Sunday, April 10, 2011

Casual Friday and Weekend Cat(ch-Up)

Whew! Busy weekend! I need another weekend to recover - thank goodness Easter is around the corner.

We start off with me barely awake Friday morning. I did bare legs and man, they were chilly. I rocked the booties, though!

This is my wonderful stripey top (worn many times!) layered under another tee, and my acid-wash skirt (last seen here). I used to own high-waisted acid-wash jeans back in the day - they had pleats too!

I'm having fun introducing my co-workers to my own special brand of Casual Friday; first the Gothy side, then the Indie side, then the Leather side, and now my Rocker side.
It's really interesting to see how a new group of people reacts when all they know of me at first is my appearance. There are definitely different reactions.

This is my new purse again. It's my third Matt & Nat bag (one, two) - I really like their quality and that they're vegan.
It's furry! and studded!

I wore my boyfriend blazer for outerwear during the day:
This is a belt I bought at the Gap last week - it was marked down to $24. I am a sucker for a cool leather belt.
I also love the grey with the hint of brown in it. It's super soft too.

And it goes perfectly with the boots!
That strap on the heel makes me paranoid. I always think I'm going to walk on it or trip over it. Last seen here.

I had an impromptu gathering with some friends on Friday evening.
I switched bags and added gloves and a scarf. I love stripes, can you tell?

Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), striped tee (Majestic, swap from Caro), tee (Plum, gift from L), skirt (Cache, thrifted), belt (Gap), boots (Libby Edelman), brown bag (Matt & Nat, consignment), black bag (Licence 71195).

I walked to the bus stop and realized within 10 minutes that I'd missed the bus - had to catch a cab instead. At least I got a couple of good pictures on my little jaunt:
The city has been full of these beautiful blooming treeslately. There are species that bloom at different times over a two-month period, some with white blossoms, some with deep pink. They smell heavenly, but make me sneezy.

Check out this awesome Victorian house:
There are houses like this all over the city. This one is broken up into apartments.

It's all spooky looking with the oak looming over it!
I would like to live there.

On Saturday, I worked reception at WW for the morning:
Coffee needed!

This is the second wear of this cool Bodybag dress (first seen here) and a repeat of the belt from the day before.
These shoes were pretty good but after a long day of work, lunch out, dashing a couple of blocks and back for a quick eyebrow wax appointment, my feet were tired. Last seen here.

Dress ("Love Dress O" by Bodybag by Jude Clothing, consignment), belt (Gap), shoes (Aerosoles).

My mom had her cataracts done recently and now she doesn't need to wear glasses anymore - which is awesome, but made her face feel naked. I've been bugging her for years to let me get her brows done and do all her make-up and this time she gave in! Mom, thanks for letting me give you this! You looked beautiful - Happy Early Birthday!

Because I knew I'd be walking around a lot (I also had lunch out with L and got groceries), I gave my feet a break and did flats.
This is my first blog wear for the top - I got it a couple of months ago on a thrifting trip for $11. It's hard to tell but it's actually a fine cream and emerald green striped cashmere-blend sweater.

These are my awesome Noa Noa sail pants (seen here, here and here). Of course, they got dirty immediately. Immediately! What is up with that?

I did my jean jacket for outerwear:
Sorry, no close-up of the time. It won't be long!

Jacket (Ann Taylor Loft), sweater (Banana Republic, thrifted), pants (Noa Noa), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction), bag (Matt & Nat, consignment).

My dear friend Sherylyn is moving to Vancouver, and gave us her most amazing cat scratching post:
Yes, it's leopard! I love all the levels.

Someone was not too sure about it at first:
Hee, he looks very startled, but he's actually looking at that black stick.

The black stick is Inigo's mortal enemy.
He liked the rope texture on the posts.

And the nice view out the window:
He seemed disinclined to check out the lower levels, though.

Higher he went!
But what is this little house?

Inigo purfectly fit in it when he curled up:
Kitty in the sun!

His purring was very loud.I sat on the floor and watched him.
This made me laugh: That's a little house for a big cat!


  1. I love the grey/black/white look. It's got so much texture/pattern mixing that creates really awesome outfit depth. I do prefer the belt over the olive dress though than on the skirt.

    That house is gorgeous. I would so live in an apartment like that. So much more unique than the block cookiecutter apartments.

    Love the Kitty pics! He's too cute.

  2. I love how the neutrals of the first outfit really make your hair pop!

    And I too found that last cat picture funny... the minute I saw the little house and the size of your cat, I was sure that it was going to be a rather tight... or shall I say cozy? squeeze!

  3. I love Friday's look and the new green sweater. Would your mom let you do before and after pictures of her makeover for the blog? My mom recently had her cataracts done as well. Her recovery has been amazingly fast. I've had more trouble than she did with my dental work.

  4. The striped shirt has returned, and all is right on Casual Friday. :) I love when you wear that so much!

    We have a ridiculous number of cat trees in our house, but none as elaborate as Inigo's new one! So glad he likes it. George is always determined to use all the trees even if he doesn't particularly find them comfortable. Everything belongs to George!

  5. Your posts are always so chock full of content it's hard to decide what to comment upon. I love the booties and bag in the first photos. Very stylish.

    I've been daydreaming about the reaction you must be getting from the new crowd at work to your gradual unveiling of fashion. They probably view you as a co-worker and must be surprised to also learn you're a super-stylish fashion maven!

  6. Inigo is such a corker. So glad he grew to love the kitty treehouse!

    And your casual looks are always top-notch. Especially love those studded booties.

  7. I LOVE those boots. And look how happy Inigo is in his new house - that's fantastic! I love him in the sunny window.

    Sarah xxx

  8. My cats like to play with the stick end of those cat those, but they aren't very interested in the feathered end.

  9. Could you please mail these boots to me? Thank you! ;)

    Just kidding, of course...
    (But if you don't want them anymore...^^)

  10. Thanks, Megan! I appreciate your thoughts on the belt. Isn't it a cool house? They are amazing inside (although I have not been inside this one). Hee, Inigo is the cutest!

    Cara, thanks! Ha, yes, he's a big boy.

    Terri, thank you. I am going to let Mom have her privacy on this. Her recovery has been really fast too!

    Kristen, ha, your old favourite! I know, isn't it the coolest tree? We have 3 other ones, but I like this one best.

    Ralph, sorry about the long post - I didn't get the computer for most of the weekend., most of them sort of gawk at me and don't know what to make of me. :)

    Sal, he is so cute. Thanks!

    Sarah, thanks!

    Rebecca, same here - neither of our cats ever were interested in the non-stick end.

    Sal Kaye, ha, yes, of course! Thank you so much for commenting - I really appreciate it.

  11. I love love love your casual Friday looks! Those chunky boots are such a fun touch, and the color is just perfect for bare legs.

  12. Thanks so much, Audi - that means a lot to me, coming from you!


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