Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dinner Out and Lunch & Shopping with Mom

As I have spent a good portion of my days this week either in my robe or in my "at home" clothes, I'm going for any excuse to put on a "real" outfit. I have a feeling I'll be doing the casual uniform a lot!

Last night, L and I met Casey and Nick at the pub for a few pints and dinner. We walked down, so I picked warm but comfortable pieces:
Hee, see Inigo on the left? He wants dinner too!

This is my olive leather skirt (last seen here), a long-sleeved purple tee and this t-shirt that I wear a lot.
My lovely (and practical) Miz Mooz boots.

Because it's a little chilly out, I did some outerwear stuff:
The olive-coloured hat is a somewhat structured fuzzy angora thing - I found it in a vintage store years ago and always forget to wear it. I'm also wearing my purple scarf and grey fingerless gloves, along with my swag leather jacket.

Hat (Boutique "Katy", vintage), scarf (Fairweather), gloves (Parkhurst), jacket (swag from old job). Long tee (Press), tee (Lisa International), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), boots (Miz Mooz), necklace (Foxy), earrings (gift from L).

Today, Mom and I are going to wander down the avenue to another pub for a little shopping, get caught up before Christmas. We're walking, so again, I had to base the outfit around the shoes. I totally forgot about these (have I mentioned I need to clean out my closet??):
I got those in the summer at Value Village for cheapy-cheapy ($15), last seen here. I did tones of grey to match the cloud in my head (I am still sick - the hacking cough starts soon).

I am not picking my nose, I'm trying not to sneeze:
The top is cream/grey striped, the tee is multi shades of cream and grey, the skirt is a grey/black herringbone, and the tights are sort of a bluey-grey. Oh, and a first wear for this little thin silver headband - picked it up at Club Monaco some time ago for about $7.

I promise I am wearing my yellow leather jacket (this one) to offset all the grey.

I am so ready not to be sick anymore:
My hair is fading out to a nice colour.

Long-sleeved tee (Majestic, gift from Caro), tee (Plum, gift from L), skirt (Mexx, gift from Celia), shoes (Stonefly, thrifted), necklace (Claire's), earrings (Aldo Accessories), headband (Club Monaco).


  1. You look fantastic for feeling so yucky! The graphic tee in the first outfit is very similar to a shirt I picked up at the goodwill this week. Mine is long sleeved and almost too snug. But such a cool print I couldn't pass it up. I can wear it belted and that hides my tummy roll...hehe.

    I really like the graphic tees with a nicer skirt, so cute!

    I'm really loving the color of your hair so pretty.

  2. I feel you with the "at home" uniform - since I stopped working in order to concentrate on my dissertation, I basically live in pajama pants and will use any excuse to "dress up" (today's excuse? I have a coupon for a store and I need new lipstick! Let's throw on a skirt!). I love your long olive skirt: is it warm?

  3. I see you are already feeling and looking better !
    I really like the striped long t-shirt + flower t-shirt combo....
    You will have some time now to clear your closet, I have to get to it too- it's a good time to donate.

  4. Thanks, Alison - fake it till you feel it, right? Your shirt sounds great! Thanks, I wish the colour would stay - it always fades.

    C&D, it's so easy to just wear jammies, isn't it? I look forward to dressing up. Yes, the olive skirt is wonderful, completely traps my body heat under it.

    Lorena, thanks! I love the stripes. I know, I plan to do it between Christmas and New Year's - a bunch of my friends will be coming over and I look forward to giving away some of my stuff.

  5. Ahh, the beloved long skirt, eh? Very cute. Swirly and twirly. I'd would give me a flash back to my hippie days...
    Oh, and my hair is closer to your color now--the red is better when it fades a bit, but then it fades too much too quickly!

  6. I LOVE the second outfit. I'm literally wishing I had the pieces to go and recreate it right. now.

    Doncha hate how fast red fades? I've nearly re-ordered some henna because chemical dyes fade so quickly. But I'm not sure I want to stay a redhead forever.

    I'm already getting lazy now that school is out. Making outfits and being motivated can get really difficult without prior commitments. Hey, dressing up for the grocery store is a good excuse, right?

  7. A long leather skirt??? You kick ass.
    I love the pattern mixing you're doing here, and the pairing of yellow and grey.

  8. I hope you feel better soon- at least you look good. I would have loved to see the yellow jacket WITH all the gray....

  9. Paula, you got it! I love the mermaid cut. Nice, I can't wait to see you as a redhead!

    Thanks, Megan! A stripey top is an awesome layering piece. I do hate how quickly red fades, arg! But I like being a redhead, so...*shrug* Yeah, totally, lack of motivation here, big time. Yes, of course, one must dress for groceries!

    Kelly, don't ya love it? I love my leather skirt. Thanks so much!

    Sorry, 'Doll, I was in a rush - it looked great. :)

  10. Today's shoes are so cute! Are they comfy too?

    Also, I really like the angora/leather jacket combo! Such a contrast, but it works really well :)

    And keep the casual outfits coming! I've got almost 2 full weeks of casual coming up, and would love ideas for things to wear other than jeans and t-shirts.

  11. I loooove that leather skirt!

    I keep wanting to get a long skirt, but I can't find one that works - I find them hard to wear, but this one looks awesome on you.

  12. Love the second look particularly - cute shoes, and the layered tops are just inspirational! I need more patterns I think!

  13. I love the drape of the leather skirt and I'm pretty sure I have that same pair of light gray mary jane's in my closet.

  14. Thanks, Anne! They are super-comfy - they even have a removeable insole so you can put your own in. Oh, there will be lots of casual, believe me!

    Thanks, Karen, me too. Try this shape - it's really flattering and still easy to walk in.

    Thanks, Tat! Your wardrobe does need a bit more pattern. Can't wait to see what you find.

    Thanks, Terri! How cool - we are shoe twins!

  15. I love when you pair floral/graphic with stripes; no one does it as stylishly as you!

    Hope you are feeling better. I am still waiting to see a week of your casual wear now that you are home and can wear it all the time!

  16. Aw, you're too kind, thank you, Kristen!

    Mostly, I've been in my robe...and I was sort of up to something over the weekend. I need to get caught up.


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