Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I felt like my outfit was very Style Underdog today - not really sure why, but what the hell! It's S.U.C.E.B.W.E.:
Style Underdog's
Color Explosion Birthday Week
Happy S.U.C.E.B.W.E.! (edit: I am so bad with acronyms. I think I have them all correct now)
I felt great in this outfit all day, aside from forgetting every time I wear them that these shoes always slip in the heels. Must remember to buy heel grips!

I just love the leopard top (first seen here), and this is also the second wearing of the royal purple pencil skirt (previously here).

I tried to emulate SU's brilliant posing:
Hmmm. I need sunglasses.

I haven't worn these shoes in over a year! Wow, that was an oversight.

The stuff:
Mmm...those are such a nice shape. I love my Calvins.

The shiny stuff:
Mom's vintage chain belt, my spring ring and my classic real gold giant hoops. Love.

Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), blouse (Planet, consignment), skirt (Jacob), shoes (Calvin Klein "Gabby"), belt (70s, Mom's), ring (Aldo Accessories), earrings (gift from L).


  1. Are those your usual glasses? Maybe it's the Style Underdog-esque pose that makes them look different... I'm hyper-aware of people's glasses these days. As much as my bank account loved hearing it, I was a little upset when my optometrist said I didn't need to change my prescription the other week.

  2. I think any outfit has the potential to look very Style Underdog if you do the poses! And I love those outfits that just make you feel good all day. I absolutely love the color of the skirt! And I like how bold the skirt and blouse are, yet the blazer still keeps it looking professional and good for the office.

  3. You make everything look so effortless! The outfit, the posing, the humour.

  4. Leopard and rich purple! great combo. Lol I love the posing! You should definitely wear those pumps more.

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous ... as always. Love the shirt. I'm on the hunt for a 'great' animal print shirt but am just not finding the right thing. However, I will not give up - but I may have more luck come autumn/winter in the southern hemisphere.

    I think I need to get my daughter shopping that side of the world for me, but then the dear girl would have to come and visit with a suitcase filled just for mom and if she's lucky a change of knickers for herself :-)

    You always rock Sheila!

  6. Purple and leopard-now I've never tried that, love the idea.

    I have the same shoe problem, I am 6.5 but wide. When I get a 7 it practically falls off my feet.

    No worries now, since I have been home I've been wearing flats and boots (they don't seem to bother me) every day.

  7. What a great combination of elements. As good as the top is, it's enhanced by the skirt and belt. And the shoes are classic and lovely.

    You're an inspiration to us all, Sheila. Canada should declare you a national treasure. :)

  8. I love purple with leopard! I've not done it for awhile, so I might have to bust out my leopard print fedora this weekend....

    Happy SUCUBWE!

  9. Great Style Underdog tribute. The print mixed with the black is super professional and stylish. I wish I had the chutzpah to wear leopard prints.
    And happy SUCUBWE!

  10. hhhmmmMM! well, i've been on the lookout for a potential "Sheila copycat" outfit for over a month now and i keep getting stymied. i'm happy to see more potential in this outfit .... perfectly gorgeous and pulled together!

    i love the leopard against that inky purple. a classic look that is very fresh in feel - another of the 'graduate level' fashion feats! have a great day! steph

  11. Cara, yup - I've had these for about 2 years - they are Brooks Brothers. I want new glasses - maybe I'll spring for some when I get a new job...

    Anne, I think you are right! Although she does specialize in very simple lines (no frou-frou on that gal!). I love the skirt too - it's such a rich colour. The blazer kept me warm! My office is freezing!

    Thanks, Jen!

    Megan, I love leopard sooo much. I know - I'll get some insoles/grips soon.

    Wendy, thank you! I had been looking for a leopard shirt for years, and was so happy when I finally found this one. Hee, the poor girl! Maybe she'll bring an extra suitcase with stuff for you? :)

    Thanks, Lesa! These shoes fit fine, but I have really narrow heels.

    Thanks, Ralph! Aw, you are too kind! Ha, a national treasure!

    LaHdeM, me too! I love purple with any bright colour. Ooh, can't wait to see the fedora!

    Thanks, Rad! Oh, give leopard a shot! Maybe a shoe or a scarf if you're feeling iffy about a shirt?

    Steph, really? I didn't think I had much potential for copying - I would love to see that, though! Thank you - you too!

  12. Ha! Great posing! I love that purple skirt. I need one kind of desperately. Also all your wonderful animal prints!

  13. Thanks, E-Jo! You just missed them - they were on clearance at Jacob. I adore animal prints!

  14. If I had nicer legs, I would raid your wardrobe and steal this entire outfit....

  15. 'Doll, you're the only one that's stopping you. :) Well, don't raid my closet, haha, but you should wear an outfit like this!

  16. That is a killer outfit. Love the animal print with the purple and the jacket.

  17. Thanks, Kristen! It's one of my faves too.


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