Thursday, November 18, 2010

Marigold Repeat and Snakes

Even though it hasn't even been a week, I'm wearing this sweater again:
Reason? I only wore it for a few hours on Friday night, the restaurant was dark and dammit, no one saw it. Yes, I'm vain - I have a fashion blog, ha ha! I have no issue with that.

I almost forgot about this skirt - it is one of my favourites and I've only had it a year (last worn here, with links to previous wears). I have a lot of skirts in my closet, so sometimes they get lost in there.

It's a bit hard to tell, but I'm wearing purple tights. Of course.
Inigo and I have a moment.

The stuff:
My fab shortie cowboy boots.

The punky stuff:
Snakes abound! My vintage 80s (*choke* I can't believe I just called the 80s "vintage") ring and pin. I pinned the snake brooch over the tab on the collar of the sweater.

Sweater (Pria), skirt (Le Chateau), boots (Miz Mooz), belt (Jacob), cuff (old), ring (80s), pin (gift from Mom & Dad, 80s).


  1. I love your skirt! It's gorgeous. I also really like the hard touches (the wrist cuff, the boots) with the ├╝ber feminine floral. Nicely done!

  2. The totally awesome sweater is purrrrfect with the totally awesome skirt. Hey, I have a wine tasting tomorrow. I think that is the purfect opportunity to get out the burgundy boots, yay! When are you going to wear your new studded combat style boots again?? I can't wait to see them with the studs out!

  3. You're totally right: no one really saw it closely the first time. Plus, look how great this sweater looks on you. And, check out how curvy you're looking in this ensemble.

    Also, seriously? You actually have stuff you kept from the 80s? That's awesome.

  4. I lust that skirt!! That outfit is definitely repeat-worthy!

  5. I LOVE those tights. The color is beautiful, especially with the yellow sweater and colorful skirt. Perfection.

  6. Awww a cat cuddle!!

    Love this skirt, it looks so good with purple tights.

  7. oh pookie! inigo looks especially wuvable in that photo - and how long is that tail!

    hehe, i'm all about repeating! great sweater, it looks wonderful on you, and this outfit has a completely different feel from the previous marigold sweater one. brava!! have a fun friday, steph

  8. You have the funkiest accessories !
    I think that your accessories are one of the things that define the way you dress and they are just so natural on you..
    I love that you don't care about wearing the same top only a few days apart. I like doing it for laundry purposes mostly - oh and that skirt has got to be one of my favorites !

  9. Love the shape of that skirt--I can see why its one of your fave's. And don't you just hate it when its too dark and you're looking good???
    I wore purple tights the other day; love em!

  10. 'Doll - I love my snake jewelry, thanks.

    Fashion Flirt, thank you! I like to mix punky elements with girly stuff.

    Alison, thanks! tasting! you should definitely break out the boots, girl! I was going to wear the combat boots today, but they didn't look right when I put them on with my outfit - it will be soon! I promise.

    A-Dubs, exactly, only Style Nation! I like my curves, so woot! Yes, I kept a lot of my fave accessories from the 80s. I wish I'd kept some of my wacky clothes!

    Wendy, you did! You did see a puddytat.

    Freeda, thanks!

    Emma, thanks! They are not quite as dark in real life.

    Northmoon, I can always count on you when I post a kitty picture. :). Thanks so much!

    Steph, I know, isn't he sweet? I tend not to repeat my "good" clothes, but I repeat my casual wear (the house stuff) quite a lot. My Friday is a whole lot more fun now that my dentist appointment is done with.

    Thanks, Lorena! What a nice thing to say. :) I like to get a few wears out of a lot of my clothes before I wash them - most of the time I just air them out (we don't have the humidity here like you do, so it's safe for me to do that) between wears. I love the skirt too - such a gorgeous pattern.

    fashionoverfifty - thank you so much for commenting! I checked out your blog but I can't leave comments (I'm at work). :) Thank you for your kind words. Yeah, I hate it when I have a rockin' outfit and no one sees. I saw your purple tights - awesome!

  11. Good Lord, that sweater was made for that skirt, wasn't it?


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