Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Spring Bouquet

I felt very Spring-y today, although the weather did not cooperate. I got soaked when I headed out at noon to go do my Tuesday WW group meeting.

I liked that there are really no neutrals at all in this outfit: I got the top a couple of weekends ago. Normally, I would shy away from Tabi (isn't that an old-lady brand? No offense to old ladies, hee, I'm well on my way!), but I was really attracted to the abstract paint-y look of the pattern. It reminds me of tulips and poppies in the rain. How apropos, considering the weather!

It's a cotton/Lycra blend, and is a wrap cut (my favourite, works great on me). I think it was $14.98. I liked how it looked with this bright purple skirt (first seen here): I've only worn the skirt once because it's not lined and it's also a cotton blend. I did have a bit of hosiery creep with my nude microfishnets today. Most annoying.

I love how this all looks with the bright blue shoes. Stuff:
These are one of my very favourite pairs. Good thing they didn't sustain any damage from the rain.

A close-up:
The pewter rose has a wrist-strap and is made of leather. I bought it in a consignment store for about $15.

Regarding Fluevogs, because I have been blathering about them for a couple of weeks now, the lovely Terri of RAGS against the MACHINE asked me yesterday, "Can you remember how and when you first discovered fluevogs?"

Terri, I can't actually remember NOT being aware of Fluevogs, at least since I was a teen, back in the mid-80s. It was the height of the punk era, and supremely pointy-toed shoes were everywhere, and the brand everyone wanted was Fluevog.

My best friend Lynette and I went to Vancouver, to the original Granville Street store, just after it opened in 1986. We couldn't afford anything (I recall that we ate at McDonald's and I bought this vintage bathrobe - yes, that's me in about 1986-7) except our ferry fare there and back.

I remember walking up Granville (it was pretty scuzzy back in the day, with peep shows and head shops) and then gasping at the window. Flames! Pointy-toed shoes with chains that went from the toes to the ankles (oh, how I wanted those)! They were the most amazing shoes I'd ever seen. The store wasn't open (must have been a Sunday), but we pressed up against the glass exclaiming over the wild styles.

I lost touch with Lynette, I worked for minimum wage for over a decade, had an ex, and then I met L back in 1995. Fluevogs remained unattainable - and not just because only one store sold them in my town. I just couldn't afford them. Then about 5 years ago, when I first got my last job, L and I went to Vancouver for our anniversary, and the first of our annual pilgrimmages to Fluevog was born. L bought me the pair I wore yesterday, and he's been steadily buying them for himself over the years (I think he has 6 or 7 pairs). We always go to the Granville Street store, and every time I remember that very first trip to Fluevog.

Blouse (Tabi, consignment), skirt (Jacob), shoes (Feet First), cuff (consignment), earrings (don't remember).


  1. Wow, I can tell that I've been doing too much wedding stuff... you said there was no neutrals and I immediately thought: "But you totally have purple!!" All right, Cara, just because you've been eating, drinking and breathing in African Violet for months doesn't make it a neutral!!

    And I think your shirt is a perfect reason to ignore usual assumptions about brands - it fits so well!! And with the abstract pattern its quite youthful!

  2. I think Cara's got it right - I've thrifted some pretty awesome stuff and upon googling brands feel very confused that they're "old lady" or otherwise not at all what I was expecting. The top is a lovely watercolor floral.

    I love your story about Fluevogs, I'm glad you've been able to amass your fantastic collection. Hope you get many more vogs! Although I'd love to see you style some pointy toe flamed boots.

    I'll have your package mailed on Thursday or Friday depending on when I get to pop by the post office.

  3. You look very spring-y in this! I love the top, and it doesn't look "old lady" to me by any means, whatever that even means these days.

  4. I love the story about your discovery of Fluevogs, though it is a reminder to me that I spent much of the 80s living in a time warp and raising little ones...fashion only remotely on my radar. couldn't get over the photo of you in the bathrobe. I would never have guessed it was you!

    When you are ready to part with that blouse, I will take it. :)

  5. I like it that there are no neutrals! In fact, I may steal that idea!!! I'm all better now, thanks for your comment! Kisses

  6. You look fab, naturally. Perfect combination of elements. Love the skirt.

    I was thinking recently I need a new pair of shoes to liven up my outfits and, after contemplating that subject, I decided on getting blue suede pumps. You're wearing the exact pair I want! You're my role-model, buddy.

  7. What a gorgeous pattern on that blouse!

  8. I've never head of Tabi, but that print is lovely.

  9. I want this entire outfit!!!

    I love the purple skirt, that blouse goes with it so well, and the leather rose, the blue shoes, what a great spring style. You've outdone yourself.

  10. I love that blouse and all the colors! Enough of the winter already (ask me again in July, I'll cry for rain).
    Read your interview on Wendy's blog - so cool! Why didn't you post that photo here?

  11. Sheila calling Spring !
    It's a beautiful outfit - i saw that one of the spring trends is to treat any color like a neutral and avoid neutrals... did i say it right?

  12. Oh, dang, I just wrote all the responses and freakin' Blogger lost them...

    Cara, purple is totally a neutral, for some of us! :) Thanks!

    Megan, totally agree - you have to go with quality where you find it. I wouldn't care if this didn't have a label on it! I am definitely going to get more 'Vogs - I would love to find those old 80s ones! Thanks, hon, I will let you know when it arrives.

    Thanks, Anne. Who knows what that means? I embrace my inner crone (who is becoming outer).

    Wendy, thanks, you rule!

    Terri, thank you - heh, yes, I don't really look much like that anymore, do I? That blouse is "yours" - I'll send it to you when I'm tired of it.

    Dimi, thank you. I'm glad you're feeling better.

    Ralph, you can't go wrong with coloured pumps - any colour! I wore teal ones for you today. Thanks so much for your kind words.

    Thanks, Sal!

    Rebecca, they have them in the malls here. Must be a Western Canada thing.

    Northmoon, thank you! I am so ready for spring!

    Tanya, I did the picture really late and didn't see Wendy's post until after I'd done yesterday's outfit. I put the picture up today!

    Lorena, you bet I am! What do you know? I'm actually "on trend," whatever that means.


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