Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Out With a Bang! - Soaked in Yellow

Two days to was my colleague Nick's last day. I worked with him for nearly five years - what a sweetie. I'm going to miss him. He's the creator of the ode to the infamous Yellow Boots, as first seen here.

Of course, I had to wear them today:
This is the second wearing of my brocade shirt (first seen here) and about the kazillionth time with the boots (seen here with links to the other wearings). I haven't worn the skirt in ages because the seam was coming undone in the back and it took me about a year to get around to hand-stitching it back up.

The skirt is "cake" (aka: a neutral basic), and the shirt and boots are "frosting" (aka: punchy accent or special pieces) - I love those terms for it! Steph explains more about that in her awesome post yesterday.
My tights (like my shirt) are bright red, not pink like they look here. Unfortunately, they popped a hole right that I could feel getting bigger and bigger all day. Buh-bye!

The stuff:
Man, I love yellow and red together. Yum!

The baubles:
My cuff that I got almost two years ago (for $3, regular $38.99 - score!) - it's a beautiful thick acrylic and it's nice and small, since most bracelets are huge on me.

Special Extra Bonus! I'm soaked!
I literally had just walked in the door and taken my picture (I took the above pics 10 minutes later). I'm dripping wet. Ah, winter on the West coast. Ya gotta love it.

Shirt (Le Chateau, consignment), skirt (Kensie), boots (Aldo, consignment), earrings (The Cobbler), cuff (thrifted).


  1. Cake / frosting - what a wonderful explanation! Esp. for goths, who tend to be alllll frosting. I've become a lot more cake bec. I realized it makes the frosting stand so much more.

    Red & yellow look great on you! Those boots are awesome :-)

  2. I never would have thought to combine the Chinese brocade with bright tall boots... friggin awesome!

    I'm not worthy! (To quote Wayne and Garth)

  3. Trystan, I know - so many lightbulbs went on when I read Steph's post. I also tend to all frosting, and less on the neutrals.
    Thanks so much! I love the boots.

    'Doll, thank you! The top doesn't have yellow in it, but it has a bit of tan that skews yellow. Ha, great quote!

  4. Re: Cake/Frosting - That's a really good way of thinking about clothing. I think ratio depends on the outfit for me. Some days need the extra frosting. (Although with real cake - I hate frosting! D= )

    This outfit is so bright! It's like a beacon in this dark and dreary time. Very jealous of that yellow cuff. I have similar issues finding ones that fit too.

  5. You are inspiring. Check out Chalkdust and Boots at She is also rocking a pair of yellow boots today. How often do tall, yellow, awesome boots happen in one day? I salute you StyleNation!

  6. Yellow boots, yellow boots! Love them.

    Cake/frosting is a very cool concept. I usually differentiate between a statement or a blank canvas piece, but this is describing something different. I'm going to have to start looking at my wardrobe in this light -- I think I am mostly cake and not nearly enough frosting.

  7. Those boots are magnificent! They're salty,warm, tasty, nourishing ... I'd call them a main course! A wonderful look.

  8. Yay! Thanks for the shout-out DM, and thanks vor visiting my blog, Sheila! Yay for bright yellow boots and also? Your cutie-pie cat is very similar in coloring to MY cutie-pie cat! Another example of our great minds and whatnot...

  9. I love those beautiful boots!

    (I am still trying to figure out the comment issue on IE on my blog. Sorry!)

  10. I'D love to see all of your colorful boots in a single post!

  11. This outfit is wonderful on it's own merits. But the story behind it - your sweet co-worker, the boot tribute, you using his last day to create an outfit specifically to speak to him and your's just wonderful. really, that's one of my most favorite parts of clothing and dressing.

    & Thank You for the mention, Sheila! i'm glad so many people find the cake/frosting concept helpful - i found out about it in a book by Jesse Garcia and Joe Lupo. Trystan makes a really good point - the right cake can provide a perfect frame for your frosting....have a great day, everybody!! steph

    p.s. my word is 'shists' - a geological/scatalogical combo term. hope i don't mis-type ; )

  12. It's so hard to comment because all I want to do is click back and bask in the awesomeness of this look. You are gorgeous and a superhero of winning cake/frosting combinations.

  13. Megan, isn't it awesome? I am heavy on the frosting in my wardrobe, that's for sure! I am not a fan of cake/frosting in real cake terms, though (I'd rather have dark chocolate).
    Thanks! I felt great in this all day yesterday. And yes, why don't they make smaller bracelets??

    D-Meds, thank you! I love her boots - Fluevogs, of course. It's the Yellow Concordance.

    Kristen, me too! Isn't cake/frosting awesome? Such a good way to think about the roles our clothes play. I am opposite: lots of frosting, not as much cake.

    Baxter, yum, like soup! Thanks!

    C&B, you're most welcome! Aw, how cool that we both are yellow-booted and cute-catted! I must peruse your blog some more to find cat pictures.

    LaHdM, thanks! No problem - I can usually hover around until I find it. :)

    Sal, I really only have two pairs of coloured boots (yellow and shiny red) - the rest are black and shades of brown. It just seems like I have more.

    Steph, thank you! He's such a sweetheart - I wanted to remind him of all the good times we had. It's one of my favourite things too: using clothes to evoke memories, or a mood.
    You are very welcome, darlin'! It was such an awesome post - glad you found the authors! Yes, she's right - you need to have a little cake to hang that frosting on.
    Hee, those verification words can be fun.

    A-Dubs, thanks, you're too kind. :) Actually, the red and yellow (esp. the legs) felt very Wonder Woman!

  14. This is a great outfit, and I love that you wore the yellow boots for your admiring co-worker's last day. I'm going to read the cake-frosting post now, because I've been thinking all week that my closet needs more . . . frosting.

  15. Thanks, Kelly! He very much appreciated them.
    Enjoy Steph's post - it's excellent. Woo, I'm all about the frosting!

  16. OMG how well you rock those YELLOW BOOTS! I want them..Yellow is my fave color and someone else has them too? This is really too much for me!

  17. Paula, thank you so much! I adore yellow - but Chalkdust's are totally different. Hers are Fluevogs.


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