Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shopping in the Rain - and a Book Blurb

I met Cat and Caro downtown for a quick shop - I also had to get going on some of my Xmas shopping (I'm kind of doing it in dribs and drabs this year) out of the way.

Unfortunately, as I learned from my run/walk this morning, it was pouring out. So I had to dress for the weather:
Combat boots! Like the funkadelic stylings of Rad over at The Cohabiting Closet and Ann at Fashionable Academics, I love the boot/skirt look too. And it turns out, these babies were pretty close to being waterproof (I shouldn't have stepped in that big puddle). They were last worn here.

I last wore the dress here.

I hate carrying an umbrella - I'd rather have my hands free - so I dug through the chest to see what hats I had. I grabbed this fuzzy cream cloche (I picked it up about a year ago in a thrift store) and my cashmere scarf for a fun pattern mix.
I'm also wearing long nylon gloves.

Tossed on my red wool/cashmere coat and I was ready to go!
I did get a bunch of little things, but I need to still do more. Gah! It never ends!

Dress (Papillon), belt (NYC), boots (Penny Loves Kenny), coat (Planet), scarf (Club Monaco).

I have been good and read a book! It's "White Witch, Black Curse" by Kim Harrison:
It's the next one in the series after "The Outlaw Demon Wails" (blurbed here). I was in the mood for some escapism.

Stats: 504 pages, hardcover (I bought it second-hand for $5.50). Started November 21, 2010, finished December 12, 2010.

Blurb: These are currently my favourite vampire, sorta-sexy, sorta-funny, female-driven adventure novels. I've read a bunch of Anita Blake books (by Laurel K. Hamilton), and a few of the Sookie Stackhouse books (that "True Blood" is based on). Harrison's books have a lot of heart - the characters are tough, but struggle with love and relationships; they swear and beat up bad guys, but sometimes the bad guys are...not so bad - it's not all black and white, in life or in magic. If you ask Megan nicely, she might show some of the awesome doodles she's done of the characters.


  1. Love flowers in the rain--gets the blues to go away, no? Love the combat boots with a skirt--but i can't have anymore boots--this year anyway.

  2. Both, Rebecca! The hat and gloves were both waterproof, and the scarf dried out quickly. I was snuggly warm!

    Thanks, Paula, me too. Ah, you have plenty of other boots. ;)

  3. The hat look very similar to one I have, but I have it in cream and in black. I really like that dress with the boots. Did you try it with the boots folded down? I think that would work, especially if you had one of Audi's harnesses. Maybe L should read this...hehe

  4. You look adorable. I love how you do casual without doing denim.

    Also, those boots are hardcore. All you combat boot wearing women are giving me serious boot cravings this week!

  5. Hi Sheila, I can't imagine it being cold AND raining and actually going outside.
    This morning we had record lows of 36 degrees, so I kept all my kids home and stayed in bed all day. Sad isn't it?

    Read your book blurb. I am in the middle of The Pact by Justin Cronin-another semi vampiric book (I guess you can't write a book anymore without throwing at least one vampire in there. anyway, Have you read it?

    I am frustrated there are so many series out there, I still haven't read "The Girl with (in) the Hornet's Nest, it has become an obligation and that is not good.

    Anyway, I do enjoy your boo reviews. Keep warm and dry!

  6. sheila--thanks for your visit to Rags! And this outfit just gets better and better as you add each accessory!

  7. Cool, Alison! Nah, I don't like the boots flopping around when it's raining - too wet. I know, I want one of Audi's harnesses.

    A-Dubs, thank you! Jean suck in the rain. Hmmm...maybe Santa will bring you combat boots? or at least money with which to buy them?

    Lesa, it's not that cold, just mostly rain right now. No, I haven't read that book. I haven't read any more in the "The Girl..." series yet either, so don't feel bad! Thanks, hon. :)

    Terri, you're so welcome. Glad you enjoyed this.

  8. I love the combat boots with the awesome floral. You and Sal really rock the winter-appropriate florals.

    Hooray for Rachel Morgan books! I can't wait for the next one, Pale Demon, out early next year.

    (also my drawings and doodles of the Rachel Morgan series can be found here: http://ecc3ntriccynic.deviantart.com/gallery/8285325)

  9. Woohoo for the ladies in combat boots. How do you make practicality in the Pacific NW look so adorable? The flower dress and your colorful coat are way cute.

  10. Love, love, LOVE the Kim Harrison series! As my SIL put it, she keeps it real... for a fantasy novel, anyway. ;)
    I tried reading the Anita Blake series, but. Um. Yeah. Not so much!

  11. Due to the clock in back of your hat, I thought you were wearing a Viking helmet with horns for a moment!

  12. What a great nasty weather outfit! My youngest daughter is wanting boots. Will definitely show her how great yours look.

  13. Both the dress and boots are fan-freakin-tastic. And they look marvelous together!

  14. Thanks, Megan! I'm getting a little more adventurous, I think. And yes, gosh, I love these books! Oh, awesome, thank you for the link - I love your drawings.

    Thanks, Kelly!

    Rad, I hate looking bland and boring - of course, nothing changes when it's rainy! Thanks!

    Cheap Chick, same here - yes, she keeps it real. The people feel real and react in a real way. Yeah, I hear ya on the Anita Blake ones (frankly, too much sex!).

    Lol, Wendy, that's hilarious.

    Donna, cool, I hope she likes them.

    Sal, thanks!

  15. I hate umbrellas too.
    I have been thinking about investing in a cool small one that I can carry in my purse.
    Specially now that it rains every single day-

  16. I soooo need combat boots! Why don't I have any anymore?!?!

  17. Wow, what a cute shopping outfit! I need to pair my Docs with a skirt too - you've all done so well with that!

  18. What a great outfit to fight of the drabness of rain! I hope you got lots of christmas shopping done :)

  19. Lorena, having a small one is handy, but I try to just plan ahead and have a cute hat on hand if it need it. I hope your rains ease up soon!

    LaHdeM - ha! Well, I guess you'd better get some, stat!

    Anne, thanks! This is the look I like best with combat boots.

    Thanks, Iris! I got a bit done, but I'll do the rest next week.

  20. Honestly, that dress and scarf combo might be one of my favorites for you ever. There is something so perfectly *Sheila* about it!


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