Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boxing Week Shopping and a Movie

Eee! I had to go out in public for the first time in days - it felt weird getting dressed.

Once again, I walked, so my outfit was built around my shoes:
As I planned to exchange/return a top L got me, I knew I'd be trying stuff on. Normally, I wouldn't do pants, but I thought I might be trying on pants/jeans, so I didn't want to have tights on (they are rather awkward under pants).

This is the second wearing for this cardigan (last seen here), and these are my standard skinny pants (seen here). Aside from my feet being freezing, this was not a bad outfit for trying on things...and yes, I tried on a lot!

I had to exchange the top (all out of my size), and then I just happened to go into one of my favourite shoe stores that had their usual blow-out on shoes (I bought four pairs). There will be much new stuff to show! Now, I just need to find places to wear them all...

We went to see "True Grit" - we're both huge fans of the Coen brothers, and loved this movie. It has some humour and I loved the language in it. Recommended!

Cardigan (Bobeau), sweater (Kersh), pants (Kensie), shoes (Expressions, consignment).


  1. That outfit looks elegant, yet still comfy. My kinda garb!
    Love the colors- and I'll bet the cardi is nice and soft. <3 those fabulous kitten heels! Yay!
    Hope you both are feeling better; and boy, it sure seems like you got out of the Southeast US in the nick of time...

  2. Muy Bonito Sheila !
    I like the subtle color mix here, but my eyes are set on that cardi :)

  3. I snagged your color combination today by wearing a purple sweater and red shoes. I love your skinny pants with the pointy kitten heel. Hope you didn't freeze your toes!

  4. I love that combination of clothes. The draped cardie is a great colour, so are those ruby shoes. Looking forward to the show and tell of new clothes too!

  5. Ok, now I'm jealous. I want to see True Grit! I love the Coen Brother's films too.

    Your cardi is so cute, I'm sure I said that last time too. I love the color. I was a bad girl today...bought a bright red trench and a burgundy ponte knit jacket and a brown belt at goodwill. But, I only spent $9. So I guess not that bad. I can't wait to see your new shoes.

    Hmm, if I come up with places to go so you have get out and dress cute, I'll let you know. I'm sure you'll think of something. Hey how about a museum??

  6. Pretty cardigan and shoes.

    And thanks for the movie-review. I was wondering about that film and your recommendation pushed me over the edge.

    (Which is your favorite Coen brothers film? For me, it's a toss-up between "Raising Arizona" and "Fargo.")

  7. There are so many movies I want to see right now, but none of them are currently playing in my small town. I should have gone to a movie while in TO.

    The shoes are fantastic!

  8. Thanks, Rita! Yeah, the cardi is lovely - it was perfect for the occasion. Yes, just in the nick of time! Yikes!

    Lorena, thanks!

    Megan, nice - great minds! My toes were froze, sadly.

    Thanks, Baxter! I'll roll out the clothes and shoes fairly slowly (one pair of shoes is a summer pair), but there's plenty!

    Ha, thanks, Alison! I think you and your husband would like the movie. Wow, such deals you got - how can you be bad? ;) A museum is a good idea, thanks!

    Shy, thanks! I think you will like this movie. I love both of those, but "Miller's Crossing" and "O Brother Where Art Thou" and "Barton Fink" are my favourites. They're just so...odd.

    LaHdeM: Aw, I hope you get a few good movies! Thanks!

  9. Purple and red together always makes me happy, as does the prospect of a a new Coen Brothers movie!

  10. Okay, Sheila, THAT is how you rock a pair of skinny pants. You look AWESOME.

  11. Kelly, me too - it's one of my favourite combos. I am so happy that the Coens make new movies regularly!

    Kristen, thanks, hon!


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