Thursday, December 9, 2010

Out With a Bang! - A Whole Lotta Frosting

Okay, have to make this quick as we have to eat dinner and go to our Strata AGM. The joy.

I was happy with this outfit. After all the cake and frosting discussion (and strangely, I am not craving cake AT ALL) yesterday, I resurrected this "cake" dress:
Can you believe I haven't worn this in a year? What's wrong with me? Clearly, I am deranged.

I enjoyed playing with layers with this - button-down shirts (this one was first worn here), once my sworn enemy, are now a staple for layering under my sweater dresses (and are good for showing off L's cufflink collection).
I felt too exposed in the middle (and lumpy) from the shirt, so I added the bustier over it (last seen for Hallowe'en - look out, costume pictures), and my bigass belt. I love the striped tights with the plaid.

Iced it all with the shiny shoes, two necklaces and the cufflinks:
This just didn't look right to me without all that blingy goodness.

The stuff:
The shoes were last worn in May with my groovy London dress (here). They are up high in my closet and I totally forgot about them!

The shiny stuff:
I've worn that pair of necklaces together for years.

The cufflinks are from the 50s-70s and feature hematite (known as "Alaska black diamond" back in the day, I believe).
They are stamped "Senator" which was by Sherman:

Dress (Vero Moda), shirt (Ann Taylor, thrifted), bustier (Le Chateau, consignment), tights (Filodoro), shoes (BCBGirls), necklaces (Plum and Jacob), earrings (Aldo Accessories), cufflinks (Senator by Sherman, vintage).


  1. Sheila this is marvelous layering !
    Seriously ever single piece was added so very cleverly.
    BTW I went to see two individual singers that had one show.
    If the tickets had not been free I would have not gone. The gal was from Puerto Rico - Olga Tanon and the dude was Colombian. Yawn.

  2. This is such a stellar display of layering! I love it all!

  3. Great cufflinks. You have style, lady!

    For Christmas, I asked for the coolest pair of cufflinks; they're sold by MLB. They're made of a piece of a baseball that was used in an actual baseball game. An identifying number on the links tells you which game they were used in and the links themselves are very attractive.

  4. Thanks, Lorena! Gee, it's like I planned it, hee hee.
    Ah, I hear ya - still, you looked fabulous.

    Alison, thanks!

    'Doll, I've never seen another one like this since. I do love it, though.

    Shy, thanks. Wow, those cufflinks sound amazing! I hope you get them! That's so cool.

  5. Every little piece of this outfit is great! And cufflinks? Complete winner :-)

  6. This is great outfit. The tights and cufflinks are such clever touches and it all works together so well. I love the palette too..what a marvelous cake composition!

  7. Super outfit - understated and overstated in one! Classic "you" :D

  8. What a great outfit and especially love the shoes!

  9. Thanks, Trystan! I am a huge cufflinks fan.

    Baxter, thank you! Cake for everyone!

    Thanks, Tat - I think you could recreate this pretty easily with your awesome dress collection.

    Hi, and thank so much for commenting, Donna! Thanks - I do love my funky shoes.

    Thanks, Northmoon!

  10. Go Sheila! A bustier for work? I love it. It works so well layered over the dress.

    I love hematite, it's a great stone. It's such a beautiful black stone.

  11. Megan, but of course! Always gotta push that envelope, right? I've worn this several times to work. I like hematite too.


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