Saturday, November 27, 2010

Long Weekend Update: I Need Another Long Weekend!

Hey! Is it still the weekend? Man, I am exhausted! I've been through one day of Weight Watchers' leader training and I am already set for another weekend. snowed again on Thursday, so I figured I'd get some exercise and shovel our condo's driveway and sidewalk:
It was snowing as I did it, which is why it's still a bit white. I was getting such a good workout, I did the neighbouring apartment building's sidewalk as well, right to the road in the distance.

Then I hoofed it to the grocery store, in my extremely fashionable (not really) snow gear:
Yes, that's very attractive.

I then changed into my football-watching gear:This what I typically wear around the house. Jeans, long-sleeved tee and some large layered piece over top.

On Friday, Ruth and I went for lunch and some shopping:
My second wear of the red velvet blazer (first seen here) and the stripey ribbon skirt (first seen here). The snow had all melted by then, so I walked to town and back. What a lovely time!

Jacket (Zara, consignment), sweater (Expression, consignment), skirt (MNG, consignment), boots (Aldo, consignment), choker (60s vintage, Mom's).

Friday night, my mom, my ex sister-in-law and my two oldest nieces went to see a local production of "The Wizard of Oz". Of course, Crazy Auntie Sheila had to get dressed to the nines!
I love that dress so much. This is the second time I've worn it (first here).

I broke out the long black velvet gloves to keep myself warm in the theatre and for walking to and from the car. Gloves are awesome for that! These gloves are about 10 years old.

I love the unevenness of the neckline:
One "sleeve" is narrower than the other, so it naturally dips off one shoulder.

I was pleased that the shoes (my awesome Fluevogs last seen here) matched the dress so well! Matchy-matchy! Yay!

Here's a close-up of the upper body stuff going on:
The earrings are new - no label, but I loved the shape and needed some big silver earrings. They were $16.99 in a local boutique. I'm also wearing my cuff from St. Paul's Cathedral.

My outerwear:
Furry jacket, faux fur scarf and my silver clutch.

Everything together:

Jacket (Mac & Jac), dress (Club Monaco, consignment), scarf (The Bay), clutch (Accessorize), shoes ("Memories, Madly", Fluevog), cuff (St. Paul's Cathedral gift shop), earrings (boutique).


  1. I have ALWAYS coveted long gloves like these. And, of all the people I know on the WWW, it's no surprise that you are the one who wears them. They have such great style.

  2. Scrolling down, I was in love with the burgundy outfit (esp. that skirt, I'd wear that any day of the week!) & then, bam, that black outfit was stunning. So very cool.

    Also, Aldo boots FTW! Lots of great styles on sale right now, online & in stores...

  3. I wish I had a "crazy Aunt Sheila" like you when I was growing up. Hooray for dressing up for the theatre!

  4. LoveloveLOVE that green dress. You look so glamorous.

    You're 'football watching gear' is similar to what I wear around the house half the time. (The other half is in pajama pants)

  5. So glad you are training to become a WW leader -- you've been inspiring SO many people over the internet!

  6. Haha! Why are you wearing a Panthers shirt of all things? I don't watch football, but even I know that our home team here is sort of legendarily bad!

  7. Great blog, really enjoy it!

    Please come by mine...


  8. What a range of outfits!

    Love the velvet jacket. And of course the Fluevogs are perfect for that dress.

    Personally I think your snow outfit looks pretty good too - definitely warm and dry which counts.

  9. WOW! i just made mr. e come in and look at your gorgeous 'wiz' outfit.

    also the football watching gear - i'm jsut about to get kicked off teh 'puter!! have a great day, steph

  10. I really like your red and green outfits! I've wanted a red velvet blazer for years, but have never been able to find one (and likely didn't have the money for it when I could). I need to work on that.

    I like that you're wearing elbow-length gloves! I have no idea how or where I'd ever wear gloves like that, but I've always admired the style. And your outerwear with the green dress looks so chic!

  11. I'm waiting to see you in an "Aunt Mame" caftan... she's the prototypical "crazy aunt"!

  12. u look super sexy with that one sleeve outfit! :D

  13. Your evening look is so feminine and so pretty. Why don't my aunties look this great when we go out? Also, that red velvet jacket is glorious. I'm coveting it as I type, along with your snow! Your seasons are wonderful - colourful autumns and proper cosy winters that allow you so much scope in sylish winter dressing. Looking forward to meeting more of your winter wardrobe.

  14. Ralph, you should totally get some! They are so fun for special events.

    Thanks, Trystan! The dress is actually a very dark green - but still Goth-y, I think. I know, I love Aldo - I always check the store in the mall, and see lots of their stuff in the consignment shops.

    Wendy, you got it!

    Jody, aw, thank you! I had a kooky aunt while growing up and always wanted to be like her.

    Megan, thanks! It's such a cool dress. Ha! You wouldn't catch me in pajama pants!

    Tessa, thank you so much! It feels good that I can pass it on.

    Cynthia, that's my team! I picked them as my team the year I started watching football since they (and the Jaguars) were new expansion teams then. And hey! We did make it to the Super Bowl (darned Patriots!) once. But yeah, I know...this is not a good year.

    Eri, thank you! I will check yours out. :)

    Northmoon, I know - it's 0 to 60, isn't it? :) My life is complicated! I have many events! Thanks so much - I am not much of a fashionista when it comes to outdoor wear!

    Steph, ha, thanks!

    Anne, thank you! This is my second red velvet blazer (the other one is sort of brocade-y), and I found both second-hand for cheap. I love long gloves for winter parties - they keep me from sampling the food! ;)

    'Doll, no caftans for me! I love Mame, though!

    Nilcha, thanks!

    Baxter, thank you so much. The snow is all gone now (our weather is rather mercurial), but I'm sure there will be more at some point. My winter wardrobe is pretty similar to my year-round wardrobe - maybe a few more sweaters!

  15. That dress is fabulous !
    You look like a queen ...

  16. Hee, I love that we see your football-watching outfit and your formal wear in one post. What a varied life you lead!

    And OMG, dark green on a redhead is just my most favorite color combos EVER. I about fell over when I saw that dress. Awesome. And I want that clutch. :)


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