Monday, November 29, 2010

Old Lady Chic?

I found this awesome skirt in a thrift shop on Friday afternoon. It's Precis Petite, which happens to be the same brand as this jacket (I have the skirt that matches the jacket too - seen here with the same blouse, belt and flower). This lovely camel skirt was only $7.50, which is oh, about $150 more than what I paid for the jacket/skirt suit and they were on sale 70% off!

The skirt is an interesting length, but I think it's saved by the slight flare at the knee - it reminds me of those 50s "wiggle" dresses. It's a very soft faux suede.

I haven't worn this jacket since last December, as it's rather warm. This is the first time I've done it without the faux fur collar.

I felt a little weird about the leg business, since these are actually...get ready for it...
*gasp!* Knee highs! I'm officially an old lady, haha!

Actually, when I bought these at Winners my intention was to wear them like socks. The cuff at the top is a really nice lace, and the knee-highs themselves are quite thick, without a lot of stretch. Check 'em out:
It's a nice olive green sort-of plaid pattern.

The stuff:
My lovely thrifted shoes and blouse (that was $2 some months ago).

Jacket (Precis Petite), blouse (no label, vintage, thrifted), skirt (Precis Petite, thrifted), knee-highs (Winners), shoes (Steve Madden, thrifted), belt (Nygard), rose (Roberta's Hats), earrings (Renoir? vintage, Grandma J).


  1. More like noir-retro chic. Like you're the femme fatale in an old black-and-white mystery-thriller. Because this outfit hugs your curves so very, very well. Almost dangerously well!

  2. They are all wonderful pieces and they work together briliantly. I think the skirt length is perfect, very flattering. The socks are amazing - they look great and appear to be very cosy too. My favourite touches are the shoes and the lovely rose - very much the English lady.

  3. Ha ha! That's funny 'cause it rings so true. The first time I bought knee-highs (last year), I felt the exact same way: like an old woman too lazy to wear pantyhose any more. But I later learned there's a lot to be said for convenience. :)

  4. The only old lady I can think of who'd be cool enough to wear this outfit would be Helen Mirren. (And she brings sexy back more than anyone else). I dig the shape and length of the skirt. And given the skirt shape, I think knee highs totally work!

  5. The camel skirt is just lovely. And goes perfectly with those shoes. Agreeing with Baxter. It has a very 'English lady' feel. Nothing old-lady about it, just chic to pieces.

  6. What's "old lady" on some (like me) is sexay on you. ADubs is right, that skirt hugs your curves amazingly.

    And you, if anyone, can pull off those pretty knee-highs.

  7. Aw, thanks, A-Dubs! I like that - I'm a femme fatale!

    Baxter, thanks! I do love my bigass rose.

    Ralph, knee highs are awesome for pants and really long skirts - this is the first time I've ever done them with a shorter skirt.

    Rad, aw, you are too kind. Thanks!

    Megan, thanks! "Chic to pieces" - love it!

    'Doll, thanks! That's what makes a thrift bargain to me: it fits great AND it's cheap.

  8. Gorgeous skirt - such a chic length and shape. I love those shoes, too.

  9. Yeah, I agree with A-Dubs; this is retro but not old ladyish at all. Lovely figure-hugging tailoring and the colors really flatter your hair and skin tone.

  10. Thanks, Cat! Those are one of my fave pairs of shoes too.

    Phew, thanks, Audi! I've been drawn to the autumnal palette lately.

  11. This is so fantastic I don't even know where to start! I love the silhouette, the color palette, the details. Simultaneously elegant and sassy.

  12. Oh, I love this! I agree with A-Dubs- I'm seeing a Myrna Loy in "The Thin Man" kinda thang going on! Fantastic outfit and a great vibe. Very 1930's. Love it, and it really suits (pun intended) you.
    (And Ha! A-Dubs- I love the "Almost dangerously well" noir comment!)

  13. I won't lie: I cringed when I read "Old Lady Chic" and the line about the thirfted skirt, envisioning polyester flowers in garish colours. What a relief! That outfit is fabulous!!

  14. Hahahaha, I am laughing at your socks !!!
    But since you cant tell as you cant see them under your skirt, I am going to let it pass.

  15. Aw, thanks, Kelly. :) I really liked it too.

    Thanks, Rita! Oh, you guys are too kind.

    Cara, thank you for your honesty! Polyester? Garish? Um...yeah, that sounds like me, haha! Thanks, hon!

    Lorena, thank you, m'dear! I am so glad I passed your approval. ;)

    Thanks, Jen!

  16. Those knee highs are anything but old ladyish!! Not with that sexy detailing at the top! I love them and would totally wear them (showing!). I've actually been seeing these cropping up more and more at stores.

  17. Thank you, Jen! It felt funny wearing them "exposed" for the first time, but I didn't mind flashing them when I sat (and I did show them to anyone who would look, haha). I will wear them again more deliberately exposed, I'm sure.

  18. I love this. Have you seen my blog where I feature stylish older ladies! I love your site!


  19. Thanks, Ari! I will check out your blog. Thank you very much for commenting.


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