Monday, April 18, 2011

Leopard and Ruffles and Zippers, Oh My!

On my last thrift adventure, I took my own advice and dug into the put-away rack near the changeroom to see what the store staff had not gotten to yet. It was Saturday afternoon, so I figured the serious shoppers would have already gone through the store and snagged all the good stuff to try on.

I'm so smart. Look what I found! Orange leopard print! Hello, lover. I fell for the kooky taupe ruffles and the big industrial zipper. It was $16.95, which is not too bad, considering it still had the store tag on it (original price $29.00 US). It's by Twelve Layers, from a store called Twelve By Twelve, which my research tells me is a "classier" offshoot of Forever 21.

I knew this sweater would require badass shoes, so I pulled out these montrous heels again (last time seen here). The trick? Trust the heel. Walk in a natural motion - heel to toe - but go a bit slower.
I'm 5'10" in these! (I'm 5'4" in case you wondered). I kept the rest of the outfit to a dull roar (rar) to balance the whackitude of the cardi and the shoes, so straight brown skirt (last seen here), and just a little bit of a red cami peeking out to pull the red shoes into the leopard party.

The new outside venue!
I have not gotten the hang of doing these shots yet. I only take maybe 6-8 pictures TOTAL when I photograph an outfit (yes, including the "stuff" pictures), and I hate it when I don't get the poses right. Taking too long! Need dinner!

The stuff:
The light streaming in doesn't really show how awesomely orange the sweater is. Those shoes are awesome, aren't they?

A close-up:
Simple black accessories...I had enough hoo-haw going on as it was.

Cardigan (Twelve Layers, thrifted), skirt (Tobias), shoes (Carvela, Heathrow Airport), earrings (Plum), bracelet (Le Chateau).


  1. Holy moly -- what an outfit! Your choices of top and heels are sophisticated and work surprisingly well. And those shoes make you so tall!

  2. Those shoes ARE awesome...we need a video of you walking in them!

  3. Thanks, Ralph! I felt rather "out there" in this so was glad I'd gone with dark tights and skirt to balance it out. I love being tall!

    Terri, oh, I don't think so! :)

    Wendy, I can't get enough of it!

  4. That's definitely a funky top! Hooray for more leopard print. I love love love the harness deal on the shoes. I feel like it makes them a little bit edgier.

    Right on with the heel-toe walk. I have to remind myself when in higher heels that it is much easier to walk 'normal' but slower. (I agree, I'd like to see you walking in them!)

    You're 1.5 inches taller than me. XD

  5. Wow! That is a stunning outfit. Love the leopard print and ruffles and the shoes are to die for. LOVE Carvela shoes!

  6. Great top!
    I can't believe you're 5'4"! I would have guessed you to be several inches taller. You dress long, lady!

  7. Outside, outside! Love it!

    When I'm hungry for dinner, but have pictures to take first, I have a glass of wine or a dirty martini. It gives me the calories I need to make it 30 more minutes and mellows me out if I have to take too many pictures.

  8. Wow Sheila! You look so hot! Awesome outfit - congrats! I don't even need to start on the shoes... Kisses!

  9. Those heels are fantastic. I don't think I could ever walk in 6" tall shoes, but I wish I could.

  10. Those shoes are HOT. HOT I tell you!

  11. Yes yes yes!! The leopard! The shoes!

    And you are totally rocking the sandals over tights look - I don't know why I am finding it so impossible... you look FABULOUS. This is my fave outfit so far.

    Sarah xxx
    PS I am 6'2" in my highest heels!

  12. This is such a cool outfit...I am completely jealous that you can wear those shoes...they are awesome! The whole look is great!

  13. You smart woman !
    You had all the previous shoppers to the "search" for you - that is one gorgeous unusual sweater. It is just marvelous!

  14. You cannot go wrong with leopard, particularly in orange! Great find, and those shoes are seriously AWESOME.

  15. The heels are giving me vertigo! Cheers that you can take them on.

    That sweater looks like it was made for you!

  16. God bless you gf for wearing those honking heels! (and very surprised on your height: you look taller in your photos!)
    Careful of those sitting poses--one false move and its a scarey shot--been there!
    You look mahvelous as usual~

  17. Thanks, Megan. I can't get enough leopard! Yes, agreed, the shoes are classic that way, I think. Nope, not going to tape myself walking, heh. Ooh, you're short...hee!

    PixieSam, thank you! And thank you so much for commenting - I do appreciate it. I had never seen Carvela before I bought these.

    Kelly, ha, I'm really short in person.

    Kasmira, thank you - I will try to do more outside, but it's awkward. I don't have a yard or anything. I love the idea of a martini...

    Dimi, thanks! Ha!

    Rebecca, they took a bit of getting used to...

    Sal, thanks!

    Thanks, Sarah! I love tights with sandals, but not with every tight and not with every sandal (I'm very fussy about it). Woo, you're tall!

    Thanks, Pam - I think maybe I have 10 years left of really high heels, and then my feet will rebel.

    Lorena, you got it! That's the way to go. Thanks!

    Audi, I completely agree. Thanks!

    Thanks, Alecia!

    'Doll, thanks! I think it was just waiting for me to come along.

    Paula, hee, they are rather honking, aren't they? Ha, I hear you! Delete!

  18. Holy Smokes! just when i think i have some sort of ....... 'basic grasp'? of your style, you knock another one out of the park using a golf club instead of a baseball bat (if that makes any sense)!!!

    really wonderful outfit, perfect advice on high heel fu. i really enjoy these outdoor, sitting shots - i think the camera is closer and we can see more of the details and your wonderful face.

    how about outdoor sitting on the steps in 5" heels with a dirty martini shots? the neighbors need something to talk about, after all ;)

    happy wednesday! steph

  19. & how bad@ss is it that this really 'out there' look features * taupe * ?

    very, that's how.


  20. Ha, Steph, you're so funny - a golf club? Hee! Thank you so much - I will do more of the outdoor shots when I can...with a martini! Woo! No one can see me way up here (I'm on the fourth floor).

    Of course, taupe is badass, don'tcha know. ;)


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