Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another WW Meeting...and Lunch Out

WW meeting number two went well - although, wooo...funny how quickly you get out of the habit of getting up at 6am. Heh.

I had another new pair of shoes I just HAD to wear: Plus, I needed to break out the glitzy clothes for late December glamour! I last wore this vintage Alfred Sung skirt here (holy moly, last Feb/March!).

I really loved the neutral metallic colour of the shoes but the floofy bow really pushes them up a notch, so I kept the rest of the outfit (aside from the green lame lace skirt) also neutral.
Sorry, blurry - hard to keep my balance!

I last wore the jacket back in June (here) - it was a little cool, but I have a hard time finding really unique plain brown jackets.

Oh, but I know you're dying to see the shoes:
Pretty sweet, eh? My mom's vintage necklace added a bit more green up near my face (to bring out my green eyes!).

These were the best score of the four pairs I got:
$174.95 and I paid $40.00. Wow.

Mom gave me this awesome purse for Christmas:
I love the colour, and it's a really nice quality vinyl.

Jacket (Pelican Cove, consignment), top (Ellen Tracy, gift from Caro), skirt (Alfred Sung, vintage 80s, consignment), shoes (Jeffrey Campbell), necklace (Mom's, vintage 60s), purse (gift from Mom).

Today, L and I went out for lunch, then bought groceries. Of course I dress nice for groceries!
These jeans are new! I adore black jeans, and these were marked down to $27 at Plum, from $90. They are pretty long on me, but I'll see how they shrink after I wash them. It's not like I suffer from a lack of heels to wear.

The top was last seen here - the bright sunny colours make me feel happy!

I also got some new outerwear accessories at Plum earlier this week:
It's that 80s shade of green - really vibrant. The gloves and scarf are acrylic wool; the gloves were $4 and the scarf was $7. I love long gloves.

And if I'm going to do yellow and green, then I have to wear the yellow leather jacket:
Woo! Bright!

My new little wrist-twist:
I like the neutral metallic leather and the studs - cool clasp, too. It was $7, regular $45 (I hit the Club Monaco accessory sale selection again). Gotta have my rock 'n' roll, man!

I needed a) heels with these long jeans and b) comfy shoes and c) something that went with the outfit. My python wedges fit the bill:
I totally cheated and wore taupe socks with them! Bwahahaha! The jeans were so long, you couldn't see them, even when I was sitting down.

I also wanted to wear this awesome new belt buckle (I just attached it to the belt that I use for this buckle worn here):
I'm a huge fan of pin-up girls - and I fell in love with this lovely beauty. This buckle was 1/2 price for $12.50. I got it at the same store where I got all the shoes.

Top (Liz & Co.), jeans (Dish), shoes (Aerosoles), gloves/scarf (Plum), jacket (Danier Leather).

A very Happy New Year to all my fellow bloggers, readers and commenters. I am honoured to know you all, and thankful for your kind words, encouragement and I celebrate your general awesomeness. I hope you have a safe, happy and fun-filled evening tomorrow night!

I will be posting my New Year's Eve outfit (we're throwing a party!) after the fact...and stay tuned for the 2010 Major Awards!


  1. So many things in your life resonate with me. Those shoes are adorable! And the skirt is equally cute.

    The purse you received as a gift is exactly the same as the one I gave to Sara (except for size and color): I'm sure they were made by the same company.

  2. Those are some awesome finds and gifts! I'm loving all the green and the yellow jacket. Long gloves are awesome. I could use a pair or two. The new shoes are so cute and shiny. I have to say getting up at 6am or before would be really hard for me now too. I get at 7am and start work from home at 9:30am. When I lived in a big city I used to get up at 4:45am. I don't know how I did it. I'm looking forward to seeing your New Years outfit and hearing about your party. Have a great time!!

  3. Happy New Year!!!
    May 2011 be healthy, happy and prosperous for you and yours!

  4. oh W-O-W!!! those shoes!!! FANTABULOUS for wear it soooo well.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year, Sheila! I love that purse your mom gave you and those shoes are killer!

  6. Those shoes, I want to hunt them down right. now. I love the new gloves and scarf combo with your yellow jacket.

  7. Fantastic shoes & what a belt! You have some womderful accessories.

  8. The snakeskin pumps fill me with want and delight - they are fabulous. And I love the bursts of yellow and blue. Today's turnout is a really beautiful end to a great year of posts, Sheila! Hope your party is a blast ... happy new year! Looking forward to another year of your fabulous wardrobe and lots of guest appearances from your stylist Inigo!

  9. Happy New Year, Sheila! It's lovely to hear about your bargain spoils- something that gives me a lot of pleasure too. In fact I realised recently that nothing in my wardrobe was full price - all from outlets, consignment or charity shops.

    I restricted myself to just the one sale purchase after Christmas - a Joseph padded jacket at 65% off! It was the last one, but my size, and the best colour- green. So satisfying, it'll last me years & years...

  10. The new shoes are fantastic! I also love the green and yellow. I'm craving more color lately, and I'm sure your influence is part of that.

    Going to look at those shoes again...

  11. Great outfits! Of course one should dress up for the grocery. Doesn't everyone? Your mom has good taste; the purse is fabulous.

  12. Love,love it all! Esp. the black jeans! No, especially the long gloves and scarf. No, most of all the yellow jacket.

    Happy New Year, Lady! May success and happiness continue to surround you and surprise you every now and then :)

  13. Holy crap! Those shoes are killer! As are ALL of your other featured pieces in this post. ALL of them, Sweetie! ALL of them!

    Also, thanks for all your excellent blogging and comments this year, Sheila! I cannot wait to see what you do in 2011 here in the StyleNation.

  14. Lots of cute stuff! Those snake print shoes are Aerosoles? I really like a lot of their things recently.

    I think it is hilarious that the late 80s color palette of blue, greeny teal, purple and fuchsia (usually in combination with black at the time) is being re-pushed! That group of colors was the hottest thing in outerwear and household items, and here it is again.

  15. The yellow jacket is delicious! Happy New Year!

  16. So cute! I love the metallic shoes and bag. (Has it really been that long since you wore that skirt? Hunh!)

    Happy 2011, Sheila. May all kinds of good things come your way this year. You deserve them!

  17. Nothing gives me more squee than seeing 80's colors worn so well. You do good - and you look great.

    Happy New Year!

  18. Happy New Year! I'm loving those shoes, and your yellow jacket is inspiring me to add something like it to my wardrobe this year! Thanks for all the inspiration--looking forward to more in 2011!

  19. Oh Sheila, I adore that black jeans and colorful accessories outfit... specially for going to get groceries.
    You were the most stylish grocery shopper ever.
    I love this on you plus seeing you are happy.
    I wish you a wonderful 2011.

  20. I just love those long gloves... gotta get some!

    Drooling over your WW outfit, of course. And if that would make me look like you do in those jeans... I'd even condsider rejoining!

  21. Happy New Year Sheila :-). Looking forward to sharing 2011 fashion adventures with you!

  22. Shy, thank you so much! Oh, how nice - I love my purse and I bet Sara loved hers. :)

    Alison, thanks! I do love my bright colours. Yeah, I'm not a morning person at the best of times, ugh.

    Thanks, Lesa!

    Rita, Happy New Year! Thanks you so much - all the best to you!

    Sara, thanks! Happy New Year to you! Thank you for commenting!

    LaHdeM, thank you - and a Happy New Year to you!

    Megan, thanks, go for it!

    Trystan, thanks! I thought you might be a pin-up fan. :)

    Baxter, I got those over a year ago at Winners - so comfy! Thanks so much for all your kind comments all year - Happy New Year!

    Secret Squirrel, thanks so much! I rarely buy at full price - it's just so much more fun to hunt for scores! Ooh, your jacket sounds lovely - I've also hit some of the Boxing Day sales.

    Kelly, thanks! Colour is always good!

    Donna, thanks! And thank you for commenting! Ha, I wish everyone dressed up more! I will pass along your comment to Mom. :)

    Rebecca, thank you so much. The yellow jacket is one of my treasured possessions, for sure. Happy New Year to you!

    A-Dubs, thanks! Aw, you are so sweet. :) Here's to 2011!

    Thanks, Someone, and yes, those are really Aerosoles. I know, I laugh when I see those acid-bright colours coming back. Too weird to see it all coming around again.

    Kasmira, thank you and a very Happy New Year to you!

    Kristen, thanks! I thought I had worn the skirt more recently, but I guess not. A very Happy New Year to you, honey - it's been a real pleasure blogging with you. :)

    Thanks, Cheap Chick! Happy New Year to you!

    Knitwit, thank you - Happy New Year to you!

    Lorena, thank you, hon. A very Happy New Year to you, my dear. *hug*

    'Doll, they're awesome for short sleeves. Thanks so much! Aw, you're so sweet.

    Happy New Year, Tat! You bet!

  23. What store did you get such great deals on shoes? And the belt buckle, same again, where from, for such a good price. I've always assumed that you are in Vic, as that's where I live and all the stores that you mention are here. Love your style, cheers, and happy new year

  24. Love all the great deals on shoes and that belt buckle. What shop are they from? (I assume you live in Vic) Love your style!

  25. Yvette x 2: Yup, I'm in Vic, although I don't advertise it. The shoes are from She She in Trounce Alley downtown - they always have good sales. Thank you so much for commenting!


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