Monday, November 1, 2010

Grey Monday (and a Bit of Leftover Weekend)

Hey, all, I didn't get the job. Not even after 5 interviews. Back to the drawing board. Now, I'm not fishing for sympathy, but I'm really bummed. So if I seem a little's 'cause I am. Thanks for understanding.

When I didn't hear last week, I thought that wasn't a good sign, but I decided to really "fake it till you feel it" this week. My current work is pretty sucky (I have a week left before I'm officially out of work), so I need to cheer myself up from the outside in.

Today, pink and flowers (not grey - that's my mood):
Very girly. Do I look cheery? Not really - I got soaked on the way to work today (it's rainy season on the West coast).

My thrifted dress I wore here before, my workhorse brown boots. Pretty simple.

The stuff:
I love those boots.

A close-up:

Dress (BCBG Max Azria, thrifted), cami (Jackpot), necklace (consignment), earrings (don't remember), boots (Roberto Vianni).

Forgot about this outfit from the weekend:
Comfy and nice for lunch (and weighing in - the skirt is feather light).

Top (Oxmo), cami (Esprit), skirt (Marc D'Alcy), boots (Le Chateau, thrifted), belt (Anne Klein pour Caleche, consignment), necklace (Foxy).


  1. Booo! I'm so bummed for you. I'll have my fingers crossed that something even better comes along for you soon!

    That thrifted dress is fantastic!

  2. Sheila it might be a gray Monday but remember that after that gray and that rain you are going to get a gorgeous sunshine ...
    I love that flower printed dress...

  3. Lots of hugs and support! I'm sorry you got strung along. Something else will come along though!

    I love the blue top - it's such a cheery color.

    Sorry to hear about all the rain. We've been getting a bit, but mostly warm afternoons and then really cold evenings. Making it nearly impossible to get dressed for all day.

  4. Wow - that's just horrible! Sheila, my heart goes out to you!

    I do love the pattern on that dress though! It reminds me of buttons!

  5. Aww I am so sorry to hear about the job. Best of luck moving forward, I know the right opportunity will come.

  6. Oh Sheila. I'm so sorry. That sucks, to get your hopes up with so many interviews. Keep at it you will find a good fit. Sometimes when I was looking for a job I wished I could call them up and ask them why they turned me down. I know it won't be too long and you'll be interviewing again. Hang in there.

  7. You have my condolences. I spent 4 months this year freelancing because I had been laid off. I know the pangs of disappointment.

    I am reminded of a post a couple years ago when you sad if you're feeling sad and blue, wear a dress. Nicely done.

  8. Sorry to hear about the job Sheila :( That's crazy that it didn't work out even after all those interviews. I hope you can find something else very soon!

    Your outfit does look really cheery though, even if that's not how you feel, so hopefully that helps a little.

  9. Oh, well that just plain SUCKS. I'm sorry you didn't get it. That was kind of a dirty trick, what with the 5 interviews and everything. It's their loss, as I'm sure you know in your heart.
    This just means that there is something better cooking out there for you! The universe has a way of sneaking in good stuff, you know? It's concocting something right now- just keep looking.
    (although I know it's hard to get your spirit back again after what feels like a big ol' slap down.) I'll be sending you good vibes! (oooh- and have you ever read Rob Brezsny's book "Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia"? Some of it might be a smidge over the top, but it really can help elevate your mood. And it's pretty hilarious, too...)

  10. Oh Sheila, that sucks :-( they don't know what they're missing!

    You look fabulous, that dress is lovely.

    Shoulders back, lipstick on - the perfect job is just around the corner and you want to be looking amazing when you bump into it :-)


  11. So sorry, Sheila - job hunting is awful. I really admire you keeping a positive attitude. Your next job is out there somewhere! Meanwhile your cheery dress is gorgeous - you look very feminine and upbeat. Good luck in your search - hope you have happy news soon.

  12. Well, that is just not right. They took an awful lot of your time up to decide that and I know they got your hopes up. I hope you have better luck & soon.

  13. I'm so sorry to hear this. After five interviews! This borders on unethical and probably they are horrible to work for and would not value your time or your mad skillz. Clearly you were overqualified and way, way too good for them.

    This dress-and-boot combo is lovely. You have got the fiercest collection of boots!

  14. POOP! Want me to bust some heads? Just say the word.

  15. I am so sorry to hear about the missed job opp- hugs to you. Had been wondering about you since you usually post on sundays about the weekend. You look fabulous-loving those brown boots.

  16. I feel for you, Sheila. I lost my job after 30 years with the same company when my beloved boss of 17 years retired. They tossed me aside like I had the plague. After 8 months and 75 applications I was only interviewed for 5 positions. Landed one at a large family foundation - and then got calls from the other four places offering me positions that weren't even in existence when I interviewed with them. Remember - it's really NOT about YOU. The employment situation has nothing to do with who you are a person at all. It's the economy.

    Much love, dear.

    - Nan in Minneapolis

  17. Ah, damn. I had my hopes up for you.

    Something else will pop up. You're too talented to stay out of the workforce. In the meantime, re-tool your skills and enjoy the free time.

  18. aw hell. the thing that burns me most about this flippin' economy is that people like you, who work hard and put in tons of effort and are smart and careful and etc., end up taking the hits from the actions taken by people up top who screwed up Big Time but get bailed out. (those in finance who caused this bloody mess, in case you're wondering.)

    well, we have faith in you and know it's not due to anything you are or did (there's a bad and good to that, but... you can hold your head up high). take care and keep at it!

    you look so pretty in that's simple and it really sets off your skin, hair, and figure. Lucky L!!! ; ) steph

  19. I am so sorry to hear that you didn't get the job. I'm with Sal, just say the word...

  20. The boots are out-of-sight! And so great with that dress.... Sheila, you are looking SO good. You wouldn't need to wear light clothes to weigh in, but that outfit was classy, too.

    I'm bummed about the job thing. Like one of the other comments says, "It's not about you--it's the economy!" (That doesn't make it feel any better, thought, does it?)

    Praying for a good outcome in the right place at the best time.

  21. Also, I LOVE that dress, and it looks super on you- accentuates all of your assets! Fierce boots, too!
    You go take 'em by storm, girl-

  22. Thank you, everyone, for your very kind words and thoughts. I'm thinking of sending out Sal and Jen as my Brute Squad. ;-)

    LaHdeM, thanks, hon. I know something will come along - but for now...sad.

    Lorena, thank you so much - you're right, sunshine will come.

    Thanks, Megan (*hugs*). Rain is our liquid sunshine - it keeps everything green here. I don't mind it...except when it pours hard.

    Thanks, 'Doll!

    Thank you, Cara. I like the dress too.

    Thanks, Bianca.

    Alison, thank you, hon. Yeah, I was trying not to get my hopes up, but it's hard NOT to when you have that many interviews! I did go back and ask if they had any feedback for me for the future (we'll see if they answer!).

    Thanks, Cat - it sucks. Ha, that's such a good motto! And it's very true - nothing like a dress to cheer one up.

    Thanks, Anne - I know! So frustrating. I think I'm doing okay at faking it. ;)

    Rita, thank you, sweetie. I know, it's their loss - it's a tough company to get into, though, and I knew that. Something else will come - and it looks like I'll be able to enjoy a well-deserved break. Thank you for the good vibes and the book recommendation!

    Thanks, Tat - I agree! I need to buck up and carry on. *hug* back atcha.

    Baxter, thanks, yes, it is brutal. Thanks so much for your good thoughts.

    Cynthia, I know...but I have to look on the bright side. I got some good experience in interviewing and I know I at least made a good enough impression to get as far as I did. Thank you!

    D-Meds, thanks, hon. Actually, they are one of the top companies in Canada to work I'm proud of myself for getting this far. I did interview for 3 separate jobs, so I wouldn't call it unethical. I do think I was not quite the right fit with my skills for them, though. Thank you! I do love my boots.

    Sal! Yes, lovely, that is exactly what I need. Please bust some heads and knock some sense into these people. Sheesh.

    Alecia, thanks, sweetie. Hugs back.

    Thank you, Nan in Minneapolis :). I can't imagine how awful that was for you...and thank you for the reminder to step back and take a breath. It's not about me, you're right.

    Thanks, Ralph - me too! I will do just that. :)

    Steph, thank you - it's been hard to watch my company transfer my department, knowing that I worked so hard here. I appreciate your kind words and sentiments. It is so good to know that you are pulling for me. I'll get good news eventually. Heh, poor L doesn't get to see me in most of my outfits - he reads my blog the next day!

    Jen, thank you - and as I said to Sal, yes, please go mess with them. :)

  23. Phooey. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get the job.

    The floral dress is a great antidote to grey weather, and I love the v-belt in the weekend outfit!

  24. Reading these comments, I just realized how many good friends you have, Sheila, and how much they care about you. I hope that's some consolation and that their support sustains you.

  25. Ralph, it's one of the best things about the internet: it brings so many amazing people to you. I am so grateful for the caring people I have met. Including you, of course! :)

  26. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that the job didn't work out. :(

    I recently had something similar happen, but in my case I also knew it was VERY much a long shot prior to the interview & wasn't surprised. That's harder when you have had multiple interviews and have a lot to hope for. I hope that they will keep you in consideration for other positions in the future - they must have a good impression of you for bringing you in for so many rounds! It's just such an ultra-competitive market right now...

  27. Oh, Sheila, I am so sorry this one didn't work out! That is just the worst feeling, investing all that time and hope into it -- five interviews after all would lead to some basic assumptions -- and then it not turning into a job. Ugh. That stinks, hon.

    If you are planning on moving to the States, I would hire you in a minute! And I do have an opening... :) Anyway, like Nan said, it's not you, it's the economy. Don't lose faith in yourself, and when you are ready, dust yourself off and keep on applying. Your next job is out there, waiting for you! You just have to find it. Good luck!

  28. Thanks, Kari, it was pretty disappointing. However, something will eventually come along.

    Kristen, thank you, hon. I really appreciate your encouragement.

  29. So sorry to hear that, Sheila. I'm going to look at it this way: It may not have had a positive result, but really it was a very positive situation. They interviewed you 5 times because you are obviously a good catch. You're impressive enough that you got these interviews right off the bat with no down time yet from your current job. I think that this really speaks to a promising job hunt for you. So many people haven't even gotten that far that quickly in this economy. So I think that this means you are so awesome and such a prize catch that you will get snatched up by another company very soon. Good luck!

  30. Tina, I love your spin on this - thank you so much! I am going to try to think of it that way. You rock!


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