Thursday, November 4, 2010

Plaid Pants and Dinner Out

Today was another nice weather day, so I decided to wear green. Green for growth, and a reminder of change.

I got these new pants at Dots the other night, and I also wanted to wear them.
They replace these pants, which were a little too wide, light-coloured and also unflatteringly had a habit of wedging up my butt (sorry, for the indelicate image, hee). I like the darker plaid and the slightly slimmer leg on these much better. They were $29.99 with 30% off.

In the theme of "keeping busy", tonight we were supposed to go for dinner with another couple, but sickness forced them to cancel at the last minute. However, we still had the reservation, so we're headed out shortly for Thai food. favourite!

We're going to walk to the restaurant so that L can have a beer with dinner, and my pants are too long to wear with walkin' shoes, so I changed the bottom half:
A nice thick brown ultrasuede skirt and my brown low boots. Perfect!

The stuff:
The shoes don't match but they go. That necklace is my other gift from the company (from the Visa gift card I won).

A close-up:
I love the green enamel.

The other side is turquoise with a bird:

Sweater (Max Studio), cami (Esprit), pants (no label), shoes (Fire Trap, consignment), necklace (Lavishy), skirt (Liz Claiborne, thrifted), boots (Miz Mooz).


  1. Fancy pants but those boots are made for walkin'!

    Have a nice dinner tonight.

  2. Great pants! I like the overall pattern a lot better than the previous pants. So definite upgrade.

    Really awesome on the transitional dressing. I find myself doing that a lot lately.

  3. Great pants. We have a Dots near us but I never went in; I assumed it had only cheap crap. Your shopping-successes there corrected my mistake. Thanks!

  4. The pants are fab! HM has been on me to get a pair of plaid pants for myself, but I can never seem to find a pair I like.

  5. That necklace is gorgeous! One of our local jewelry shops carries Lavishy, and they make one of my favorite pairs of earrings ever (these:

    I'm sure you've heard this your entire life, but green works so well with your coloring!

  6. Dots! Oh how I miss Dots. The pants are faboo!

  7. Thanks, Jen!

    Megan, me too - the other ones were fine, but these are much nicer (better quality too). Thanks! It's been gradually getting chillier at night (and rainier in the day). Sweater time!

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Thanks, Ralph - as I noted on your blog, it's not the same as the Dots in the US. But now I want to check out your Dots!

    Sal, thanks! I love plaid pants - there's just something about them.

    Thanks, Anne! Oh, those are lovely. Ha, only heard that since I became a redhead. :)

    Cara, isn't it cool? I love that.

    Kelly, it's such a great store. Thanks!

  8. "The shoes don't match but they go."

    can i steal this for my fashion motto?

    : ) steph

  9. Of course, Steph! I'm pretty sure I didn't come up with it (I've read variations of it on other style blogs).

  10. "Don't match but go" is the refrain on "What Not to Wear" (TLC, not BBC) Drooling over the shoes....

    US Dot's has a lot of cheap crap, but treasures can be found!

  11. Love your shoes ... I am yet to see a pair of shoes you have that I don't like ... your taste rocks, as does your style.

  12. 'Doll, well there you go. I knew I'd heard it somewhere. Okay, now I have to find a US Dots. I wonder if there's one in Washington.

    Wendy, thanks! I adore funky shoes.

  13. Well, you might KNOW that I think your skirt is amazing! Hope you enjoyed the Thai food.

  14. Thanks, Rebecca! Actually, the Thai food was just okay - the curry was way too salty.


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