Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Chick

I'm in a 10K race this upcoming weekend, so for this week I'll be doing all low heels to give my feet a rest. Edited to add: I don't run! I walk - really really fast! I'm faster than a lot of runners - my Personal Best time for 10K is 1:07.

Today it's these awesome gold kitten heels: Don't you just love that marigold cashmere cardi? Last seen here (ah, memories).

The skirt is one that I tend to save for Spring and summer - I can't believe I haven't worn it since last July (here)! Heh, I wore it with the same belt, how very uncreative of me, hee hee.

Feeling all swanky with my bigass ring on:

Much as I love the colour, I don't know if I'm going to keep this cardi much longer. It's beginning to pill a bit around the boobs (the curse of the boobs!) and I have other things that are more flattering - but I love the colour!

The stuff:

Shiny shoes!

A close-up:

That ring is in the donate bag - you've turned my finger green for the last time, Too Big Missing a Stone and Made of Cheap Copper Ring! Fie on you!

Cardigan (Future Paradise, consignment), skirt (Vivienne Tam, consignment), shoes (Aldo, consignment), belt (The Bay), ring (Guess), earrings (don't remember, at least 15 years old).


  1. You look amazing! I'm trying to work my way towards a 5K. You inspire me!!!!

  2. Thanks, Freeda! I do this particular 10K every year. You can totally do a 5K!

  3. I had not realized that you were a runner. Best of luck with the upcoming race. I really admire the shoes in this look.

  4. Terri, I don't run - too hard on my body. I actually walk really fast! Thanks!

  5. Woo for that cardigan! I love that shade. Delicious yellow. I love the silver shoes. You've got so many fab kitten heels that it'll be no biggie to rest off the monster heels.

    Goodluck on the 10K. I'd love to get in shape and do a 5 or 10K. My mom's a bus taker/walker and since it's gotten warm on "Mom Days" we've been walking as much as we can. It's been great exercise.

  6. First of all... no! Try to thrift another yellow cardi!

    Second of all, no, I'm not waking up for the Royal wedding, chances are it'll be repeated ad infinitum!

    Happy racing!

  7. Wow...you must walk really fast! I am so impressed that you do this! I completely agree that the marigold cardi is fabulous..I love that color..I have also heard it called saffron...but it is one of those colors that easily goes from season to season!!

  8. The yellow color looks great on you. I hate it when sweaters pill!

  9. Holy crap! You are a fast walker! I think my 10k PR is only about six or seven minutes faster than that. Enjoy the race!

  10. Clear nail polish will clear up that turning green issue.

    - Tessa

  11. I love that marigold color, and you wear it so well. Can the sweater be saved with one of those fuzzball-shaver things?

  12. Megan, I love it too. The shoes are actually a very white-ish gold. You could totally do a 5K - right now!

    Cara, I actually do have another yellow cardi. :) Ha, but there is something to be said for watching it live, isn't there? Thanks!

    Pam, I do walk fast! I'm faster than a lot of runners. Saffron, yes, I think they are the same.

    Rebecca, me too!

    Emma, thanks!

    Raquelita, yup, I am! Thanks so much for commenting and reading!

    Wendy, thanks!

    Tessa, yeah, I know, but it's just a cheap ring - it's actually turning copper!

    Kelly, nah, can't be bothered. I'll maybe wear it one more time then consign it or give it to a friend.

  13. Gold and hot pink -- I am in LOVE!! What a great combination.

  14. I love the color of the cardi with that skirt. And what a skirt that is, so pretty! Bummer about the pilly boobies!

    I hope the 10k goes well! So cool!

  15. Kristen, I thought so - thanks!

    Alison, thanks - I adore the skirt. Sweaters, especialy fuzzy ones, are always a pain.

  16. Stinky actually told me a great way to get rid of the pills... use one of those foot-files they use for pedicures. Works amazingly well!

  17. 'Doll, who the heck is Stinky?? I don't own one of those files, plus I'm far too lazy to do that to my sweater. Thanks for the suggestion, though!


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