Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'll Fly Away

Dang, I hate that it's dark out when I take my pictures now - I have every light in the house on, the 'backlight' on my camera on, and still, all the colours look muddy and dark. Where's my cute guy with the light reflector? I'm sure L won't mind, hee.

This is my new top that I got at Winners last Friday:
I am not usually one to go with pastels (this is mostly mint green), or those "slash" dye jobs, but I liked the purple, burgundy, blue pattern over the green and the top looked cute on. Okay, the $10 price tag also convinced me.

In case you can't tell, I'm wearing burgundy boots (last seen here), a brown lace skirt (last seen here) and a purple long-sleeved tee (I had also packed my navy underflounce skirt, but it was too short to show under this skirt). Hmmm...my "teeth" necklace barely shows. What's up with that?

I liked the sleeves on this tee - something a little different. I've got wings!
It's also been a year since I started doing pee-pushups (have you been doing yours? scroll down) and I love that my arms are nice and shapely and strong!

The stuff:
Mmmm...shiny red boots...

A close-up:
You can see what I mean by the "slash" dye job.

Tee (Casual Freedom), long-sleeved tee (Press), skirt (Planet), boots (Aldo outlet), earrings (gift from Elaine), necklace (The Bay).


  1. I was JUST thinking about the pee-pushups at the gym today! I can't get the back of my arms to firm up no matter how much I use any weights or machines, and I knew I read about those someplace in Stylenation but couldn't remember exactly where.

    That necklace was pretty cool, although definitely not what I envisioned when you said teeth!

  2. The shirt is awesome! It'll also be really cute styled for spring/summer. The boots and necklace really add a nice edge to the outfit.

    And hey, if you and I were the same shoe size, I'd be borrowing those boots asap.

  3. Excellent new top to go with all the other awesomeness in this outfit. And I don't get why that necklace didn't show up!

    Yes, I've been doing my pee push-ups. 'Did 30 just today and thought of you (not in a creepy way).

  4. Love the boots - fabulous colour. The top is beautiful & a bargain. Love those fluttering wings! Strong arms are the best. I've been doing some pretty medieval things at the gym but the results are very pleasing. Biceps! I don't know how I got by without them.

  5. I really like the colors in the shirt and the fit is really nice. I really need to dig out all of my boots. I have a great pair of burgundy vintage Dingos. You are inspiring me to create an outfit around those for the weekend. Thanks!!

  6. Love your wings and your boots, the necklace looks a little dangerous, be careful! lol

  7. Nice colors, Sheila. They are "You"! I REALLY liked that gold, open-necked sweater you wore a couple of days ago. It was even MORE "You"!

    The concerts sound fun. OUR fun the other night was watching "It's Complicated" (dvd)

  8. Very autumn-y! I have one slash-dye deal and it's very hard to talk myself into wearing it.

    And I have slacked on pee pushups but I will get back on it pronto!

  9. Ha, Anne, get on those, girl! :) No, they are more like creepy "Alien" teeth than animal teeth. Thanks!

    Megan, thank you. Yes, I'm looking forward to wearing it without a layer underneath. Heh, I'm size 40/9-9.5, sorry!

    Thanks, A-Dubs! I think the silver blended with the mint green. Good for you! Ha!

    Thanks, Baxter! I love these boots too. I know - we women need to make sure we keep (or get) muscle mass as we get older, too!

    Alison, thanks - get out those boots, they sound fabulous!

    Thanks, Lisa - ha, the necklace *is* a bit pokey.

    Rebecca, thank you - I'll probably wear that again soon, it was very snuggly. I know you love the yellows! A movie night is awesome - I did that last Friday with my hubby.

    Thanks, Freeda! I was cautious about the slash-dyes - they can look...wrong. Get back on those push-ups, girl! :)

  10. HOT Boots !!! I have some red boots that are similar.


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