Sunday, December 26, 2010

Florida, Fashion and Festivities!

Ho ho ho! Hope you all had a fab Xmas! As I mentioned, it's been a busy last week for me - so I'm catching up now.

We went to Florida last weekend, as L's 40th birthday present (his birthday was in June, but no football then). It was a crazy time to travel. I should have listened to Inigo:
"Don't go!"

I had to wrestle my bag away from him so I could pack.

We traveled very light. This is what I wore for my travel outfit (it was 11+ hours each way):
I wore the same thing coming home, only a different long-sleeved top and tee.

I layered to stay warm on the plane:
My bare legs were chilled - thank goodness that stripey scarf opens up really huge (and it's cashmere so lovely and warm).

Jacket (Gap, consignment), t-shirt (Upper Playground), long tee (Esprit), skirt (InWear), shoes (Vans).
We stayed in South Beach, at a fabulous Art Deco hotel that had been recently renovated:
We had a big suite, complete with kitchen.

We checked out the beach, of course:
It was only two blocks from our hotel. Those rain clouds presaged a 10-hour stretch of torrential downpour, and although rain doesn't bother us (hey, we're from the Pacific Northwest, we practically have webbed toes), both L and I were so sick on the Saturday, we crashed in the hotel and slept during the rainiest bits.

I did manage to stick my feet in the Atlantic Ocean:
Ruth's black dress (I also have a cami on, but it's hard to see), and a scarf for a belt. I'm holding my orange sandals, which were pretty thrashed (I left them behind). I had planned to dress up for dinner on Saturday night, but we ended up dashing out to TGIFriday's for a quick dinner, then watching a movie in the hotel while we sniffled and honked.

Dress (BCBG, gift from Ruth), shoes (can't remember).
On Sunday, we met up with Kim and Spence and their daughter, Eloise, to go to the game. Self-portrait with L, all decked out in our Dolphins gear:
L looks really excited to be going to the game!

Sadly, our team lost, but it was awesome actually being there. We headed home on Monday - we had delays in Miami and in San Francisco (our flight didn't end up leaving until 12:30am) and ended up getting home at 3am. I'm sure glad I didn't have to work on Tuesday!

After spending a day doing nothing (movies and TV), I girded my loins for my Christmas shopping. I also met my bestie, Janet, for lunch:
Nice bright colours, thigh-high boots and some punk accents.

My outerwear:
I felt very Christmassy.

Coat (Mario Serrano), plaid tee (TMT), yellow tee (Mexx), jeans (Esprit), boots (Pegabo), gloves (Parkhurst), belt (from Ruth), cuff (old).
I had to get groceries and finish up my shopping on Thursday:
A bit more casual - I've been living in my jeans lately.

Black tee (BCBG, consignment), red tee (Kersh), jeans (Esprit), boots (Aldo, consignment).
I spent a few hours wrapping presents. Kitty helped.
I had to sacrifice a piece of tissue so that he could sit on it and stay off my wrapping paper.

We did our stockings Christmas morning. I was spoiled, as always.
"The Walking Dead, Vol. 12", the new Stephen King, the new Kim Harrison, "Never Let Me Go", a new crossword puzzle book, my usual page-a-day calendar of Forgotten English, a large selection of chocolate bars (yay!) and some mini vodkas (most chocolate and vodka has now been consumed).

L also got me a lovely top, but it's too small, so I'll see if I can exchange it at Plum tomorrow.

We do a stocking for the cat (aw...this is our first Christmas without Othello). We get some new mousies and toys, and wrap them up with a bunch of loose catnip and tissue. Inigo gets very excited about this:
He was flipping mousies all over the bed.

We had our breakfast, got dressed and headed over to my ex-sister-in-law's for presents with the nieces, then Mom came home with L and I and I did a roasted chicken. It all turned out pretty good except that a) I burnt the stuffing and b) my mashed potatoes' bowl broke in the oven and made a mess (but we saved most of the potatoes). Otherwise, tasty! I'm making soup out of the leftovers right now.

I dressed Christmassy:
Since we walked, I went with my boots again.

Sweater (Tobias), skirt (Nygaard, consignment), snowflake bracelet and earrings (Metropolitan Museum gift shop).
A very Merry Christmas from my fam to yours!
Inigo stuck his paw out just as the timer went. What a ham.


  1. You have been BUSY--globetrotting and present unwrapping. I'm especially fond of that plaid tee.

  2. It's so nice to have a window into your life. Thanks for sharing the fun and fashion.

  3. Haha! Love the cat nose down in the middle of his Christmas booty. Merry Christmas!

  4. Still can't get over the pictures of you on the beach! What a great thing to do on the holidays. I'm loving your punky-casual outfits. Hooray for kitten-bombs on Christmas. Hope you guys are having a great holiday!

  5. I'm loving your casual outfits. They look comfy and cute. L is a cute as ever! hehe! Remember way back when, when we talked about my hubby's lack of cool style? Well this weekend he got some really cool stuff. My brother sent him a care package of really fun clothes. Now the hard part will be for him to get used to lower rise pants and a skinnier leg. They look great though!

  6. What a fun weekend! (Aside from the being sick part, of course.) And that hotel room looks amazing! I'm glad to hear you had such a nice Christmas!

  7. Wow... your man is hot! Kinda reminds me of someone.... hmmm...


    Looks like you're having a great trip. And have I mentioned that the outfit with the plaid top and high boots is too freaking cool?

  8. Sounds like you had a great Christmas. You certainly packed in a lot of activity! And looked good too, of course.

    Indigo is so cute, love to see that you gave him some tissue so he could 'help' you wrap presents.

  9. Post overload !
    I don`t even know were to begin !
    Ok, here I go, I am glad you were able to get away and
    get a little warm weather BTW what a nice hotel !
    I love love love that outfit with the boots and the red top you look fabulous in it or maybe it looks fabulous in you ?
    And Inigo.... you got to cast that cat for a commercial !

  10. Busy, busy! Love the trip and outfits to Florida, sorry the weather did not cooperate.

    Look at all the casual gear. The rolled jeans in one shot was a great touch; I never think to do things like that. You have an impressive collection of graphic tees; I want the plaid one, please! :)

  11. Terri - I know! I need a holiday! Thanks!

    Shy, you're welcome, I guess.

    Cynthia, you should have seen him buried in the tissue - so funny.

    Thanks, Megan! I don't know if I would travel this time of year again - totally nuts.

    Thanks, Alison! That's so awesome about your hubby's new stash of clothes - ugh, get rid of the high-rise baggy pants!

    Pear, thanks! Hope you did as well.

    Thanks, 'Doll - yes, he's a hottie all right, hee hee. I love the plaid top too.

    Northmoon, thanks! It was very busy. Of course Inigo has to help.

    Lorena, thanks, sweetie. I know, Inigo is the cutest!

    Kristen, totally nuts, more like it! Rolled jeans is me being lazy, lol.

    Wendy, yes, he's such a handsome fellow, isn't he? :)

  12. Other than being sick (man, that is going around), sounds like a great time! Happy holidays :-)

  13. Stop the presses! There's a new Kim Harrison? Which one? Why wasn't I told? And more importantly, how can I get my grubby little mitts on it?!?!?!

  14. how fun!! i love that picture of you in the surf, you just look so relaxed and happy. Yay! & that cat is getting scarily good in front of the camera ; )

    you're looking so great in all your casual outfits! i'm taking notes - seriously, looking great and put-together and stylish in basically jeans and a tee is a BIG challenge for plenty of us, me included. Seeing how you pull it off, multiple times, is a gold mine of inspiration. THANK YOU!!!!

    have a fun week, and i hope you are feeling perkier! steph

  15. Yup, it's a bad year for colds, Trystan. Thanks so much - right back atcha!

    Cheap Chick, it's called "Black Magic Sanction" and apparently it's out in paperback.

    Thanks, Steph! Man, I feel like such a schlub lately - so glad you're finding this useful!


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