Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Little Vintage, and All Second-Hand

I got a lot of comments on today's outfit (I had a work function to go to, so people loosened up a bit after a couple of beers), mostly things like, "Is today Chinese New Year?" or "Why are you dressed so fancy?"

Of course, my answer is always, "Darling, I'm always fancy."

I'm featuring two new-to-me items: the shoes and the slip. This is my third wear of the top (last seen here) - I love it so much. It's like it was made for me. The skirt hasn't been worn since August (here). Wow, I can't believe it's been so long!

I chose to wear the skirt today to go with this new half-slip that I found while out thrifting last weekend. I spotted the lovely dark grey and thick grey lace:
It felt very luxurious, so I hung onto it while I browse around. Here's a shot of just the slip:
It's designed to be worn with the slit on the side - and I think it's meant to be seen! It's too lovely not to show a bit.

I moved it around to the front to line up with the slits on my skirt:
It was $14.95 which I thought was a little pricey...but then I saw this:
Hello! Christian Dior! I think this is from the 80s (the length of it, the fabric feel). The tags are soft and not sewn crooked (that's my bad picture-taking).

I know it's definitely prior to 1995, because that's when the Int. Ladies Garment Workers Union dissolved:
How awesome.

Sadly, the lace totally made friction balls out of my fishnets around the knees, so I will have to wear it with tights or bare legs. Mental note.

The shoes were a real steal:
Yes! $4.00! The thrifting gods smiled upon me that day. Real leather (super soft, like buttah), little ruffles (squee!), and fit me like a dream. I actually walked to town and then home (with two glasses of wine in me, hee) in them with no rubbing or pain at all.

The stuff:
You can see the nice quality of the leather on the shoes, and a bit of the lace of the slip there.

The shiny bits:
I didn't realize until halfway through the day that everything I had on today was second-hand. This necklace is likely from the 50s - it was my grandmother's - and the earrings and bracelet are from the early 70s or late 60s (I'm sure Mom will correct me if I'm off on that).

Blouse (Le Chateau, consignment), skirt (Gianfranco Ferre via Giorgio Beverly Hills, thrifted), half-slip (Christian Dior, thrifted, vintage 80s), shoes (Enzio Angiolini, thrifted), necklace (Grandma J's, vintage 50s), earrings and cuff (Mom's, vintage 70s or 60s).


  1. "Darling, I'm always fancy." -- you need that on your business card.

  2.'re right. I think I'll add that to my next batch of cards. Thanks!

  3. Double score on the finds. The slip is fabulous and I'm sure looked awesome in action/movement.

    I've run across a couple of Chinese(Mandarin?) style tops like that in the thrift store. I may have to pull some inspiration from you and try one out.

    I agree with Wendy, that's not a bad tag line at all. ;D And it's a great philosophy for getting dressed.

  4. You look great! I use that phrase too!! Besides it's true - you're always fancy and gorgeous darling! :)

  5. You look mah-vel-ous! Your last paragraph made me think about a song I'd not thought about for a LONG time...

    I especially like the shoes & beautiful top!

    I'm wearing second hand hats
    Second hand clothes
    That's why they call me
    "Second hand Rose"....

  6. I do not know why, but I have always loved Oriental style clothing! I graviatate toward it whenever I am shopping. This looks wonderful...they said something because inwardly they were all jealous!! I also love the slip and the shoes!!

  7. I find it amazing (and sad) that people think we're dressing "fancy" when we're merely trying to look good. You dress fancy every day and I'm glad you retorted that way.

    I love slips and this one's a beauty. Looks great on you.

  8. I Love everything about this look! Especially the top and shoes!

  9. I have a shirt like that in bright purple and I never know what to pair it with. It seems too dressy for jeans(which I usually wear it with) and all the skirts I own don't seem like the right material or something. I am glad to see you found a way to work it.

  10. Hmm... if you're "Darling, I'm always fancy," I'm starting to think I must be: "Darling, I'm always casual".
    I hope they love you at work, even if they think you are overdressed!

  11. Ooo, that is one pretty slip. They feel so luxurious when they are so pretty. Gotta love that it's Dior too. What a steal on the shoes, I love the ruffles and buckle.

    I love your answer to dressing fancy! That's awesome!

  12. I've found a few glasses of wine is (are?) the perfect remedy for shoes that hurt.

    Better to be always fancy than to get 'you're not planning to wear that, are you?'

  13. ah, gorgeous slip! i somehow ended up with a pair of Christian Dior knickers when i was little, like 7 (i don't think i actually shopped for anything other than shoes until i was in junior high?)

    somehow i knew it was a designer label even then! doomed from the start - that's a fantastic slip. it makes an outfit so much MORE when you have those hidden touches, don't you think? and our grocery store checker was singing 'look for the union label...' just a couple of days ago! gosh, you've got me thinking about bygone days in this post.....take care and hug the kitty! steph

  14. Megan, it actually clung to my nylons a bit, but yes, little flashes of it peeked out. You should totally try the cheongsam cut - you would look amazing in it. There are tons of them here in the thrift shops.

    Dimi, awesome! Thank you, sweetie!

    Rebecca, I love that - I hope that song gave you joy. Thank you so much.

    Pam, me too! It's so pretty and lush. Nah, they weren't jealous (it's mostly men in IT), they are just getting used to me. Thanks, hon!

    Ralph, I know...dressing has degraded to the point where something that 20 or 30 years ago would have been viewed as normal is now seen as ultra-fancy. Sad. I love fancy! Thank you, sweetie.

    Emma, thanks! Nice to see you! :)

    Ponchmor, you need to wear that skirt! Thanks!

    Cara, ha, whatever works for you. I don't think they love me yet, but they will.

    Alison, isn't it? I love a good steal. Thanks!

    They are, valleycat1. I totally agree that it's better to be fancy. Thank you for commenting!

    Steph, isn't it gorgeous - how awesome that you wore Dior at 7! Ha, I don't know that 'union label' song at all. Kitty has been hugged. ;) Happy weekend!

  15. Oh, the slip is just beautiful. I've often come across vintage slips but because I seldom wear them, I usually pass them up. May now have to rethink that strategy.

  16. That answer SHOULD be added to your blog header ! It's the best!!!

  17. That top is so pretty and flattering on you. I love every time you wear it. Great deal on the gorgeous slip too!

  18. Thanks, Terri. If they feel like quality, chances are they are quality.

    Lorena, I may just have to do that!

    Thanks, Kristen!

  19. This is fabulous, you combine the Chinese blouse which is similar to (Qi Pao) with the black slit skirt (Western). Again you wear a slit half slip (popular in the 1980s) together with the black slit skirt and it peeks showing through the slit skirt. Thanks a lot for sharing again.


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