Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dinner Out Friday and Saturday Casual Wear

I had a quick nap after shopping on Friday, then got dressed for dinner out with some friends. I wanted to wear this new sweater I found at Winners:
Isn't that a great colour? I am so grooving on that marigold yellow right now.

That's my suede skirt that I wore first here, and those are my favourite boots (last seen here).

I have a really tough time with big sweaters, because they almost always have high turtlenecks or big cowl necks. As a woman who' the boobular region, those are no-nos for me. So when I look for sweaters, I try to find open necklines like this:
That gives the look of a cowl, but is nice and wide and shows off my collar bones - and distracts from the boobage.

Sweater (Pria), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), boots (Indigo by Clarke's, consignment), belt (Anne Klein pour Caleche, consignment).

L and I are going to see Leonard Cohen again this month, so my tour t-shirt made an appearance today for my Weight Watchers outfit:
I've worn this tee and stripey top several times before (here, here (ha, that's another Winners shopping trip!) and here after the last concert in 2009). I stripped off the belt before weighing in!

I wore my new cobalt blue wooly coat:
I love the semi-military look of it and the off-centre buttons. This was on sale at Winners for $59.00.

Coat (Mario Serrani), t-shirt (Leonard Cohen tour shirt), striped top (Majestic, gift from Caro), skirt (Club Monaco, consignment), belt (gift from Ruth), tights (Hue), boots (Miz Mooz).


  1. Oooo, I love that new sweater. Mustardy yellows are so pretty. I'm really loving the long skirts these days too. I work a very straight flowered maxi dress and an olive military style jacket yesterday. So comfy and cute!

  2. That yellow sweater is gorgeous!

    The new coat is pretty awesome too. I'm hoping this week will be cold enough for me to bring out my new coat.

  3. Yummy color.

    Leonard Cohen! I saw his recent performance on a DVD from NetFlix and he blew me away. I never expected a guy his age could have so much savvy and spunk. I like the depth of his material, the poetry of his lyrics and the sound of his music.

  4. That dinner outfit is wonderfully elegant yet casual. You look all slim but curvy... Love!

    And I'm jealous of the blue coat!

  5. You look marvelous in mustard! Congratulations in your reprieve at work - I hope you have adjusted and that it brings good kharma as your job hunt continues. Your Beautiful Loser tee makes for a great weekend look. Mr Cohen has been performing here in the last couple of weeks- everyone in Sydney is raving about him.

  6. That sweater looks great on you! I've read that that shade of yellow is going to be pretty big this winter. I so wish I could wear yellow, so I'll have to do it vicariously through you!

  7. That's a great sweater! Both the color and neckline are terrific on you.

  8. What a gorgeous sweater! I love the nice detail of the tab on the cowl.

  9. Thanks, Alison! I am buying everything yellow I can find, it seems, since you know it won't be around for long. Your outfit sounds really cute!

    Thanks, Megan! This coat is not super thick, but it's a nice length and good for fall.

    Thank you, Wendy!

    Ralph, you're a Cohen fan? I love him - his music is incredible and he is such a presence onstage. His songs are amazing - he's a Canadian icon.

    Thanks, 'Doll!

    Baxter, thanks! I hope it brings good karma as well. I hope you get to see Leonard - he is amazing.

    Anne, thank you. You could always do a yellow skirt, if you don't like yellow near your face?

    Kasmira, thanks! I love the neckline.

    Ha, thank you, Jen!

  10. Thanks, 'pear'! I like that too - it keeps the neck from looking too droopy.

  11. you know i am drooling over your marigold sweater!!!! serious love over that drapey neckline as well- i get not wanting to attract attention to your chest!! also like your long skirt- glad to see them being worn more this season.

    great color in that cobalt blue coat- looks great with your hair
    have a hard time finding winter white pants here- tried some today- felt they needed more substantial fabric than they used. love how the color lightens up on outfit.

    enjoy cohen!!

  12. Me like that color combo.
    I have been trying to stay away from buying heavy sweaters as I live in HOT HOT place, but sometimes when I walk into Zara I just want it to snow.
    Hey maybe with global warming...

  13. Thanks, Alecia! This is the kind of fall/winter look I really like when I want to look nice but be warm. Yeah, white pants are tricky anyway - good luck! Maybe white jeans?

    Thanks, Lorena, me too. Why is it we always want what we haven't got? :)

  14. Yep, that marigold is a fantastic color on you, and that neckline is great.

  15. Thanks, Kristen! It's tricky to find a good neckline on a sweater.

  16. love, love LOVE the first one on you!


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