Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Out With a Bang! - Colour Explosion

Today's outfit is a little more conservative than the other outfits this week (yes, I planned them all on Sunday), due to going to a WW at Work registration today at noon. I get my first little group of victims in the new year! I mean, clients, yes, that's what I meant.

However, I am proud that this outfit contains NO neutrals:
All remixed stuff: this skirt is my "mystery" skirt - I got it thrifted in Seattle in autumn 2009, and the only tag is a leaf symbol (previously worn here and here). It's a wool and silk (I can tell by the feel) tweed.

This top has only been worn once (here) because I find the shape challenging. I'm very used to clothes that work with my figure (I'm hourglass) and have a defined waist, so this dropped waist always prompts a few "hmmmm"s when I'm planning around it.
It's a silk blend, so nice and warm. I was very pleased at my solution for what to wear under it. I wanted to bring out the yellow of the flowers in the skirt, but I don't have a yellow cami in that colour, plus just a cami feels a little too bare and open on its own with this. So I layered this tie cardigan (worn here and here) underneath and safety-pinned the ends in the small of my back. Voila! I'm so clever.

Here's a look at the top:
I like the little blue sequins on the sweater.

No pic of the shoes, but they are these ones. I did my photos this morning before work. I walked to work, but didn't want to carry my knapsack, so I wore my clothes with runners - how 80s!

Sweater (The Limited, thrifted), yellow cardi (BCBG Max Azria, consignment), camisole (Smart Set), skirt (unknown brand, thrifted), shoes (Feet First, thrifted), necklace/earrings (Lavishy).


  1. Love this outfit! It's so colorful. The layering of tops is really creative. I nearly bought a top like the blue one but skipped it since it seemed hard to pair up.

    I'm seriously blown away at how much color you've included here.

  2. Yay colors! That blue is gorgeous on you! And I wear running shoes with my outfits all the time for commuting. It might be a little 80's, but definitely better than blisters :)

    And you're going to be doing WW at Work? We have that program at my office, and I've gone to a few meetings here and there. That's pretty cool that you'll be leading a group!

  3. You look great in the dropped waist, which because of the silk still shows off that awesome hourglass figure. Colorful awesomeness.

  4. Love a little detail like the sequins on the sweater.

  5. Blue is beautiful on you! And I wear shoes my clothes all the time while traveling.

  6. I love how you put this outfit together and I'm not talking about the safety pins! That skirt is so cute.

  7. Thanks, Megan! This top was an "I'm not sure" purchase due to the shape, but the more I wear it, the more I like it. The trick with the colours was to go with what matched the flowers on the skirt.

    Anne, thank you! I usually commute in my full-on workout wear (it's often raining) and then change at work, but I didn't want to schlepp around my knapsack. Yes, WW at Work - it's how I started at WW. I like the tightness of the little group.

    Rad, you're too kind, thank you. :)

    Wendy, me too - I'm all about the details.

    Thanks, translation services (?).

    Jen, thank you!

  8. Thanks for stopping by Sheila! I understand totally how hard it is to keep up...
    Matters at hand: so glad there are no neutrals! I am so sick of neutrals this year--so glad to see it! Paula

  9. Nice to meet you, Paula.
    Thanks so much! Ha, if I wanted oatmeal, I'd eat it.

  10. I started as a Leader at WW at Work meetings too. I had one that kept getting renewed for a year; one of the women who attended lost 100 pounds! We both cried the day she crossed the mark.

    Honey, that skirt has embellishment but it is still a neutral. Or in our new lingo, it is the cake that the frosting of the rest of the outfit is based on. :)

  11. Kristen, how awesome is that! I really hope my group(s) have that kind of success. And I'm a total crier - I'd lose it too. :)
    Ha, I love it - green tweed is a neutral in my closet! But yes, you're right, it's the cake in this outfit.

  12. You look so very pretty :0) in all that color, that somehow is very subtle.
    I am loving your hair today !

  13. Aw, thanks, Lorena! Yeah, my hair looks so much better in the morning when it hasn't been squished under a hat!


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