Monday, December 6, 2010

Out With a Bang! - Sky-High Red Heels

Well! This is my last week of work, and frankly, I have nothing to do. I played Free Cell for two hours this afternoon. Nothing like getting paid for doing nothing. Ha!

I decided that this week will be a theme week: Out With a Bang! I am going to wear a bunch of my most outrageous stuff...'cause when or where am I going to wear some of these things again?

Like these shoes:
Not exactly appropriate in most offices!

This is the second wear of the $3 polka dot top (first worn here, when I formally got notice that my job was over), the fourth wear of this $7 striped skirt (previously seen here), and also the fourth wear of the shoes (seen here).
I like the mix of the two black and white patterns. I also felt very "out there" with my semi-sheer black tights and these open shoes!

Inigo was not so impressed:
He's more like, "Feed me!"

The stuff:
Man, I love those heels!

I wore my classic black and white baubles:
A black rose for a (sort-of) black week.

Top (Majora, thrifted), camisole (Mexx), skirt (Linda Allard for Ellen Tracy, thrifted), shoes (Carvalo), bracelet (Le Chateau), earrings (Plum).


  1. Super outfit. I like the two patterns and those shoes! They're exceptional.

  2. Fashion is no longer just be in trend but also the emblem of social status and individual identification and the desire to emphasize your taste.
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  3. That polka dot top fits you fantastically. It makes your waist look ittybitty. The heels are out of this world. I can't wait to see the rest of your outfits for the week.

  4. Love the pattern mix with just a pop of color. I'm sure you will find something soon- you are needed to perk up dull offices all over the world! Maybe we should clone you....

    How is the recent change to the WW points affecting you? Read about it online.

  5. I share your love for those heels. HAWT.

    I am hoping another work-related reprieve is on the way ...

  6. ...s e n d .....b l a c k ...... r o s e ...... 2 ... p l e a s a n t .... h i l l .....

    (oh boy, i sure hope my 'hypnosis via the interwebs' works this time!!!)

    just a great outfit - awe inspiring heels, cute little bod-con top....nice accessories, too! and the pattern mixing really takes it to the next level - gives it the 'Sheila stamp'.

    & i really like your approach to your last work week - why not use the occasion to have some fun for yourself? inigo looks so cute! steph

  7. That bracelet is tres Chanel, especially with the sharply silhouetted black and white. The shoes? Amazing.

    I look forward to seeing the rest of the week's outfits!

  8. I like your style! Going out with a bang is exactly what I'd expect from you :D

    Loving the polka dots and pinstripes, and those shoes...... well, they are the shoes I was thinking of when I named my "Sheila Shoes" :D (although mine are a great deal less awesome than your beauties!)

  9. Triple bang Sheila !
    I love everything about this outfit.
    The polka dots + stripes and most of all the sandals with tights.
    I love that attitude :)

  10. Ooooh, I can't wait to see what else is coming our way this week!
    This outfit is sassy.

  11. So chic! I love the way the kimono sleeves compliment the fitted pencil skirt.

  12. Thanks, Shy! The shoes are so "me."

    Great quote, heartbug, thank you so much! I appreciate your comments!

    Thanks, Trystan!

    Megan, thanks (I know, I love how small my waist looks in that first pic)! I love the heels so much.

    'Doll, thank you! I am going to be looking in earnest come the new year. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    I like the new WW program - it's always bugged me that a banana is higher points than a 1 point processed bar. I feel like this program is finally going to nudge people towards eating more whole food and becoming more aware of what they put in their bodies. Change is good!

    Sal, you got it! Yeah, no more reprieves - and frankly, I'm done. Like, DONE. I am counting the hours.

    Steph, you are hilarious. I promise, when I'm tired of this bracelet (which will likely be in the next year), I will send it to you, okay? :) Thanks so much for your kind words! I couldn't let it end with a whimper.

    Kelly, thanks! Not bad for a $9.99 junker.

    Tat, thank you, m'dear! I do love my Sheila Shoes!

    Lorena, thank you so much, hon. :)

    Rita, oh, I have some fun outfits planned. Just wait. Thanks!

    Hee, he does - and in his tux too!

    Thanks, Audi - I liked the volume in the sleeves.

  13. You have great style - I love the pairing of the two graphic patterns! And the shoes are fabulous, obviously.

  14. Hi, Karen, thank you so much for commenting! I really appreciate it. Thanks - I like your style too (I checked out your blog). :)

  15. I love the classic colors and pattern mixing. I could never get away with that at work :)

  16. Thanks, Iris! Yeah, I am going to miss the freedom that I have here to pretty much wear what I want.

  17. New to your blog thanks to Style Underdog. I am loving the red high heels!! They are stunning and work perfectly with the tights. - Katy

  18. Thanks, and welcome, Katy! Glad to have you. :)

  19. NICE. Love the shoes. And Inigo is so cutely matchy with your polka dots! :)

  20. Thanks, Kristen! Hee, Inigo is a neutral pattern.


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