Friday, December 3, 2010

Leather for Work, and What I Didn't Wear on Friday

I'm on an emailing list from Dots (one of my favourite stores) and this week's email was "$20 for all winter dresses." Well - I'm not one to turn down a deal like THAT! I headed there after work on Tuesday and scoured the dress section. I must have tried on 2 dozen dresses, but I found two that I really loved.

This being one: I love the taupe colour (yes, I know, a neutral, how unlike me!), and it's got pockets, and it fits great. And it's leather! As I'm the Queen of Sneakily Inappropriate Workwear, this was right up my alley. The leather is "like buttah."

I layered my favourite floral silk blouse (last seen here), with my new olive sequined cami (thrifted for $8.50) underneath that. I think the floral and the drapey lines of the blouse helps soften the more severe dress.

The dress came with its own belt, but I didn't like it, so I swapped in my darker brown one to go with the boots.
These are my classic brown boots that I've had for over 3 years. Worn them a billion times, easy!

But it does my thrifty little heart so good to know I've gotten a bargain on something, so check this out:
The dress's original price tag. It sold for $499.00 CAD (Canadian dollars)! And Dots was selling it for the relative bargain of $149.99...but I got it for $20! That's a 96% discount off the original price - score!

The stuff:
Slightly blurry - I was in a rush to get to Book Club.

Blingy stuff:

Dress (Truly, Part Two), blouse (Kaliko, consignment), cami (Esprit, thrifted), boots (Roberto Vianni), belt (Plum), earrings (Plum), ring (some vintage store).

L needed the camera today, so my plan was to put together today's outfit last night when I got home from Book Club, take a picture of it, then just wear it today. We're going to Sherylyn's for dinner tonight (she of Yummyland fame, and the foot-shaped cheeseball), followed by a concert to see Dan Mangan, so I won't have time (or the inclination) tonight to do my Friday outfit.

Well, that was the plan.

So this is me after 4 glasses of wine at Book Club:
I didn't wear that today. Well, I wore MOST of it - everything but the skirt (which I've only worn once, here). I couldn't handle wrestling with a pair of tights this morning, so I wore jeans, and did a different belt. If I'm still awake tonight when I get home, I might take a picture.

Anyway, just picture this oufit but with jeans on the bottom! That's what I'm REALLY wearing.

The plaid tweed jacket is new, by the way - I got it last Friday in a consignment store I don't go to very much.
It's a nice mix of browns and camel (no actual yellow in it, but I liked how the yellow cardi looked) - it was $22.99 and is Zara. As we have no Zara store here, I always wonder what travels my clothes have taken before they get to me.

I'm also cheating by wearing the exact same cami as yesterday. This is the jewelry (I wasn't up to taking a pic of it last night). I've worn the boots several times (seen here).

Mr. Purry wanted some lovin':
Aw, what a cutie! Inigo is the best accessory of all.

Jacket (Zara, consignment), cardigan (no label, consignment), cami (Esprit, thrifted), belt (not shown, Plum), jeans (not shown, Esprit), boots (Hispanitas, consignment), necklace/earrings (Plum).


  1. OMG! a beautiful leather dress for only $20!!! WOW! It's so pretty. I do agree Inigo is the best accessory. I do understand the tights wrestling thing. Sometimes, you just don't want to go there.

  2. oh hey, I forgot to tell you. After your post in September about the awesome washable suede skirt you found I was drooling over that. Ever time I've thrifted since I've looked at every suede skirt I saw. Well, it finally paid off. I found a buttery soft camel colored washable/dryable suede skirt!! Now I finally have a suede item I can wash after it gets puppy slobber on it! YAY!! And being $3.50 is an even better bonus!

  3. I love that jacket! Plaid and tweed: excellence.

    The leather dress is smashing, not to mention a stellar bargain. It reminds me of Diane Keaton's recent fabulosity:

  4. I clicked onto comments all ready to squee over a leather dress (OMG seriously, I want to go shopping with you)... but was slain by Inigo-cuteness. Inigo could put Maru out of business. Makes me sad I don't get to see my mom's fur-butts this week.

  5. Alison, I know! I was so excited. This is almost (ALMOST) as good as the Prada shirt. Yeah, I just couldn't handle the thought of being in tights until 11pm tonight.

    Oh, fantastic! I'm so glad you found some washable suede! And only $3.50 - total score.

    Kelly, thanks! I agree. :) Thanks you so much - I will check out the link from home (it's blocked at work).

    Megan, hee - squee!! One day, we'll shop together! I know, I adore Maru, but I think Inigo might need to have his own blog. Maybe I'll do that while I'm off.

  6. Holy Crap! Seriously!? That is an unbe-LIEVABLE deal! And the leather dress looks hot on you. I love it with the softer floral, and I cannot wait to see how you style it up in future.

    Also, sometimes tights are stupid (to wear). Especially under a denim skirt. Way to roll with the morning.

    And finally, kitties who want to cuddle are the best. And they go with everything.

  7. That leather dress is incredible! I want it! I cannot even believe that you scored it for only $20!!!!!!!

  8. What a fabulous leather dress !
    I think you got it at cost.. or less.
    BTW I think that if you had a Zara store you would be a fan ! God knows I am but try to stay away from it for my own good sake.

  9. A-Dubs - I KNOW! Such a steal! Thanks so much. Gah, tights can drive me insane at times, you know? Thank god for kitty!

    Chrissy, thanks so much!

    Lorena, I think $20 is definitely lower than cost! And yeah, I have been in a Zara (in NYC years ago) and I know I would be there all the time!

  10. What an awesome steal on that dress!! I also love the tweed jacket :)


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