Thursday, April 14, 2011

Colourama AKA I Sear Your Retinas

I got together with my former co-workers today. Man, in hindsight, this was the best group ever. I miss you guys so much.

Anyhoo, I thought I'd wear something that they'd say, "But you're so casual." Hee! And they did! Yes, I'm pushing the new company's dress code already, what a surprise. I wore my infamous red jeans (last actually see here) - but I wore heels at least! I think this outfit is very boho.
I last wore these jeans during Leopard Week, and I'd be remiss if I didn't give a huge thank you to Wendy Brandes for featuring me (again!) in her article on the Huffington Post. Wendy, you rock!

The top is new - I picked it up off a put-away rack in the changeroom at The Bay (always a good source of quality items) - for $35.99, regular $120. A bit pricey for new, for me, but it's washable, I love the colours and the painty look, and I can think of at least 4 outfits I can do with it.

Of course, I had to be brighter than bright:
I see a kitty!
I was very happy to have my nice warm leather jacket because it actually SNOWED last night, can you believe it? Get out of town. My toes froze all day in my sandals (last seen here) but it's April and I am willing Spring into being here.

The stuff: I love those shoes (last seen here)! They only get out in the warm weather, sadly. That's my mom's vintage belt (discussed here).
Jacket (Danier), blouse (Jones New York), jeans (no label), shoes (Portia), belt (70s vintage, Mom's), ring (Aldo Accessories), earrings (gift from L).


  1. I love the colours! You look stunning my dear. Happy Friday to you :)

    x Anika

  2. THIS IS A FABULOUS OUTFIT, Shelia!! I love every piece in it and the color is awesome on you. You look so great I do not think any company would question the choice..but be proud to have you representing them. I love it!

  3. LOVING this outfit on you Sheila! I don't think I could pull off those colours but it definitely looks awesome on you!

  4. Love the colors in the shirt, and how you paired it with the other brights. It's a very cheery outfit!

  5. We're supposed to get snow tonight. I might have to set my entire state on fire out of sheer seasonal frustration ...

    Love these bold brights!

  6. Hi Sheila. It's been a while since I've posted, but I have been checking in and I really love your outfits. This one is "delicious".

  7. Haha! Fantastic outfit. My retinas needed the exercise.

  8. Very nice colour-blocking! I like the pop of yellow - very Sheila! Keep pushing the boundaries dear! Have a nice weekend - :)

  9. I never know whether my instinct is to "Tut tut" people who push dress codes to their maximum limit or to be so proud of them. Oddly, I think having a blog allows you more freedom to blur the boundaries, but I really don't think that makes sense in the "real world".

    In any even, consider my retinas seared! Love the jacket.

  10. You look fabulous, as usual. I admire (and envy) your ability to brave the outdoors in sandals or bare legs. I am still firmly in the land of tights and boots, and Iswear I am colder now than I was in Jan. Our little town - what's up with it?!


  11. You're rocking those red jeans. they make me want to go out and find some red pants of my own.

  12. Bright ass Sheila !
    (i'm not sure how that sounded)
    I need, well wait I want a red pair of jeans. This outfit totally rocks.

  13. Oooo, I love those colors together! So pretty and springy, yet, with that awesome cool chic edge. I love the new shirt, great colors I can see that with a ton of fun outfits. And hey, pushing the dress code is a good thing when you look like that. You were still probably way more put together than the folks in basic old khaki's and a polo...

  14. 1. I love this outfit beyond belief. 2. Are we psychically on the same wavelength? I totally just thrifted a dress in similar colors as your top. Only with more purple than pink.

    I love the yellow jacket. It's a perfect finishing piece. Sorry about the snow - but here in the South we're even back down in temps. No snow, just rain, but I feel for you guys!

  15. So, so stunning! I love the colored jeans and that top is just gorgeous! The yellow jacket just brings it all together too.

  16. Thanks for participating in the HuffPost slideshow!

  17. wow such a happy look! woo, made me smile!

  18. Love the addition of the color of the jacket! And love the color of the shoes and together its just vundabar!

  19. Thank you, Anika, happy Friday!

    Pam, thank you! That is so kind of you to say.

    Kitty, you can do any colour if you want to. Thanks!

    Lynn, thanks so much! And thank you for visiting my blog - I really appreciate it.

    Sal, isn't it awful? I am so over this cold weather! Thank you!

    Angela, so good to hear from you, thank you! Ooh, I'm delicious, I like it.

    Ha, glad to help out, Cynthia, thanks!

    Dimi, thank you! I will - happy weekend to you!

    Cara, I know for me, I'd always prefer to see someone go over the top in pushing the boundary than slovenly and sloppy. At least over-the-top shows you're making an effort to dress. I agree...I sometimes think people look at me and wonder why I'm dressed like I am, why I'm so much more bright/dressy than 95% of the population. Glad you liked the yellow jacket, thanks!

    Ruthie, thank you! I'm so tired of wearing all these layers. It's the damned damp, I tell you!

    Thanks, Rebecca! Go for it! You would look awesome in red jeans.

    Lorena, ha, thank you, hon!

    Alison, thank you! The shirt is a little outside my comfort zone: more drapey and less tailoring than what I usually go for. And yeah, I was way more dressed up than anyone else.

    Megan, thank you, I knew you would! That's so awesome - I hope it goes with the yellow skirt! I am just addicted to yellow lately.

    Thanks, Keely! I would love to post on your blog - I love your leopard, but it freezes up my browser. :(

    Wendy, thank you so much for featuring me! I appreciate it.

    Aw, glad you liked it, Ismay.

    Thank you, Jody!

    Paula, glad you approve. Thank you!

    Tessa, thanks!

  20. HEE. I see you are willing Spring to arrive with your clothes too! Those colors are blistering together, and in the very best way. Love it.

  21. A fantastic look - love the amazing brights all together :-)

  22. Kristen, you know it! Thank you!

    Tat, thanks!

  23. You put together your outfits very artistically...just the way I like it.

  24. Shayla, thank you very much - I trained in many visual arts all through high school (my mom is an artist) and I love playing with colour. Thank you also for commenting! I really appreciate it.


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