Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fancy Outfit, a Casual Outfit and Book Blurbs

We went to a special event at the Art Gallery on Friday night. As usual, it was full of arty types (many being obnoxious twits) - I enjoy wandering through the Gallery and checking out the exhibits, but my favourite thing is checking out all the outfits. I spotted 12 pretentious hats and one hat worn non-ironically (our friend Ross, who wears his ball cap everywhere).

I decided to go with black, even though 90% of the women there also wear it. Last time, I wore a very bold outfit, but the time before I did black as well. This is my 3rd wearing of this dress in 3 years (last time here, with pants). That's pretty pathetic, but it's a tricky dress to wear. You can't do a necklace because of the funnel neckline, it's REALLY short, and its's 100% wool, so no stretch. Not exactly versatile.

I do regret walking the 3 blocks to and from the Gallery. My feet really hurt by the end of the night, and no amount of fancy cocktails numbed that.

Dress (Studio Holt Renfrew, consignment), shoes (JLo), earrings/ring (Lavishy).

What I wore to Weight Watchers yesterday: I also wore it out for lunch and for a wee shop around town with L (I bought my winter supply of tights). I wore my black leather jacket overtop.

Sweater (Press), skirt (Jacob Connexion, consignment), tights (Hue), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, gift from Cat), scarf (Metrowear).

I finally finished my book yesterday, and read another comic: Magic Teeth Dailies #37 by Gareth Kyle Gaudin, and "Farewell Summer" by Ray Bradbury. Magic Teeth Dailies #37
I have been collecting Gareth's daily comics pretty much from the beginning (I bought issues 1-4 at the same time, and have been picking up the rest since they've been published). I am a big fan of the Perogy Cat, and of Gareth, who is a nice guy (as is his lovely wife and mum, both of whom I know, although I have not yet met his daughter, Enid). All of my copies are signed by Gareth when I buy them, and a few of them have personal inscriptions to me. Someday, they'll be worth something!

Stats: Read this in about 30 minutes November 7, 2010.

Blurb: Same as the other MTDs, the cartoons are typically one-offs. Hilariously foul, inappropriate and funny as heck. Love.

Farewell Summer
I have been a fan of Ray Bradbury since I was a kid. I have 25 of Mr. Bradbury's books and love most of them.

Stats: Hardcover, 210 pages. Started Oct 19th, finished Nov 7, 2010.

Blurb: This is the 50 years later sequel to "Dandelion Wine" the now-classic coming-of-age book that Bradbury is probably best known for. It's a pretty slim sequel (apparently it was originally part of "Dandelion Wine" and his publishers told him to drop this section), but as viewed as part of DW it makes more sense than if read alone. Although I love the feel of his books, this was not his best.

I fall into Bradbury's language and cadence very easily (he is a big influence on my own creative writing), and blasted through this in about an hour yesterday. The only reason it took me so long to finish is that I have been doing crossword puzzles before bed instead of reading.


As I will be officially out of work next week, and not dressing up on a daily basis as much, I'm open for questions, suggestions and requests! Tell me what you'd like to see, throw some questions at me, and I'll do my best to create an outfit, answer your request or address your burning questions in a post!


  1. Sheila, I'd love to see you keeping up with daily outfit posts! Being a student working from home, with only 1 day a week in an office, it's hard getting up every day and putting something together. I completely get the concern about keeping up the blog, so if your outfit posts drop in frequency, I won't complain. However, I'd love to see how you do non-office daily wear! I could use the inspiration!

  2. Love how the black dress showcases the purple tights!

    I'd like to see the nutty stuff even you couldn't get away with at the office....

  3. Ooh, I love your casual outfit! Those tights are fantastic!

  4. Well, if you are going to embrace the shortness of it, you might as well go for broke with some killer heels and colored tights! Well done.

    For your first week of being out of work, I would love to see you embrace it whole hog: what will you wear now that you can wear anything you want? Even if it's just sweatpants one day (but I hope it isn't, LOL) I want to see you bust out the casual stuff for a week.

    But JUST a week. Don't want to get too comfortable with that for long! :)

  5. Cara, oh, I plan to! I just don't want to bore everyone to death with my "house wear." :) I'll do some casual stuff.

    Thanks, 'Doll! Request noted. Hmmm...I have some bizarre stuff in my closet.

    Thanks, Anne!

    Kristen, it actually felt very covered and comfortable. Thanks!

    Okay, I will do a week-long series for you. :)

  6. I love the patterned tights!!

    I agree with everyone else - bust out some fun stuff. Dress for yourself, no holds barred.

    If you have to scale back in posts, well, it happens. I just hope you still stick around.

  7. Wow, way to show that black doesn't have to be boring. That dress is really elegant, but it's short length keeps in fun and funky!
    And that pumpkin skirt? Adore!

  8. It's obviously a concern that you are about to be out of work but I hope you can use the freedom to do something really interesting with your life...think of all that free time (and don't worry about the money - you are resourceful and clever with your wardrobe so I am sure you are in the rest of your life too!) I would love you to showcase some of the stuff from the more outre end of your wardrobe. Love, Fay x
    p.s. I too drop off to sleep whilst planning outfits!

  9. i'm all for you keeping up with daily outfit posts -as you know, i'm big on people expressing their style in all different arenas of their life.

    and a 'wear whatever you can't normally get away with' week would be FANTASTIC!!!

    i have more ideas for you (hee hee hee) but want them to be coherent before i present them to you....perfect gallery opening choice! and 'one hat worn non-ironically'!!! HA!! have a good day Sheila, steph

  10. I feel awful, I have read ONE BOOK THIS YEAR.
    But thank you for making me aware of that :)
    I really like that outfit you wore to Weight Watchers...
    I wish we had that program here.

  11. Thanks, Megan! Those are my nice wooly ones. I do get away with a lot of crazy stuff at work, but I'll see what I can put together. I don't plan to scale back, but I won't be wearing outfits that are as dressy.

    Thanks, Vanessa! I love the orange too.

    Fay, yes, I'll find lots to do, I'm sure. Looks like everyone wants to see the really outrageous stuff!

    Thanks, Faith!

    Steph, I do plan on doing daily outfit posts (ha, you'll get to see what I wear around the house!), and it looks like everyone wants to see the crazy stuff I put together. I'd welcome more ideas! Thanks so much!

  12. Fancy outfit: Yowza (not a term I use lightly)! You look fantastic in this. It's too bad it's not more versatile because you wear it well. Nice gams!

    Casual outfit: Love the tights and the flats with this. Unexpected but totally working.

  13. u look sexy on the first picture! :)

  14. Thanks, D-Meds! I should probably wear this more than once every 2 years, eh? Thank you!

    Ha, thanks, Nilcha!


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