Friday, December 10, 2010

Out With a Bang! Last Casual Friday

And here we are - I'm done. It feels weird being out of work.

For my last casual Friday, I went over-the-top dressy - 'cause that's the way I roll. To be really outrageous for me, I should have worn pyjama bottoms!

I have never worn this skirt to work:
I have worn it twice before: once for Christmas and most recently for Daisy's birthday party. It's a challenge to wear; I can't take very large steps because the hem (above the bubble trim) is so narrow and it has no stretch, and (warning, TMI) when I go to bathroom, I have to actually unzip and pull it down.

Other than that...jeez, I guess I should wear it more! It's a beautiful skirt. Check out how good it makes my butt look:
Ha! Inigo looks absolutely terrified, doesn't he? He's listening to the beeping of the timer on the camera.

On the top half, I'm wearing this denim jacket (last seen back in January!), a brown silky blouse and Grandma W's pin:
I'm going out for lunch today with my manager, Joanne, and out for dinner/martinis tonight with my former boss at Fairweather, Tammy. Lovely! Now that's the way to end things.

I also sent out "farewell" emails to all of my favourite coworkers, contacts and clients to thank them for being so awesome - I got dozens of responses, and spent a good half hour being quietly teary at my desk. Then I did the tour of the building, saying goodbye to all the people I've known. There's nothing like tearing up in front of your colleagues (I'm such a sap, I cry at everything).

And to drink!

Jacket (Bisou Bisou, consignment), blouse (Mexx), cami (Esprit), skirt (Kensie), shoes (Guess), pin (Grandma W), earrings (gift from L).


  1. Ok so there are 2 items I would die for out of your wardrobe: that skirt and those yellow boots from yesterday!
    And you jealous of my jeans? With that bum in that skirt? You crazy.

  2. What a beautiful skirt! Really classy way to go out with a bang :-)

  3. Yowza! Hotlady! That skirt is gorgeous and shows off your figure. I love that denim jacket, it's the best way to do a denim jacket. What a great way to end your last day.

  4. What am amazing skirt... definitely the way to go out!

    I just hope we don't see too many shots of pajamas coming up-- unless they are awesome!

  5. Oooh! Now there's a butt of a serious walker! I love the old Hollywood feel to the skirt!

    I can't imagine how hard it would be to have to say goodbye - twice. I really hope that whatever lies in the future is so fabulous it makes up for any pain you feel now.

  6. Sheila you are closing a chapter, its good to make it memorable and have that drink.
    Jobs are just jobs, the best part is that you get to meet awesome people and make friends that last a lifetime.

  7. That is one of the prettiest skirts I have seen ! I also really like the denim blazer.

  8. Deep breathes, deep breathes. Glad you had a nice parting. You contributed to that with your kind words to colleagues and glam outfit.

  9. So, how'd it go? Are you sloshed right now?

    Also, you're right. Your butt looks fantastic in that skirt! And I love how you've styled it so that the top half of your ensemble is neutral, curve hugging (in a totally work appropriate way, of course), but not boring. This is a lesson I need to learn. And I come to your blog to learn it. You are an excellent teacher.

    p.s. Nice buns.

  10. You look so lovely, way to go out with a BANG!

    Also, I laughed at your cat's face... I'm sure mine would look the same he's suspect of everything that makes unnatural noise...

  11. You look great on your last day. The skirt is such a classic silhouette and the patterns and colors look fantastic. I hope you enjoyed the post work drinks.

  12. Aw, Sheila -- but you went out with a bang, for sure! That is one hell of a skirt.

    Good luck in your next adventure, and take this from someone who has switched careers and jobs several times in her life: take advantage of the "down time" as much as you can. You will be working again before you know it, but this extra time between jobs can be every bit as valuable as getting a paycheck. Plus a heck of a lot more fun. :)

  13. You look so great! So nice that you were able to say goodbye. A new chapter of your life is about to begin. So many new experiences to look forward to. Take care and have some fun too!

  14. You look gorgeous!

    That skirt is about 1400 kinds of awesome.

    Thanks for your comments on blog that linked back to your year of only secondhand clothes - it was insightful; it really gave me a lot to think about.

  15. Oh what a farewell! You looked awesome. And you should have taken Inigo to work with you, he completed the outfit. His white paws on your sleeve - priceless!

  16. You look smokin' hot in that skirt!

    Hope you enjoyed your evening out and a martini or 2...To a new beginning!

  17. Hi, Sheila, I can see this is a special skirt for sure!
    I was sad learning out you've just lost your job, but I know you will soon find a better one! Haven't you heard? by us(in Hungary) there is often said: "every kick in one's end is a big jump foreward"
    Congrats for the WW job, I want to be your pupil:-))

  18. Paula, let's not be jealous of each other - we're far too fabulous, I agree. Heh!

    Trystan, thanks so much!

    Megan, thank you! I do feel like I went out with a bang.

    'Doll, thanks! I don't actually own any pyjamas, so you're safe.

    Cara, yes, I earned that butt! Thank you. Yes, it was really hard...again, thank goodness for waterproof mascara.

    Lorena, I agree. It was a good long ride.

    Emma, thank you so much!

    Shy, yeah, you're right. Thank you!

    A-Dubs, I was plenty sloshed (and sick, as you will see). Thanks so much - I have learned that there's very little that not appropriate for work when it's styled properly. Heh, thank you!

    Iris, thank you! Hee, Inigo is such a cutie.

    Thanks, Rad! I did!

    Kristen, thanks, hon. I do plan to take advantage of the downtime, good advice.

    Thanks, Alison! It's all a big adventure, isn't it?

    Thanks so much, Karen! I hope you enjoyed reading about my year. :)

    Thanks, Tanya! Hee, I don't think they would have let my kitty on the bus!

    Jen, thanks! Here's a new beginning.

    Hi, Lyn, nice to hear from you. :) I love that expression, thank you!

  19. Gotta love a skirt that hugs your butt like that -- tiny steps or no!


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