Monday, November 15, 2010

Metric, Monday and Mauve

This fall is all about concerts! I love going to gigs, but not many groups come to my city. In addition to Mr. Cohen later this month, we also went to see Metric last night. I've been a fan for several years and I think they are just starting to hit big in the US. It's always weird when a band I've known forever suddenly becomes "big" - remember when Barenaked Ladies hit big in the US? Yeah, they'd been around for a decade before that.

Anyway, if you're not familiar with Metric, they are a great dance/pop band with an awesome female lead singer. Their site is here - you can listen to some of their songs in the little TV graphic in the upper right corner (I recommend "Help I'm Alive", "Gimme Sympathy" and "Stadium Love").

A bunch of us met up beforehand for barbecue and beer - a concert is always fun with lots of friends! I kept it cool:
Casual uniform top, jeans and my new boots. Good thing I went mellow as we were about double the age of most of the attendees. Some days you just feel old...

A shot of the boots done up:
I'll wear them with a proper outfit later this week and show off the details. Ha! I'm such a tease.

Long-sleeved tee (Plum), tee (Plum), jeans (Esprit), boots (Jenny Loves Kenny), jacket (corporate swag).

And it's Monday. And I'm really tired from the concert (*yawn* past my bedtime). So I went with a pretty easy outfit:
The purple (mauve, get it? get it?) drapey cardigan is new. I can't just sit here and watch all of you rocking the drapey cardis and not want to get in on it! I'll probably belt it next time, but I didn't have a belt that went with olive, chartreuse and mauve. It was $24.99 at Winners.

If you didn't notice, I've had a slight change of hair:
Got sick of my "dog ears" so told my hairdresser to do whatever she wanted. I'm never that attached to my hair - it's just hair, it grows back.

A close-up of all my matchy-matchiness:
Erm...I forgot to crop before I shrunk it, so you get to see how messy my closet is. The foreground is one of my shoe shelves where I perch the camera. My sweaters are rather haphazard, but at least my shirts are all hung up nicely!

The stuff:
You can see the nice texture in the cardi fabric. It was very comfortable.

A close-up of the baubles:
Mmmm...I love chartreuse and mauve together.

Cardigan (Bobeau), top (Ellen Tracey, gift from Caro), skirt (Club Monaco, consignment), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, thrifted), necklace (Oscar & Libby's), earrings (don't remember), ring (Guess).


  1. Love the new do!

    The purple cardigan is very cute. My fav part of the drapey cardigans is they come in all kinds of styles.

    Congrats on all the concerts. Nashville usually gets passed over a lot, in favor of Atlanta. I was sad when I found out my favorite band (Guided by Voices) had already come and gone a couple months ago.

  2. I have got to get a drapey cardigan! They look great

  3. did u get a new hair cut?
    love ur work outfit..
    n yess i also love going to a concert (wish can do some crowd surfing one day :P ).

  4. Love your new cut. Shows off you face wonderfully!

    The video for Monster Hospital still freaks me out to this day. I'd love to see them in concert sometime. I can relate to feeling old. The last concert I attended, my ring bearer was also there. He's 22. Yep, felt real old.

    The chartreuse and mauve look very soothing together. Perfect for the day after. The shoes, as always, FAB!

  5. As "they" takes 10 years to become an overnight success!

  6. Oooh I Love Metric ! I have had them on my ipod for 2 years. I also Love your cardigan. I have one similar on my Christmas list : )

  7. ok, I have to object! I was going to Metric shows in the US for years before they hit it big (I'm talking 1999-2001, before Grow Up And Blow it Away was even supposed to be released). I was a fan of theirs when they were still members of Stars (another Canadian success story that gigged around NYC for years before making it big)! anyway, I'm definitely pleased that they are doing so well, but they paid their dues in the US long before they returned to Canada. :)

  8. Do I get points for noticing the hair change before you mentioned it? ;-)

    Love the waterfall cardigan - I am looking at get a couple more for myself.

    As always ... the shoes!!! - you have me slouching out a little greener around the gills - you really cause me to suffer from acute 'shoe-envy'.

  9. More Metric love! Did they put on a good show?

    Chartreuse and mauve: yes indeed.

  10. The loss of length above your ears is very flattering- not that i did not like it before- it is just nice for a change.

    you have got some gorgeous shoes- love the multi colored shoes you rock.

    ps-I watched a lot of muchmusic in the 80's -my first "crush" was Rik Emmet-Triumph

  11. You call that a messy closet? Hah!

    Metric is fantastic - so glad you got to see them live.

  12. I love going to concerts. Here we have about 4 a month.
    I don't like everyone they bring so I seldom go.
    Last week I went to one (courtesy of a friend) and enjoyed it although I was upset at the wide ass gal who decided to get on top of a chair an block my view. I touched her on the shoulder and said in a extremely nice voice " maybe if you get down i can see the end of the concert" - shshshshsh
    I am sooo admiring your work attire !!!
    The combination is fabulous :)

  13. I love to go to concerts, especially in smaller venues. My favorite place in First Ave in Minneapolis. The last concert I saw was "They Might Be Giants" I love them, they are so fun!

    How comfy were the new boots? They look great, but I can't wait to see them all their glory! You new cardi is so pretty. I'm hoping to make one soon. I have the pattern and fabric, just need to make it...

  14. Thanks, Megan! I don't know how much I'll wear the drapey cardi, but I like it. Aw, that sucks about your band - we rarely get good bands here (they all go to Vancouver).

    'Doll - they would be great with your workwear, I think.

    Nilcha, yes, I mentioned that. Thanks! Oh, I'm way too old for crowd-surfing!

    Thanks, Jen! I will have to look for that video - I haven't seen it. Lol, here's to us old gals going to concerts! Thanks so much!

    Wendy, you are so right.

    Emma, well here I thought no one would have heard of Metric! That's awesome. Thanks so much - I hope you get your Xmas cardi!

    Anonymous, that's so cool - you're so cutting edge! That's way back.

    Wendy, yes, you win! Thanks so much - I just hunt for unusual shoes. These were only $8 in a thrift store.

    Kelly, it was a good show - the opening act, Sweet Thing, was almost as good. Thanks!

    Thanks, Alecia, that's the section I like too. :) Thanks so much. Ha! I loved Much back in the day.

    Sal, that sounds like a challenge! My closet needs a heavy-duty clean out soon. Another Metric fan - awesome!

    Lorena, wow, that's a lot! Oh, I hate when someone does that - it's so annoying. When we went to see K-OS, Nelly Furtado was there - her friends were so rude, standing up and blocking our view. Thanks, darlin'!

    Alison, yeah, we have a nice small venue concert coming up in December that I'm really looking forward to. The boots were great - I walked to town in them with no rubbing (a risk!). Ooh, you're so crafty - good luck with your cardi!

  15. Sounds like you had a fun weekend! Great concert outfit (I especially covet those comfy looking ankle boots) and the lovely cardigan. And your new 'do (and all the other great ones on Style Nation) remind me how desperately I need/want a hair cut.

  16. Rad, yes, I'm exhausted - oh, such a burden to be a social butterfly, hee hee. Thanks so much! I love your hair, by the way.

  17. I love your hair!!! I am currently growing mine out from that same cut (going for a shaggy mullety thang) and I miss it!!! It really looks great on you- it makes your eyes and smile POP!
    I really like these colors on you- and I agree about the chartreuse and mauve pairing.
    And your closet? You should be ashamed. Look at that- ONE sweater is out of place! How dare you? ;P
    (if that's a mess to you, you would be totally aghast at mine- it's so incredibly small (less than 36 inches), I don't even have to use hangers anymore- I can just put a blouse in and the clothes actually on hangers hold it up via friction and pressure!)
    ...Your closet is beautiful and lust inspiring, honestly...

  18. Thanks so much, Rita! I always go back to this cut. Ha, I guess I should show some "real" pictures of my closet (the floor is a disaster, honest!).

  19. those beautiful littel heels!! my feet would tear them apart....both wonderful outfits, i love the way you really integrate your personal style into your casual ensembles - these two outfits together really showcase that. (i could write a whole post on taking your style between casual and dressy just by analyzing these two looks of yours!)

    and man that skirt. yoW! have a fun nite, steph

  20. Thanks, Steph! I like that I'm able to still feel like 'me' whether I'm in casual or dressy. Today's outfit (up in a couple of hours) is a mix of both. I love that skirt too. :)

  21. I totally agree with you about how weird it is when small bands I like get "big." My favorite radio station when I still lived in Ohio was out of Windsor, so I heard bands like BNL before they got really popular in the US (another Canadian favorite of mine that got big and kinda disappeared was Our Lady Peace - I wonder whatever happened to them...).

    I like your concert outfit though! Will you be posting for your next concert too? I never know what to wear. I always dress for practicality while totally disregarding any sense of what might actually look good.

  22. Anne, so you were cutting edge back then! How cool. OLP is still around (they released an album in 2009, and just finished touring - they are working on a new album due for release in 2011, according to Wiki:

    Yes, I'll be posting my next concert outfit (which will be Leonard Cohen). I also dress practical (we walk down), but I always like to look nice.

  23. Hehe yes, I was cutting edge at some point in time. I loved OLP when I was in high school (mid to late 90's) and even met Raine Maida at a show in my hometown! I love his wife's music too, although she's a little sappy at times. Another Canadian favorite of mine is Esthero - love her early stuff! I should drag out all my old CDs. And probably check out Metric while I'm at it.

    I walk and/or take the train to concerts too, so I figure all the girls I see in super high heels must've taken a cab or something. It sounds silly, but I still want to look "cool" when I go to a show. I'll be looking forward to your outfit for Leonard Cohen!

  24. See, for me, that time was my (get ready for it) thrash metal period - I know, scary. :-P My boyfriend at the time was into it, so I absorbed it. Did you check out what I wore to Alice Cooper (link in the sidebar)? I also have a Judas Priest concert outfit on the blog somewhere.

    'Fraid I don't know Esthero, thanks for the tip!


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