Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An Unexpected Reprieve

Would you believe...?

After I spent the morning trying not to audibly sniffle at my desk as I drafted goodbye emails to send tomorrow to my coworkers and colleagues, and to my outside customers/vendors (I Bcc them all, of course, good etiquette)...

After I sent out an email to all my close friends telling them to delete my email...

After I went for my last lunchtime walk, and saw harbour seals, and it rained and I did my last set of stairs...

After I transferred all my files to my supervisor and informed my "in progress" clients whom to deal with...
My boss arrives, calls me into the office and asks me to stay another month.

Seriously, that messes with my mind! I was so psychologically ready, you know? I'm not complaining at all - and yes, I said yes! it's good money! - but jeez, that messes with my mind.

At least I looked good for it:
You can't see the teal cami peeking out at the top and through the buttons of the cardi, but it's there. I wore the yellow cardi (last seen here) to cheer myself up (it's my happy colour), my workhorse tweed skirt, and my groovy new teal tights:
Hee, leg on table. They are more teal than that - they look blue there.

The stuff:
Gosh, that yellow is such a glorious marigold colour. I swear this picture wasn't blurry when I saw it on the camera (I blame the computer).

The baubles:
I am such a detail person. I love intricate detail and attention to the smallest things. See all the peace signs on the bracelet?

And check out the backs:
Double "Love"...and pretty design, chrysanthemum and a partial fish!

Cardigan (Future Paradise, consignment), cami (Smart Set), skirt (Kensie), tights (Voila), belt (Nygaard), shoes (Pink Studio), jewelry (Lucky Brand).


  1. How does it feel to be there for another month? I'm sure it's a mix of emotions. If nothing else, it means that they really value you! The teal tights are great!

  2. Congrats! That's some good news. Although I agree it's kindof a WTF moment finding that out.

    Oooh those shoes are so cute! The tights really add a punch to your outfit. You're making me want to put another order into sockdreams or stop by target.

  3. You look great for it girl! Love the colour combo.

    That is some serious mind messing, but money is always good.

    p.s. I ordered the shoes tonight. Thanks for your suggestion.

  4. Great news, Sheila. I hope that this will give you some added time to find something permanent!

  5. What great news! I love the color of your cardi. I've been seeing it everywhere lately and need to track some down for myself.

  6. Woo-hoo! It's great news, though I bet you were looking forward to some extra sleep in the mornings... Part of you probably was.
    Lovely yellow cardi, happy color. And the tights! I wish I had the guts to wear tights like that.

  7. It's like "Goodbye, cruel world!" followed by "Just kidding!"

  8. Great that you've got some extra time :-D but pants that you've got to do the whole " last time....." thing again! (not for us, I lived your "last walk" post, but for you)

    Now then, we need to see some serious outfits for this last month - out-quirk yourself :-)

  9. OMG! Take the money and run, Sheila -- but unless you re-connect mentally there, I would not recommend staying past this extra month. Keep up your search and your chin; like you said it's a lot of mixed emotions to stay on, and that won't go away right away.

    To absolutely blunt: a company that decides last-minute not to cut you loose after letting say goodbye to everyone...doesn't really have your best interests at heart. But they need you and they are going to pay you, so take the paychecks, work hard, and keep looking.

    I love the mustard so much. The whole outfit was awesome.

  10. Great news Sheila ... hope you find something else real soon, but at least it's more moola in your bank account.

    Those earrings are divine and the peace signs on your bracelet ... too funky.

    Due to the gorgeous Fluevogs you always feature, I spent A.G.E.S. yesterday trying to find some in SA - just no such luck!! Importing would be insanely expensive ... so, I'm holding out in hopes that I'll get to visit the Americas and then boy oh boy, I'll be spending all my 'spending' money on a pair or two or three.

    Have a fab day

  11. Arrgh!!! I'd be going crazy getting that close to gone, then having to rework my emotions to stay!

    However it sounds like a good thing, and a boost for you moral. They just can't get along without you that easily!!

  12. Wow, talk about messing with your head! Good luck with everything at work. You're right you were totally stylin' but, I'm sure you'll keep it up :)

  13. That unexpected news was sure to play with your emotions. We can adjust to things, even bad ones, but unexpected change is hard. I know what you mean. Hang in there.

  14. goodness- talk about having to flip your switch!!! congrats to you on staying another month-bet it made you feel good to be asked to stay.

    just bought a marigold/mustardy tank to wear under grey, purple, rust and forest green cardis and jackets- i so love that color and think it plays well with others. Off to see what teal i can pair it with. maybe some red as well

  15. Wow! That kind of throws you through a loop for sure! But at least it gives you a chance to relax a little and continue your search with a little more comfort and less worry.

  16. That's great news, albeit not the best way to find out.

    I like all the colors you have in this outfit, and I especially like the tights! I really need to start building a nice patterned tight collection like yours.

  17. That's wonderful news, although I can imagine that it would be rather disconcerting to have said your goodbyes and then be asked to say.

    I love the tights!

  18. Woo hoo! I know it must have been an emotional roller coaster, but what a relief to have a bit more time!

  19. Wow, that is a real emotional edit.
    It sounds like you're doing well, though!
    I think your plans for the end of the year are spot-on, as most businesses are just riding out their calendar year, trying not to spend money and nothing really gets accomplished, anyway.
    (And the mustard and teal are an inspired combination!)

  20. Woot! Roller coaster, though. for sure.

    I love this entire outfit and find myself wondering what color the tights really are. Also: the shoes, my lands!

  21. Cara, it feels really weird. Thanks!

    Fashion Flirt, thank you - and thanks very much for reading and commenting.

    Thanks, Megan. I'm still feeling mixed emotions. I've worn the shoes a few times, but I like them with the teal tights.

    Thanks, Tizzy!

    Thanks, Jen, yeah, it was odd. Cool! You must post a picture! I've been eyeing those too - what colour did you order?

    Kari, me too. Fingers crossed.

    Thanks, Charlotte - thank you for commenting too! I adore pretty much any shade of yellow.

    Thanks, Tanya, yes, I was! Thanks so much - try tights with knee-high boots and a knee-length skirt if you feel self-conscious. Not much will show.

    Wendy, exactly! Jerk me around!

    Tat, yeah...I know! It'll be different this time. Yes, I'll be pulling out the big guns for the next month!

    Kristen, no, not going to stay longer - I'm going to do as little as possible and take the money! The company...is the company. I know how they are, and it's not about the people - I can accept that. I know they value me, but I'm not in the long-range plan. Thank you for your (always) sound advice, hon.

    Wendy, not likely before Christmas - it's such a dead time. The money is good, though! Thank you - aw, too bad about the 'Vogs, that sucks. I hope you can find something similar.

    Northmoon, I know! I felt like I'd been punched. Honestly, I think it was my positive attitude towards the whole lay-off thing. It pays off.

    Iris, totally. Thank you so much.

    Ralph, yes, it really messed with me. I'm not so good at surprises! Thank you.

    Alecia, yeah, it did feel good...but at the same time...dang, I was looking forward to sleeping in! Oh nice, I hope you enjoy your mustard/marigold. :) It goes with so much!

    Yeah, Alison, it sure did. I'll keep on looking - having a bit more $$ is nice.

    Anne (you changed your icon!), thanks - I agree, but the Boss is not based in this city and it was his decision. Thanks so much! There are lots of "buy 1, get 1" sales right now on tights.

    LaHdeM, thanks, and thank goodness I hadn't sent the goodbye emails!

    Sal, yes, it is a relief, thanks!

    Rita, I'm grateful to have an outlet like this blog to air this stuff - you guys really help me. :) Yes, I'm going to start hitting the pavement heavily in the new year. Thanks!

    Kelly (you changed your name!), thanks! The tights are a dark teal (a greeny-blue). The shoes are several months old - I've worn them lots.

  22. Yay ! money for Christmas !
    But sure it messes up your mind.
    I have to say, dude why, why wait UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE to tell you ?
    I am sure the boss knew at least a week ago.

  23. Lorena, yeah, the money part is good. I know! But my boss works in another country and he wanted to ask me in person.

  24. Hi Sheila,

    I just subscribed to your blog a few days ago and it's already one of my very favourites! Congratulations on the writing, the photography, the approachability, it's just great. Oh, and on the job extension too!

    AND, I have to say the shoes in this post may be the most fabulous shoes ever.


  25. Hi, and welcome, Rachelle! Thank you so much for reading and subscribing, and for your very kind words.

    Heh, those are pretty wicked shoes...but I have a lot of shoes. ;)



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