Friday, November 5, 2010

Last Casual Friday - Green and Purple (With Sparkles)

Oooh, I'm tired today. I ate too much Thai food and then drank too much wine - however, I do not regret (but I'm not ashamed to whine a bit, hee)!

The lovely Audi gave me a shout-out for my graphic tee layering 'uniform' yesterday. And what did I wear today? I wonder...
This is such an easy look for me now, I could do it in my sleep. I actually plan outfits when I'm trying to fall asleep; the mental voyage through my wardrobe and thinking about what I want to wear is very soothing to me. It's creative, not stressful, and it relaxes me to the point where I usually doze off pretty quickly.

This outfit is my grassy-green long-sleeved tee, my sparkly tee (I like that it has purple, green and yellow "gems" on it), my jean skirt and my purple belt. Everyone needs a purple belt, don't you think? Added tights and my low olive/brown boots for comfort and walking.

A close-up of the top half, since I didn't do a "stuff" picture this morning:
I've strung a purple crystal, my "S" charm and a silver key on the chain.

I layered my tights as well:
I'm wearing bright purple with olive green fishnets over top (yes, I know there's a hole in the fishnets, but I don't want to give these up!). And yes, my leg is on a table.

Tonight we're going to a "do" at the Art Gallery with a bunch of friends. My friend's husband is part of a multi-media exhibit. Yay! Dress up clothes! Hmmm...what should I wear??

Long-sleeved tee (Plum), tee (Lisa International), skirt (InWear, consignment), belt (Brave Beltworks), boots (Hispanitas, consignment).


  1. I hear you about the "too much wine"... hence the lack of outfit post on my blog!!

    I love the necklace you've paired with that shirt!

  2. Love green and purple! The tee is really cute.

    I'm planning a layered tight look at some point. I really love how you layer woven tights over solid ones.

    You can pretend the hole in the fishnets just adds a little grungey chic. Lol!

  3. Back in the day, I have actually mended my fishnet tights... a well-placed stitch or two will save them from further damage and be difficult to detect.

    Love the T!

  4. Huge fan of green and purple together, as you can see from my Marie Antoinette ring!

  5. I love Graphic Tee Friday. I hope you keep it up even after. Don't let yourself get too far away from your routines! :)

  6. I told you them's walkin' boots!

    Tights and net stockings layered is a look I love to wear. It can be bold or subtle. I'd have a hard time giving up the green net too.

  7. Great look. I really like the mixing of the casual and "glam" elements, a look that you do so well.
    Your legs are looking grand in those layered tights.

  8. Layered tights!? Yet another adventure for me to tackle!

  9. I'm new to your site and just became a follower!
    Love green and purple too, actually, love color period! I also love orange and purple~
    Love your style~

  10. wonderful tee! i love the way you show it off in this outfit while keeping it casual. & us 'holy girls' gotta stick together : )

    i like your 'portrait' pic. it's nice to see your sweet smile! have a fun weekend, steph

  11. First, I love your ourfits and humours (I myself am trying to catch up with Canadienne spelling. I assume it is British, right?)

    Second, I have to tell you that jobloss is painful and serious but it might be the chance you (at least I) would have dreamed for years to have your own time out of the grinding work days yearning for freedom and vacation. For the kind of job I have it took me long to get the securejo after my graduation over. It was like nightmare to my husband according to him. He thought I missed a lot of nice things around because my focus was on the interviews rejedcted and interviews to come and worries obout another possible (not real yet and possibly the final acceptance) rejection and the possible application and so on.

    Carpe Diem.

    By the way Canadian western area is a place I would like to travel some time in future.

    All the best wishes!

  12. Oh layering tights? How insanely clever of you! Must copy, stat!
    Just found your blog through a comment you posted on Lawyerdoll. I am loving all the color you use and your funky/effortless style!

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. I've been traveling and out of commission with a sprained wrist so I missed the news that you didn't get the job. I'm so sorry! 5 interviews with one company sure sounded positive. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  15. ok. finally this topic emerges!

    "...I actually plan outfits when I'm trying to fall asleep; the mental voyage through my wardrobe..."

    so. do you actually have your entire wardrobe MEMORIZED to the point where you can just lazily 'flip thru the pages' as you wait for mr. sandman to do his thang?

    one of the reasons i focus on a small amount of clothes is because if i can't see it, it may as well be somewhere in Shanghai, under a pile of ramen noodle boxes...there's no way i can keep track in my head. i had a friend in college, AMAZING style, she would literally wear 5 separate, fully realized outfits EACH DAY. she had boxes and piles of clothes everywhere but she could find anything she wanted instantly. blew my mind.

    is it like that for you? (but nice and neat, obviously!)

    so - how do you keep track? enquiring minds....steph

  16. Ha, Cara, glad I'm not the only one! Thanks!

    Megan, me too, thanks! I love the look of layered tights - yes, that's what I'm hoping people will think of the hole, hee hee.

    'Doll, well, if I weren't so lazy...hee. Thanks!

    Thanks, Wendy - oh, I love that ring. Me want.

    Thansks, Kristen! I will - it's one of my weekend mainstays. I know, I'm very much a routine kind of gal.

    Jen, ha, yes, you are right. I searched high and low for a replacement pair, but no luck.

    Rad, thank you.

    Rebecca - go for it! It's really nice and warm.

    Paula, thank you so much for reading, commenting and following - I really appreciate it. I love colour too! Thank you!

    Steph, thank you. Ha, I hate having holes in my tights, but I'm not giving them up until I have to! Thank you. :)

    Hi, Grace, thank you so much for reading and commenting. Yes, Canadian spelling follows the British usually. Thank you for your reminder to appreciate the good things, even if I'm finding being out of work stressful. Western Canada is gorgeous - you should definitely visit. Thank you!

    Ralph, I'm going to delete your comment, since I don't want you to have your email floating around out there. :) I've emailed you. This is the best way to reach me - I don't publish my email anywhere.

  17. Aw, Jody, you poor thing! I hope you are feeling better. Thanks so much for your kind words - it's okay. I know something good will come along.

    Steph, I am sorry to disappoint: I do not have my entire wardrobe memorized, although it's probably close. :) I will let you in on one of my shopping habits: I have a shopping quiz that I give myself whenever I'm seriously considering buying something new.

    1. What are 6 things in my wardrobe that I can wear with this?
    2. What are 3 pairs of shoes I can wear with this?
    3. Am I considering this because it's cheap?
    4. Will I reget it if I don't buy it?

    The first 2 questions have forced me to keep a mental list of all my basic clothing and shoes in my head.

    I also have a good visual record of my clothes because I sort them in my closet by colour. I just have to think of a colour and I can recall all the items I have in that colour.

    However, nothing beats standing in my closet and just pulling things out and holding them up against other items. I can spend an hour doing that - it's one of my favourite Sunday things to do.

    By the way, I'm not neat at all...but I am organized in my messiness. :)

  18. Ah, you are the queen of graphic tee ensembles. Love it!

    I laughed when I read your 'leg on a table' comment. I'm constantly amazed at how difficult it is to photograph one's own legs and feet. I'll have to try that trick!

  19. Ha, thanks, Audi! Yes, pics of the legs always end up with crazy perspective. This table is perfect (and a good stretch).

  20. i like the top! look nice on u!


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