Monday, December 13, 2010

Lazy Monday - Striped Legs

Gah, I'm still sick, but I am refusing to let this stupid thing beat me! I went for an hour walk this morning, then walked to the grocery store (I love delivery!), and poked around in a thrift store (no shopping for me, says Santa L).

And this is what I wore: I tend to wear this sweater around the house more than as an "official" blog outfit. These are the last two times I wore it.

I love these stripey tights, but when I put them on today, they had a gigantic hole in the bum! It feels weird, but I can still wear them, haha!
I also dyed my hair this morning! It's much redder.

Sweater (Jana), skirt (Armour Jeans, consignment), tights (Hue), boots (Aldo, consignment).


  1. Cool tights... the outfit is unusually subtle for you!

  2. Omg I love your hair! It's so red.

    If worse comes to worse you can turn the tights into thigh highs. You look great, hope you feel better. ♥

  3. Pretty tights. And you raise a subject I've faced and wondered about: wearing clothes that have a flaw but it's hidden from view. My attitude is it's okay, since nobody sees the defect. You seem to agree. Any further thoughts on it?

  4. The tights are wonderful and if you hadn't told us, I never would have known about that hole. :)

  5. Now now - I thought you said you didn't get dressed up to go shopping!!

    I too have a pair of tights with a whole in the butt. I've been trying to replace them (they're not all that unusual: brown fishnets), but I haven't been able to, so I just keep wearing them. What people don't know, won't bother them!!

  6. Boo, sick (it's going around tho; did you get that as a final takeaway from the office???). Yay, stripey tights & great hair color!!

  7. Good job getting out and about today! That was probably the toughest thing for me when I lost my job last fall. Doesn't help that I had surgery the next day and couldn't get out and drive for 2 weeks and couldn't lift more than 10lbs for 6 more weeks. After all that, I completely lost my motivation.

  8. Wow, what a productive sick day! I like the striped tights with an otherwise all-solid outfit.

    Hope you start feeling better soon!

  9. I love the darker/brighter red hair colour!

    Tee hee! Santa L, sounds like my Santa...

    I hope you feel better soon. My own "hangover" has been around for over a week and that's far too long.

  10. 1) I do the same thing with tights. I've got a few "drafty" pairs that I can still wear.

    2) delivery groceries?? I am so jealous. That never seems to have taken off here in Dallas. And I've never heard of doing your own shopping and having them delivered - only ever of ordering online. Rand and I have started biking to the grocery store to get ours. Mostly it works okay but occassionally we can't get something we want b/c it's too big. I think we're going to get a bike trailor to fix that problem.

  11. oh, fiffle, feel better soon! that's really funny about the 'tight hole' (omg that sounds like a naughty word!) - i get the same feeling! and Megan Mae makes a very sensible point.

    your hair looks fantastic! i hope you have a good day, steph

  12. Yeah, I am not making such an effort in accessorizing or being creative right now, 'Doll. I just don't have the energy.

    Thanks, Megan, you know it will fade! That's a great idea - in the past, I would have tossed them.

    Shy, thanks! I totally agree - as long as it doesn't bother YOU when wearing it (these tights were fine), then I think it's cool to keep wearing them.

    Ha, thanks, Terri! I like your blog. :)

    Wendy, ha, yes, it was!

    Cara, this is not dressed up, belive me! I think you're right - as long as no one can tell, it's our secret.

    Trystan, I think it must have been all the hugs and hand-shaking on my last day (in a fit of pique, I sort of hope that I also passed it along, heh heh). Thanks!

    Alison, yeah, I have to set a routine, for sure. It's so hard to get back on that horse once you fall off!

    Anne, I guess it was! Thank you!

    Jen, thanks! Yes, he's very strict because otherwise I would be out thrift shopping for myself! Thanks, sweetie, I hope you feel better too.

    Tina, it's so nice to know I'm not alone!

    Yes, you go buy them and take 'em through the checkout no later than 2pm and they deliver them between 4-6pm. No charge! It's awesome. Good for you for biking - great exercise!

    Thanks, Steph!

  13. Those tights are fab! Hope the hole doesn't end up kicking them out of rotation.

  14. This outfit looks so cozy. Love the tights. I don't mind small snags and holes; I figure people spend a lot of money for ripped leggings and stuff.

  15. If the tights are the "cotton rich" type, could you sew them up? (Rhian was so clumsy as a smaller child I couldn't afford to keep her in new tights for school, she often went to school with tights that could have been mistaken for the bride of frankenstein's legs!)

    I love love love that jumper - so cosy looking, and stylish!

  16. hihihihi... i too have a 'broken' tights n still wear them under a dress..
    love ur stripey its nice. dont throw it until u cant wear it anymore... :P

  17. Sal, I think I can either stitch them or make them into thigh-highs somehow - they're too cool to give up yet!

    Siouxsie, thanks! I love these tights too much to let a large hole in the bum stop me from wearing them!

    Tat, I thought of that...I might just give that a try - they don't seem to have run, just popped a hole. I love the sweater too - it's warm but a bit itchy.

    Nilcha, thanks so much.

  18. Those tights are so fun, I hope you feel better soon!


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