Friday, November 19, 2010

Casual Friday: Floofy Layers

Ah, Friday! How long you have taken to arrive this week! However, I forgive you now that you're here, aside from that trip to the dentist this morning. Thank goodness I have a nice boozy dinner planned for this evening with my old boss from Fairweather, Tammy. Yee haw!

I'd planned to wear my new combat boots with today's outfit (the ones in my concert-going outfit here), but they just didn't look right. I'll take some time this weekend and build an outfit around them. Perhaps I'll document how I build an outfit - would anyone be interested in that?

Anyway, this is the outfit, and shoes I ended up wearing:
Someone (I've forgotten who) in Style Nation wore a denim dress recently and I gushed over it and I said, "I need to wear my denim dress again!" so here it is. Sorry, I have a terrible memory - thank you for the inspiration, Inspiring Blogger!

I've worn this dress a billion times* as seen here, here, here, here, here and here, and probably a few times before that. I'm wearing a grey cami underneath the dress, and my black velvet vest (as seen multiple times here) over top.

*numbers may be estimated
The underskirt is my black floofy Noa Noa one (last seen in my Hallowe'en costume, but last worn normally here).

The shoes are going to go sit in the "take these to the cobbler" bag for approximately a year (i.e. until I remember to take them in) to get them re-heeled as the stupid plastic heel caps are down to the nails after only one previous wear. I hope I don't have to walk on any hardwood floors!

Got sort of a burnished silver thing going on.

My tights are new - the colour is called "cobblestone":
Leg on table pose! You can see the nice herringbone texture here.


So, I keep forgetting to mention, I am training to become a leader at Weight Watchers! As you may or may not know, I lost a lot of weight about five years ago, starting in 2006 (I did a post on it here). I have maintained my weight for 3.5 years (I hit goal in early 2007 and became a Lifetime member in May 2007), and I continue to go to my Saturday morning Weight Watchers meetings every week I can for the support, and to give and get inspiration from my fellow women and men who are on their own weight loss journeys.

A couple of weeks ago, one of the receptionists (of course, I know everyone at my meeting) asked if I had thought about becoming a leader. I considered it, interviewed on Monday with the Territory Manager (it was very informal) and did a webinar on Tuesday. Tomorrow, I shadow my mentor leader, and then next weekend, I do two days of intense training. I am pretty excited about this - it's not a full-time job (heck, it's not even part-time), but it's something I think I can do to give back. And it's something I can do while I look for work.

Note: I don't intend to push WW through this blog, but I've always been up-front about being a member. It's just a program that works for me, and I like it. I'm not getting any compensation for talking about WW, and I don't want any. You won't see any WW ads on my blog, or any other ads (I am not a personal fan of blogs loaded with ads - that's not how I roll, baby - but I don't judge what other people do with their blogs. We're all one big Style Nation family, right?).

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this new adventure (think of the outfits!) and wanted to share it.

Dress (Ricki's), vest (Surrey Classics, consignment), skirt (Noa Noa), belt (Plum), tights (Hue), shoes (Miss Sasa, consignment), earrings (Aldo Accessories), ring (can't remember, maybe Nine West?), cuff (St. Paul's Cathedral gift shop), necklace (handmade).


  1. Love this outfit, totally my kind of thing (hi, I'm CorGoth ;-). I keep seeing this dress layering around, & may have to try it.

  2. Yes, we want to see you build an outfit, and hear the process behind it!

    I'm really trying to learn to add "more" to my plain, restrained outfits. So if I have more background in your process, then I can adapt it for my life.

  3. Bummer about the new boots not working. I would like to see how you build outfits. (I did wear my burgundy boots tonight at the wine tasting. Didn't stay long though, it was crowded!) I really like the color of your tights, really cool color, I bet they'll go with a bunch of stuff.

    I think the WW thing is great!
    I know it's been a great program for you and you'll be a great inspiration for everyone you speak to.

  4. Your weight-loss story is inspiring and part of who you are, so don't hesitate to mention it, especially if you're going to be active in helping others.

    I'd really benefit from listening to you talk about creating an outfit. And I'm sure others would, too.

    Here's an odd response to this outfit which I hope you won't take the wrong way. You remind me of a Samarai warrior from ancient Japan. They wore long dresses similar to yours and had big shoulders. Your clothes, and more importantly your strength and demeanor, resemble that.

  5. Love the layering. The tights are really cute!

    Congrats on the new leadership role. I hope your training goes well.

  6. "Perhaps I'll document how I build an outfit - would anyone be interested in that?"

    "*numbers may be estimated"
    oh my god, you crack me up! off to bed, warehouse sale tomorrow 5am....have fun dinner! steph

  7. Oh I'd definitely like to see how you build an outfit :-)

    How exciting about the weightwatchers leadership :-). You certainly are a fab example of how it works :-).

  8. Congrats on your new gig! You will be a wonderful leader!

    I'd like to see your approach to outfit building. I start either with the shoes or something to keep me warm....

    Your cobbler bag sounds like my yearly dry cleaning bag. Speaking of cobblers, my shoes arrived...damaged. We have no cobbler here so they are to be sent back to be repaired. I'm so disappointed they sent shoes out in such poor condition. Have you ever had such a thing happen?

  9. That's so cool you'll be a leader at WW. Totally suits you! I'm counting down to our Miami trip.

  10. Hi Sheila. I hope you don't mind but I mentioned you on my blog today. (This isn't a comment, just a note, so you can delete it if you wish.) Best wishes.

  11. Ralph - that Samurai idea is completely right on. (and the studded belt and split-skirt trousers...) oh, so glad you mentioned it! steph

  12. I often wondered why you weren't a leader already! You'll be so, so good at it, Sheila. I wish I lived near you so I could attend!

    I've been a Leader, and it is the single best way to keep yourself at goal there is. I know you've been worried about slipping once you don't have your walking commute, but I think being truly accountable like this, even more publicly than this blog, will be a great solution for you.

    OMG, congrats! I am so, so excited for you.

  13. I think you would make an amazing leader!! Good luck with it!

    I also want to hear the outfit-building process. I get seriously stumped and could use an idiot proof guide!

  14. Thanks, Trystan! I think you would look amazing in the layered look - it totally suits the goth style that you do (love your blog). Thanks so much for commenting!

    'Doll, okay, I will do a little tutorial when I wear the boots next. Maybe I'll do a 'normal' outfit and one focussed around a special item.

    Alison, eh, it's okay, they just weren't right with this outfit. Thanks so much, I am really excited about passing along what I've learned and encouraging others.

    Ralph, thank you so much. :) Cool, as I mentioned to lawyerdoll, I'll do a couple of tutorials when I have some time. Ha! I love that - I've seen several exhibits of Samurai armour, so I know just what you mean. That's such a lovely compliment, thank you.

    Thanks, Megan!

    Steph, awesome, I'll do it! Hope your warehouse sale was a blast!

    Tat, thanks, I will do that! Aw, thank you - I hope I can be as good a leader as I've had.

    Thanks, Jen! Okay, cool, will do. Ha, I'm so lazy about taking stuff in. Oh no! Send them back - Fluevog is usually SO good about it. I don't order online, so I haven't had that experience.

    Kim, thanks! I am too - so excited!!

    Ralph, thank you - I will come check it out.

    Kristen, I've been thinking about it for a while, but with work and all my other stuff in my life, it just wasn't the right time. Now is good because of my being out of work soon. I remembered that you had been a leader, and I'm glad you had a good experience.

    Thanks so much, Freeda! Okay, coming up - but probably not right away as I have another busy week ahead.

  15. Ooh, I love this! The layering over and under the denim dress is just brilliant.


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