Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Second and Third Try at Combat Boots!

Okay! After last night's half-assed outfit (in my defence, I was in the dark walking there and back and spent most of the night shivering in the arena's air conditioning, so really, it's like no one saw me anyway, right?), I wanted to give the boots another shot but with a skirt:
I dunno. They are awesomely awesome, but maybe not with this outfit, which seems kind of dressy on the top half (or above the ankles, basically).

And having tried them with skinny pants (I don't own skinny jeans, so that's out too), I do think they look better with skirts. Maybe I could do this look with more of my usual casual uniform.
I think it's the jacket - not quite right. Too formal for the very informal boots.

See how cool they are?
Mmmm...rocker studs. Me love...

The necklace (nice blurry shot, way to go, Sheila):
You can see the good purple of the sweater much better there, at least (yes, this is the same sweater I wore last night).

As soon as I got home, I had to change to go out for dinner (Indian food with another couple):Basically, I just chucked the jacket and then flipped up the cuffs of the boots and laced them to the top. Nothing else changed.

Threw on my leather jacket and hoped that the restaurant would be warm:
It was! Yay!
Cuffs up:I love these boots! Why are they so difficult to wear?

Jacket (RW & Co.), sweater (Daniel Bishop, consignment), skirt (Armour Jeans, consignment), tights (Miss Sixty), boots (Penny Loves Kenny), necklace (Nine West, gift from Cindy), leather jacket (corporate swag).


  1. I like them a lot better with a skirt and leather jacket. If you had a moto jacket I think that would dress down the top half. Maybe try them laced up over skinny pants? They're really awesome boots. Those tights ROCK btw.

  2. I'm no fashion-maven so take this with a boulder of salt but... it seems to me that the boots -- which are very cool -- don't go well with clothes as formal as these. Hard-core boots like this are meant for rockin', not for delicate tops and dainty jewelry. I think they need a bold t-shirt and ripped jeans to feel at home.

  3. I love these boots too! I've never seen something so cool and so practical.

  4. I really like these boots and I think how you wear them with slightly "dressier" pieces on top gives your outfits a nice edge. You have the right attitude and style to pull it off well.
    I find combat boots difficult to style as well, and I've never thought of integrated them into work clothes. Well done.

  5. Love the boots too! I do think a rougher more casual jacket would have been better too. Or even a chunky cardigan. I'm thinking something more casual Free People style. Have fun experimenting with them, I know you are going to find the right combo for you!

  6. The boots demand leather. Rocker chic for those babies!

  7. Would they work with the first outfit if you had them laced all the way up without a cuff? My only thought is "Wow, those studs must hurt when they're laced all the way up!!

  8. Hey Sheila,
    I am not sure about the boots....
    But that is just me. I live in a country where boots are not a "necessity" for warmth purposes.
    However I think that the reason they are hard to wear is because you are a bit more formal than the boots.

  9. Megan, me too - I think these will be relegated to strictly weekend/casual wear going forward. I like the idea of lacing them over skinny pants. Thanks so much!

    Ralph, I love hearing everyone's opinions - including yours! :) I do agree that especially the first outfit is too formal. I like them with the second outfit, though (but hey, that's just me). I thought the jewelry was fairly chunky (leather strap and heavy chain) and worked okay with it. Ooh, ripped jeans...I may have to have a "creative day" with some old jeans. :) Great idea, thanks!

    Baxter - yeah, as soon as I saw them I was in looooove.

    Rad, thanks! I don't think I'll be wearing these to work going forward (of course, that will depend on my next job!), but I wanted to push myself and see if I could make it work. Thank you!

    Alison, yes, you're right - I just don't have any thing that was quite right (maybe my jean jacket would have been better, on second thought). Thanks so much for the suggestions!

    Jen, you're so right! Next time!

    Cara, hmmm...maybe, but I really wanted to wear them down. And actually the studs have a very low profile and they don't hurt or poke at all when done up.

    Lorena, that's totally cool - we all have different tastes, right? :) I think you are right - these don't match my more formal looks 100%. They are definitely going to be in my casual wardrobe from now on, I think.

  10. Those are some rockin' boots! I actually kinda like the juxtaposition of the formal jacket with the's unexpected and different, which is visually interesting to me. But I agree that they'd also look cool with torn jeans!

  11. Those boots would be the perfect icing for one of your patented graphic tee outfits, or perhaps even with that long denim skirt you posted the other day. Love 'em!

  12. Jen, thanks! I did get many odd looks at work when I wore that outfit (what else is new!). I'm seriously thinking about ripping up some jeans now...

    Audi, yeah, that's what I was thinking - especially that stripey long-sleeved top I have. Thanks!

  13. I think the boots look best laced up when with a skirt- the flopped-down look would probably be better with pants or shorts, IMO

  14. 'Doll, thanks, yes, I think you are right. But hey! I've got to try, right? It's all about experimenting and learning!

  15. Try the boots - cuff down - with your long denim skirt from the next post. I think ankle boots work really well with long skirts, where you can just see the ankle detail. They really are very cool boots!

  16. Hi, GlamaRuth, thanks so much for commenting! Hmmm...I will give that a shot - I am worried about stumpifying my legs with a not-quite-full-length skirt and then stumpy boots with the cuff down, though. Thanks!


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