Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Outfits - A Bit of This and That

A quiet weekend, which is just what I needed. I went to my regular WW meeting, and dressed light as usual: This is a new-to-me dress that I picked up last weekend on the 1/2 price rack at a consignment store for $11.50. I like the really drapey construction (it has an elastic waist) and it has beautiful movement when I walk.

The purse is also new-to-me. Got it for $20.98 at the same store - not bad for a Matt & Nat! I was practically willing Spring to be here in my bare legs - I had cold feet for most of the day.

I went shopping afterwards - I'd planned to go to Ellen's Bonspiel open house (the designer who made my cool blue jacket from last week), but the door was locked when I got there.

I continued on with my main goal of bra shopping. I loath bra shopping, but at least this dress made it less of an ordeal: I can just slide out of the top half of it. The dress will work perfectly for my next tatttoo which I've been planning. Now that I have a job, I'll get it scheduled, probably for the summer.

My shoes were not the most comfortable for a day of shopping, but at least they looked good (last seen here).
Coat (Plum), dress (Lady Dutch, consignment), shoes (Feraglicious), belt (Dorothy Perkins), necklace (Foxy), bag (Matt & Nat, consignment).

It rained on and off all day, but I have hope for Spring as the Japanese plum and cherry trees are in bloom:
I love the smell of them.

Today, L and I went out for lunch and got groceries:
Second wear of my OTK socks. *sigh* I wish this was the last wearing of my boots...

Cardigan (Kensie), scarf (Club Monaco), t-shirt (TMT), jeans (Jackpot, swap from Caro), socks (Steve Madden), boots (Aldo, consignment), bag (Licence 71195).

For those of you who have mentioned it, yes, indeedy, I am in the Huffington Post! Pretty cool - thanks again, Wendy! You rule!


  1. Hi Sheila, Pretty dress and purse, great deals!! I love the color and I love dresses with that flowy (looks like jersey material)

    Any advice about WW online? Do you think it is as effective? I have anxiety issues leaving the house sometimes, but when I found out they have an online program, I thought that might be an option.

  2. Very pretty as usual! I like the dress and I love the second "rock" outfit! Esp. the top! Have a lovely week!

  3. The dress is too darn gorgeous and the colour looks fabulous on you.

  4. I am in love with the dress and the heels!! You look amazing in the dress!! You inspire me to keep this diet going.

  5. Love the dress! It makes you look like a picture on a beautiful Greek vase.

  6. beautiful, easy dress! and really nice belt and shoes with it. i love your honesty in revealing that your feet were cold (hell).

    second outfit rocks - that skinny striped scarf is just the best! i love it every time i see it.

    and finally they get some 'quality' on that hufington site.....heehee! steph

  7. Flowers... sigh... I could really handle flowers on trees, rather than snow (we got about 5-10 cm on the weekend).

    This dress is such a dreamy weekend dress!

  8. Your new dress is beautiful! Great color, and I love the way you've styled it with the belt. I'm so jealous that it's bare legs and open toed shoes weather there (or if it's not, that you're bold enough to rock them anyway).

  9. That dress is absolutely lovely on you! The color is divine!

  10. You look so breezy and effortless in the first outfit (Sorry bout the cold toes - the shoes were rockin' though!)

    What are you planning for your next tat? I can't wait to see it. I've been planning one myself for a long time, but I'm waiting awhile, like you did, to be sure I'm sure.

  11. I, too, love the pretty Grecian drapey dress, especially with that wicked belt accenting your teensy waist. Also, did it work? Is spring come to you at last?

  12. p.s. Bra shopping sucketh. The last time I went, I appreciated the salesperson's assistance. But there was a LOT of over and under the bra action in that changeroom (which she entered with me, uninvited). Usually, I require wine and some basic chit-chat foreplay before such intense touching.

  13. Gorgeous shade of purple on you and the drape is very feminine - like the extra wide belt with it as well. Something of a minimal look for you!!!!!! Perfect for bra shopping- like your strategy of just dropping the top portion- smart girl!!

    Last day for boots here was last Monday- dogwoods and redbuds blooming and have had a few 80* days already.

    Heart your plaid top!!

  14. Its funny how in one post you seem to be in two weathers: one is all springy and the other so winter like.
    I gotta say that purple dress is fabulous. FABULOSO -
    you look really good in it.

  15. Thanks, Lesa! It's a t-shirt material, but has lovely drape. If you aren't into going to physical meetings, WW online can be awesome - they have message boards, recipes, tons of sections to explore.

    Dimi, thanks! I am at heart a rocker chick and that sometimes comes out in my casual outfits.

    Thanks, Daniel.

    Wendy, thanks!

    C&B, thanks! A good deal!

    Pam, thanks, hon! Aw, that helps keep ME going.

    Rad, nice to see you! Thank you - I like that Greek chiton-esque look to it too.

    Steph, thanks! I wasn't sure, as it's outside my normal fit, but I know I'll wear it all summer. Ha, "quality", me...Ha!

    Cara, we have the flowers, but it's just rain rain rain. I'm so sick of it. Thanks, hon!

    Anne, thank you! I'm totally faking it with the bare legs. It's only about 6-8 degrees here. Boo.

    Ray, thank you!

    Megan, I suffered - I was never so happy to get home and put on my wooly socks! For my next tat, it will be another animal design, probably a crow. I need to get in touch with my guy and book the appointment.

    A-Dubs, thank you - I love that about big belts. Alas, no, Spring refuses to arrive and it continues to RAIN. Agreed re: bra shopping. I refuse to let anyone help me (I do a lot of jumping around and bending over and shaking of the erm...boobage. Lol, no one gets that intimate with me unless I have a ring on my finger!

    Alecia, thank you! I don't think the dress would work as well with a skinny belt, so I'll be hauling out all my wide ones. *sigh* 80 degrees would be wonderful...

    Lorena, that's what the weather is like here: very changeable. Thank you!


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