Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's...Leopard Lady!

Did I mention it snowed yesterday? It snowed yesterday! My poor little West coast flower of a city got dumped on - schools shut down, cars slid all over the place, power was out. We are such wusses about snow, but it's fairly rare here (we mostly get rain - hey, at least ya don't have to shovel it!).

Anyway, it's still cold today (and there are still patches of snow and ice all over the place), so I wanted to dress warm. I also wanted to wear this new skirt:
Okay, I have a bit of a love affair with leopard, perhaps only second to Wendy Brandes. This is not news. So when I saw this skirt, I was in looooove. It was only $12.95. Steal.

I'm wearing a long-sleeved thin tee under the thin wool sweater - and the Smoking Lily bug scarf is for warmth!
Look! It's Leopard Lady! Saving the world with leopard print!

The stuff:
Mmmm....Fluevog boot goodness. I can't believe it's been a YEAR since I wore these. Oh, Sheila, for shame! I've also worn them here and here. These are the "Blind Faith Hi, Rebecca" boots.

Check out the nap on the skirt:
It's like a thin plush! Don't worry, it's not so long that it looks like I scalped a stuffy toy. It was nice and warm, though!

The boots are killer to zip up:
My muscular calves means I get a workout (and a squished calf) whenever I wear these, but they're getting softer every time I wear them.

I wore another new pair of tights today too:
Leg on the table shot, hee.

Sweater (Banana Republic, consignment), skirt (S&D, thrifted), tights (Voila), boots (Blind Faith Hi, Rebecca, Fluevog), bangles (Aldo Accessories and some import shop), scarf (Smoking Lily), earrings (gift from L).


  1. Ooooh, that skirt is all kinds of awesome! Did you find yourself feeling it all day? I probably would if I were wearing something plushy like that.

    I heard about snow and sliding cars from my friend who works out in Seattle. I can't believe the west coast got snow before we did! But I'm so not complaining.

  2. Omg that skirt is adorable!! My aunt had a coat that I loved for years made with a very similar, if not identical fabric.

    Those boots are far to fabulous to only wear once a year.

    Be careful with that snow! I don't envy you that one bit.

  3. Well, I don't know about everyone else but I certainly feel safer now that Leopard Lady is here to save us! The skirt is fabulous, a perfect shape and design. I also love the boots - they're well worth a little calf smooshing. Excellent outfit.

  4. I always love leopard, and would love to have those boots..Stil89 degrees here, how about I trade you weather or a few days?

  5. That skirt is so gorgeous, I'd want to wear it every day! The boots too of course. Love your collection of Fluevogs.

    Can't believe Vancouver got so much snow before Toronto got any!! I too am not complaining about this. In fact I might almost say 'serves you right' but that would be mean, so I won't.;) I know how difficult it is to drive in snow when no one on the road is used to it.

  6. great texture on that skirt and a gorgeous print -fabulous X 2. loving that boot heel pattern too

    enjoy the snow- what does your black and white buddy like of the snow???

  7. That is an adorable skirt. Seeing you rock them every day is totally making me want pencil skirts.

  8. Oh, that is one hot skirt! A leopard Skirt is something I really want to find. I keep checking the thrift stores and I'll checking until I find the perfect leopard pencil skirt.

  9. Those boots are just dynamite. I can't get over the stripy heel!

  10. I'd be petting myself all day if I wore that skirt! I'm addicted to touching anything soft, fuzzy or unique feeling. My sister just had a baby girl, and I think I petted or rubbed my cheek with any fuzzy blanket, soft onesie or furry stuffed creature in the nursery!

    And I wasn't going to give you any sympathy for the snow, since we've accumulated about 15 centimeters since Sunday... but then I remembered I was raised in this weather, and as much as I'd like to believe that winter elsewhere isn't so damn trying, I know nothing else. My best advice is to stock up on hot chocolate before snow hits, and then stay inside until the snow is under control! Fireplace is optional, but definitely adds to the cozy atmosphere!

  11. I love everything about this outfit! That skirt, those boots, tights..all of it is perfect! So chic!

  12. Anne, yes, I kept petting myself, ha ha! I know, crazy weather. I want it to go away NOW.

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Megan, thank you - oh yes, I've seen those coats. I know, I will wear the boots more!

    Baxter, ha, you're so funny. :) Thanks so much!

    Lesa, same here - I would be happy to trade weather!

    Thanks, Northmoon - I wish I had more Fluevogs! It's unheard of! I don't know if Van got a ton (we didn't either, really, but it feels like it!), but yes, it's payback for living in Lotusland, right?

    Thanks, Alecia. No, Inigo is freaked out by it. He is hiding in the bedroom, under the bed.

    Thanks, Cynthia! The skirt is actually a slight A-line.

    Thanks, Alison! Keep looking, they're out there.

    Sal, thanks, I love them too. The heel is wood!

    Cara, oh, I did! Ha, that's so funny, I hope you have lots of fuzzy blankets and pillows! Oh, I know, we are wimpy out here on the coast. I am born and raised here, so yes, I've never experienced a prairie winter. It's very humid here, so the cold feels really intense - it gets right into your bones! I want to hunker down under tons of blankets (with a soft kitty hot water bottle to purr and keep me warm) with cocoa!

    Thanks so much, ShyGirl!

  13. The whole outfit is great, but those boots are outstanding! You have such good taste.
    I wish that I lived in a place where snow wasn't so commonplace, but I don't. I lived in L.A. for a couple of years, but I came back to the US Midwest. Every year in November, like clockwork, I question my sanity.
    (okay, I question it more often than that, but not in regard to weather...)

  14. Thanks so much, Rita! Ha ha! We get snow so rarely here that it's always a big deal.


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