Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rusty Blah and a Half-Assed Concert Outfit

I'm running out of enthusiasm this week - I have a lot of social engagements (yes, I do it to myself, I shouldn't complain) and I'm finding a general lack of planning in the outfit department has been the result. Hence, a pretty boring outfit yesterday:
This dress is going into the giveaway pile. I'm tired of it, and it's been ages since I wore it. I've previously worn it here, here, here, and here - I feel like I've gotten plenty of wear out of it. Oh, my Winesday women are going to love me! They always get first dibs before I take stuff to the consignment shop.

This is the second wearing of the jacket (first seen here).

The stuff:
I've worn these shoes a billion times* and still love them.

*numbers may be estimated (hee, that's for you, Steph)
Scrolly leaves!

Dress (Le Chateau), jacket (Armour Jeans, thrifted), belt (Dorothy Perkins), earrings (Plum), shoes (Unlisted).

Last night, L and I went to see Leonard Cohen. It's my second time seeing him, L's fourth. It was amazing. He played for over 3 hours.

I wanted to wear my awesome purple combat boots, but I spent half an hour chatting with my mom (hi, Mom!) instead of planning my outfit around them and it shows.
I don't regret talking to Mom at all, of course!

However, "half-assed" is what I call this, and half-assed it is. I'm wearing my black skinny pants, a dark purple cashmere top and my long black cardigan. Not very exciting. And you can't even see the boots, since I was running late by the time I took this one picture.

I had intended to wear this outfit to work today, but I felt in it that I changed it up when I got home (around midnight). I am still struggling with the skinny pants - I may just have to bail on them.

I'm wearing the combat boots today and will do a proper showing of them tonight, I promise!

Cardigan (Express, consignment), sweater (Daniel Bishop, consignment), pants (Kensie), boots (Penny Loves Kenny), necklace (Nine West, gift from Cindy).


  1. I LOVE those shoes you've worn a bazillion time (wait, or was it only a billion?)! What are they? Enquiring minds (mine) want to know.

  2. You're never boring. I love that dress. The color looks great with your hair.

  3. Duh, I forgot to list them - they are by Unlisted, D-Meds. I got them at Winners about 3 years ago.

    Aw, thanks, Kim! Must dye my hair before Miami!

  4. I think the dress outfit is cool... the belt really makes it- and those cute shoes.

    The concert outfit, I must admit, is pretty blah.

  5. The simple backgrounds let the awesome accessories shine (esp. those shoes!).

  6. I'm envious that you got to see Cohen. Hope you enjoyed his performance. If he ever comes near here, I'm going.

    That's a fabulous belt in the first outfit. Really exceptional.

  7. Dress still looks fresh to me--doesn't look tired at all! It's been such a go-to for you--maybe different colors to go with....

  8. Love that belt. And I envy that you can give clothes away - I have hoarding issues, but I am working on it. :P

    - Tessa

  9. ha! ; ) i just think of Carl Sagan saying, 'billions and billions' in his own particular way (did you know he was a confirmed pothead? he toked up every day! no wonder he could wrap his head around all those wild concepts...)

    and how nice for your Winesday ladies! i love getting things 'through the grapevine', since i hate shopping. altho i think it is a really nice dress on you, and paula has a good idea about mixing up the colors.

    but it's not like you'll be running around nekkid or anything, so - what the heck! steph

  10. 'Doll, thanks! Yeah, I know - but no one really saw me. :) Thanks for being honest!

    Thanks, Trystan! Sometimes that's enough, isn't it?

    Ralph, he's amazing - I believe there is a DVD of this tour, so that's the next best thing. Thanks! I got it in London!

    Fashionoverfifty - thank you! There's nothing wrong with the dress, I'm just tired of it and I need to clean out my closet. I think I did it with turquoise once, but eh, it just doesn't inspire me anymore, although I still like it. Thanks so much for the suggestion.

    Tessa, thanks! Ha! I know what you mean - it's hard to give things up, isn't it? I do find with the blog that if I miss something I can always go back and look at the pictures - I don't have to own it to see it if I want to.

    Steph, hee, no, I did not know that about Sagan, how awesome. :) Yes, my Winesday ladies love it when I clean out - and they always bring stuff too, so we have a grand time stripping down and trying things on. As I mentioned to Paula, I'm just tired of it and I need to make room (I bought 2 new dresses a few days ago!).

  11. 1. I really like that belt in the first outfit. Something about the red dress makes it really pop.

    2. You look way, way, WAY better in skinny pants than you think you do. I know you told me before you're a shorty (LOL I am 5'7" so I call everyone shorter than me that), but you look very long and lean in that all-black look with them there. Do not give up on them, but keep trying different tops so you find the style you are most comfortable in. It took me about a year and lots of skepticism until it clicked for me.

  12. I love the red dress I don't think it's boring at all!

  13. Thanks so much, Kristen - the dress is actually a rust colour. Aw, thank you so much. I do feel really self-conscious in skinny pants. I need to get some tops that have a different shape to go with these, I think. Thanks for the advice.

    Thanks, Iris!


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