Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend Stuff and Keeping Busy

Whew! I finally feel like I'm a bit caught up on everyone's blogs (if I missed commenting on yours, let me know) that I read regularly. Life has been rather hectic lately, but hey, I've gotta live it, you know?

Friday night, we had dinner at Sherylyn's (she of Yummyland fame), and holy moly, she is an amazing cook! We had feta dip with cucumber and pita to start, roasted chicken breasts stuffed with olives, feta and sun-dried tomatoes, lemon potato wedges and tabouli salad for dinner, and peach crumble with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert. Dee-lish!

The Dan Mangan concert was incredible. It was in a converted church, where we sat in pews. The sound was so amazing, and everyone sang along. We didn't get home until nearly midnight, so it's a miracle I was able to look this awake on Saturday morning:
I knew I was going to be doing the Celebrations portion of the Weight Watchers meeting as part of my mentoring as leader, but I didn't realize the leader was going to have me open and run the first part of the meeting. Hello! Not prepared!

Thank goodness the outfit distracted from the panicked look on my face (I hope!). I soldiered through with aplomb!

This skirt is one of my Dots finds from over a year ago (see here and here - really? Only twice? I thought I'd worn it more than that).

My groovy shoes:
Those tights are actually teal - they always photograph super-hero blue.

Mom's 60s choker:
It's made of sandalwood and amber.

Sweater (Kersh), skirt (no label), shoes (Pink), choker (Mom's, vintage 60s).

I was busy for most of yesterday putting up my Christmas tree. As I have mentioned in the past, I used to work in a year-round Christmas store. I did that for 11 years at the end of the 80s and through the 90s, and I amassed an amazing collection of Christmas ornaments. I usually only put my tree up every other year, though (we do Festivus on alternate years, hee hee), as it feels too much like work, even now, to put up both trees (I do two) and garland, and village, AND nutcrackers (oh yes, I have it all). It's a lot of work and it takes days.

So, when I took my trees down two years ago, I packed up my theme ornaments for the small tree together with the coloured matching ornaments off the big tree, so that this year I could do just one tree. I'll do a few posts of my tree (and my village, which is freaking awesome) closer to Christmas, but consider this a teaser:
Yes, that is the starship Enterprise.

And yes, this is the Millenium Falcon:
And someone helped me decorate:
"I must bite this metal icicle!"

And then he had the nerve to look innocent:
I see your paw on the tree skirt, Inigo. You aren't fooling me.


  1. What a great outfit! I just love the turquoise color. And that skirt is gorgeous!

    You've got some seriously fun ornaments for your tree :)

    I'm going to see Andrew Bird (Chicago artist, if you hadn't heard of him) in a church in downtown Chicago in a couple of weeks. I saw him play a similar show last year around the holidays in the same church, and it was amazing! Churches seem to be very acoustically sound! It sounds like your concert was equally great - I'll have to look up this Dan Mangan...

  2. Fabulous bright tights! I love your treat ornaments. So awesome.

    Love the guilty-Inigo. We can never use 'icicles' on trees anymore. Too many kitties puking up glitter. My tuxedo kitty was notorious for it.

    Although - I just took a closer look and read "metal" which means those are probably really thin ornaments and not the metallic tinsel-confetti type of 'icicles'.

  3. Geek tree, FTW!!!

    And that skirt is gorgeous, great find.

  4. Can't wait to see your tree! I just put mine up today -- this year I did blue and silver and lots of iridescent tinsel. Your sci-fi ornaments would make my man drool :)

    xo Julia

  5. I am telling you, comment-sprees on the weekend are the best! I try to keep up during the week if I can, but at least I don't feel like I am ignoring people if I have to put it off.

    I really, really like the different teals together here. NICE.

    I'm sure you were great running the meeting. Are you guys doing the new plan yet? With your Core background, I would think it would be so easy for you to explain it to members in a logical, common sense way.

  6. I canNOT wait to see your tree! (Had no idea of your Christmas-sales past...)

    After unpacking only about 1/2 of my nativity sets for our weekend display, I had a SERIOUS talk with myself. I simply MUST divest myself of these and other unnecessary "accumulates". Perhaps then, my extra BODY weight will follow.

    Congratulations on your weight management. In W.W. olden days, I used to be as "lecturer".

    Your blue outfit is fabulous, Sheila.

  7. Wow! A Star Trek ornament! You really are cool, Sheila.

    I love the shoes. I plan to steal your anachronistic description of them (as "groovy") in the hope of bringing back that '60's lingo. Right on, man!

  8. Outfit looks great, as usual!

    Ooooh! WANT that Milennium Falcon! I have never seen one, or it would be on my tree right now. Freeda will confirm my Jedi status....

  9. I can only imagine what a concert must be like inside a reformed church! It sounds so very interesting...
    Now on that tree, I want to see it you have me wondering: Starship enterprise ? You better not have any Star Wars fans come into your home as I fear your ornaments might begin to disappear -
    Oh Inigo, Inigo is just adorable ! He put a huge smile on my face :)

  10. Thanks, Anne! I need to wear that skirt more! Oh, just wait till you see the rest of the ornaments, they are too cool.

    How fun! I will check out Andrew Bird, thanks! Yes, churches have awesome sound (not to mention they are usually lovely inside). Check out the song "Robots" - that's my favourite.

    Megan, thanks! Wait till you see the rest of the ornaments. :D Yeah, those are metal icicles - Inigo can't eat them. They're awesome.

    Thanks, Trystan...and it gets geekier!

    Julia, mine is mostly blue, silver and gold (with a bit of purple). This is actually my sf tree. :)

    Kristen, you're so right - it's so hard to keep up on a daily basis, and I hate feeling like I missed someone. Thanks very much. Whew, I totally had to wing it - the new plan launched yesterday in Canada, so the meeting on Saturday was very hush-hush about it. I love the new plan - it really makes me happy that they are steering people away from processed food. Bananas!

    Rebecca, you'll laugh - it's a funny tree. :) I think I still have a nativity set, but it's been years since I pulled it out. I also need to weed out some of the things I don't really really love. That's so cool - I bet you were great as a WW lecturer. Thanks!

    Shy (I'm going to call you that from now on), lol, not so much cool as totally geeky. Wait till you see the rest of the tree.

    And I love using anachronistic know, I'm hep to all that lingo, daddy-o. ;-P Right on!

    'Doll, thank you! The Falcon is an old ornament - it's from 1996. Ha, I'm so glad there are so many other SW geeks out there!

    Lorena, it was just amazing. Yes, I have to watch the tree when there are Star Wars/Star Trek fans around, lol. Inigo is also a fan...there will be a story.

  11. I love that blue skirt it's so beautiful! My cat loves to bite metal too, what's up with that?

  12. I'm sure you did a great job at your meeting. There was no time to worry or get nervous so you just went ahead and did what needed to get done, right?

    Can't wait to see the rest of your tree! Does Inigo try to get up the tree or is he content to play with the ornaments at his level?

  13. Thanks, Iris! Inigo loves anything that crackles: all kinds of plastic bags or cellophane. He hasn't seen the tree for two years, so he has been "exploring" it.

    Jen, aw, thank you. Yup, I just BSed my way through, hee hee.

    It's just a short tree (4.5'), so he likes to sit at the base of it. He has been batting at the ornaments on the lower branches, but hasn't made off with anything yet. Yet!

  14. Congrats on surviving the surprise at WW.

    We've had to stop putting ornaments on the bottom few branches of our tree because our cats like to shred them.

  15. Thanks, Tina! Ha, little monsters, aren't they?

  16. I saw him play a similar show last year during the holidays in the same church,

  17. How cool! Thanks for commenting, Stock Trading.


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