyn).

Oh, and yes, that is my butt over on Wendy Brandes' blog, doing an imitation of a Loverboy album cover. I was browsing online late the other night and well...the rest is history:
I guess you could say I got lucky!


  1. really, really like this - the jacket+shoe combo are perfect.
    and yes i believe you have the power to bring in the sunshine-just by showing up!
    how's work?

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  3. I love that you won Wendy's contest; I should've known it'd be you! This outfit is fab; so bright and springy!

  4. Whoa, nice butt!

    Also, great outfit. Teal and yellow is a surprisingly great combination, and I really like the floral detail in your skirt.

  5. I got so excited when i saw you won this contest...but I wouldn't have known it was yours without Wendy's id of you. Congratulations!

  6. Cool as ever, but I think both the skirt (khaki) and the jacket (denim/navy) are indeed neutrals! So its actually a mixing-neutrals outfit. Very sophisticated...

  7. That's a fab jacket! Don't you love unique details on the inside of garments? The blazer I wore today has a really cool lining. It's like an special secret just for you.

    Congrats on the bum picture! Wendy's a hoot. I bet L had a great reaction when you told him you needed a picture of your butt! Then again it seems SO's of fashion bloggers have gotten used to us doing some crazy things.

  8. I love the butt picture... that sounds a little weird, but really, it's a picture of your butt... if I'm strange for mentioning it, you're strange for taking it. Let's just embrace our inner freaks.

  9. Another beautiful outfit! I'm a fool for all shades of blue anyway! I've already seen your famous butt over at Wendy's! Congrats dear! Kisses

  10. You are ALWAYS so cool! I ♥ the detail on your jacket & skirt here! Mostly I like the confidence with which you select and wear your clothes.

    One of these days, I'm going to get mine (confidence) back!

  11. I heart you for taking that picture for me. Good interview too!

  12. big smile here- i actually owned that loverboy album - still have the album but cover seems to be mia.

    Gorgeous detail on that skirt - big fan of flower pins- add a nice touch of color and whimsy. Good for you bringing your own sunshine- me too- wearing yellow top, orange pants and slippies with a green purse.

  13. I adore those pumps. And congrats on winning Wendy's contest!

  14. I like the accents on that jacket. It is a fun way to dress up denim.

  15. BUTT SHOT.
    And I love your outfit.
    It's super amazing.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. Sometimes its about the details, no? Love the piping on the jean blazer--I love jean blazers--its like the hippie secretary look. That one fits you so perfectly--I'm going to keep my eye out for that name too!

  17. Thanks, Lorena! Work is good, thanks.

    Grace, thank you for the offer.

    Audi, ha, thank you!

    Anne, I worked for that butt, and dammit, I'm going to show it off, ha! Thank you! I love brights together.

    Terri, aw, thank you!

    Ismay, the skirt is actually a soft heathered green, not khaki, but you're totally right: denim is a neutral (duh!).

    Megan, I do love those hidden details - they're the best! I wish you'd done a pic of your jacket's lining. Ha, thank you - I adore Wendy. L was cool with it - he's very supportive of my wackitude.

    Cara, ha, thank you! We freaks need to stick together!

    Rebecca, aw, thank you! It's mostly "fake it till you feel it," you know. You can do it!

    Wendy, thank you so much. :)

    Alecia, that's awesome! Thank you - I love the brightness and the flowers too. Your outfit sounds great!

    Sal, thank you!

    Rebecca, thanks!

    Bonnie, ha, yes, it is a butt shot! Thank you for visiting and commenting! I really appreciate it.

    Paula, it's always about the details with me. I love jean blazers too (this makes my second one, actually). I don't know if you'll find much Smoking Lily - they are a pretty small company and don't make very much.

  18. Coming out of lurking - I love EVERYTHING about this outfit. Especially the shoes. And the skirt. And the jacket...
    I would wear those adorable pumps every day.

  19. Julia, thank you so much for reading and de-lurking! I appreciate it. Thanks so much for your comments!


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