Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Keeping Busy - and Some Goodbye Pictures

Hey! Emotionally, I'm all over the map this week (and I'm sure next week - my last week at work - will be the same. Mental note: waterproof mascara), so I'm trying to stay busy, make plans with friends and not wallow and/or dwell too much on my impending unemployment. Amazing how much our work ties into our feelings of confidence and self-worth.

Anyway, Fake It Till You Feel It, right? Wear yellow!
And a bright pattern! I treated myself to a little shop at Dots (a local chain that sells off samples from manufacturers - it's where I get my awesome Noa Noa items) and got this groovy top. I love the neckline (hard to see, but it has a flat wide collar) and the swirly pattern. It was $29.99 (note: shopping thrift so much makes new things seem so expensive!).

I'm enjoying breaking out my boots for the season too. I got these ones last year (last seen in the 2010 winter wardrobe challenge here):
They're cheap, but I love the styling: the wedge, the little bow on the back.

A close-up of the new jewelry I got:
This was my treat "from the company" - I spent my $35 Visa gift card from winning the Hallowe'en costume contest on these (and a necklace). They're by Lavishy (the Lava collection). Made in Canada - yay!

Top (Liz & Co.), skirt (Club Monaco, thrifted), belt (Aldo Accessories), boots (Outline), ring/earrings (Lavishy).

Last night I rushed home and changed to go to my friend Carollyne's art show opening. I promised her I would weaar something arty:
My favourite arty dress - doing my 60s mod pose. Worn this a few times (a selection here).

I walked down, so I wore my comfy boots, my leather coat (ironically, it's work swag), scarf and gloves.
I felt so colourful! I really wanted to buy a painting, but art purchases are just not in my budget right now - although I do feel strongly that when you can, you should buy art! Support artists!

Dress (Desigual), boots (Aldo, consignment), jacket (work online auction), scarf (St. Michael's, thrifted), bracelet (Fossil, gift from L), earrings/ring (Lavishy).

Inigo watched me pose from his view in the box:
This week's been all about wrapping things up and saying goodbye. I am going to miss my lunchtime walks, and doing my stairs, so I took some pictures of my walk to and from work, and of the views around my work location. I did something similar here in June 2010.

November here is lovely - sometimes it's rainy, sometimes it's foggy, sometimes it's lovely and sunny and crisp. Yesterday was a crisp autumn morning. I love all the colours in the trees. This red Japanese maple is one of my favourites:
It's just changing from dark to light when I leave the house in the morning. Check out the sky as the rising sun tinges the clouds pink:
Walking along with my mp3 player on, sipping my tea...this beauty greets me and reminds me how good it is to be alive.

Lovely yellows and oranges in the leaves overhead:
Puffy little cumulous clouds and streaky high stratus clouds:
The orangey-pink of the light hitting this steeple just blew me away:
My parents got married in that church.

A row of yellow-leaved beeches:
This mural's just recently been repainted to a circus theme:
Those roly-poly clowns creep me out. I do love when building owners let artists paint the sides of buildings rather than let them get covered in grafitti.

I had a very long shadow!
I look like I belong in a circus myself!

The view from my desk:
That's a scrap metal yard on the left, and a little bit of the ocean peeking through.

All the trees changing colour on the other side of the trestle:
Do you see what's on the dock?
A seagull having a sit in the sun!

Look at that glorious blue sky!
I had the sun on my face, the clean fall stairs:
I have to find another set of stairs close to home that I can work out on - I'm going to miss these!

Looking down:
I always have visions of going ass over teakettle down these.

Coming back with the sun streaming through the bushes:
Back to the water:
See the mountains in the far background? Those are in Washington State.

For some reason, at this time of year, there are a lot of starfish close to shore. This one is not really deformed - the wind was coming up and the ripples of the water distorted him:

There are two starfish in this picture;
The water is pretty clear - these are only about 2-3 feet below the surface (you can see some leaves floating on top).

This starfish is a lovely orange. There are dark purple ones too, but they're hard to see.
And I was so excited! Look what else I spotted:
It's a jellyfish! It's about the size of a fist, and he was gently bobbing along, not 10 feet away from me.
Edit: for other wildlife lovers - I also see otters swimming near here, and today there were 3 fat harbour seals swirling through schools of little fish.

This is my desk from the outside of the building:
I can just see my green file folders and my overhead bin.

Hope you enjoyed my autumn tour!


  1. I know how you feel about losing work Sheila. I've had a feeling for several weeks that I was about to be laid off - and today if finally happened. As it's the 3rd time in 3 years that the recession has left me unemployed, I know it's not the end of the world, but it's amazing how much one's identity is wrapped up in work. And how the boots I just *had* to have a few days ago now strike me as an unnecessary purchase I can avoid (who needs work clothes?). Things will get better!

  2. Really lovely shots -- thanks for showing us your neighborhood! I'm coming in on the tail end and will read back through to catch up, but what a bummer about leaving your job. I sort of went through an identity crisis when I left Virginia at the beginning of the summer (not the same thing, I know) but it wasn't until I got a job here in Minnesota that I really perked back up. I hate working, but I love not being lonely all day. So...yeah. Best of luck! PS: You continue to look amazing, BTW.

  3. 1. Love the yellow skirt. 2. Love your artsy dress. 3. Catinnabox = ♥ 4. OMG your walk to work is so gorgeous! All that water and pretty foliage. Starfish and Jellyfish!

  4. ah, Sheila, i love your walk posts so much. i'm a real walker myself,i love it more than anything (i'm a cheap date!). just beautiful, i love the pictures of the church where your folks married and the loooong shadow you cast. Thank you!!

    p.s. you look awesome, too. kiss kitty for me! steph

  5. Oh Sheila, saying goodbye is the hardest thing :-(

    Loved your autumn tour, we were considering relocating to Canada a couple of years ago and posts like that make me wistful! (although we have beautiful autumns here too - check out Rhian's latest photoblog post at if you love red maples!)

    Chin up chick ((hug))

  6. I hope the yellow skirt not only picks you up, but also picks up those around you!
    I'm fascinated by the ocean wildlife you have!
    I also love the dress with the jacket, scarf, boots and tights! It just pull it all together!

  7. Both of these outfits are stellar! Thanks for sharing shots of your walk with us, too! The church is lovely, and I admire you so much for working out on those stairs.

  8. Yes I really did enjoy your autumn tour - it was fab to see a little glimpse into your daily life!

    Sal xXx

  9. Thanks, Tizzy - how horrid it can be, eh? I appreciate your kind words - and thank you for commenting! Yes, I'm reconsidering a lot of things I would normally buy.

    Thanks, Julia, nowhere near as good as yours! Thank you so much - it's so hard to reconcile one's identity shift when work changes. Thank you. :)

    Thanks, Megan! My walk to work is pretty dull (through the city), but I try to look for the cool stuff.

    Steph, thanks! There will be more (and different routes) as I'll have more time on my hands - and I'll be needing to get my 1-2 hours in per day as I'm used to. I love walking places too.

    Tat, yeah, it is...Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I will look at Rhian's blog soon.

    It did pick me up, Cara, thanks! We also have seals and otters (I edited the post to add that), and I see herons lots as well. Thank you!

    LaHdeM, thanks! The stairs kill me. :)

    Sal, thank you! Nice to see you.

  10. I love seeing the west coast autumn beauty! Actually, the beauty is year-round but fall's my favorite season. I'm biased though☺

    Carollyne, your friend, is very talented. I'll keep her in mind next time we come to the coast.

    Remember that you are not your job. Do keep busy, but take care of yourself O.K?

  11. What a lovely long post. More is always better. And I'm amazed at how wide your range is: you can go from professional to arty to chic and succeed at all of them.

    I love the wedges on the boots.

    It's not surprising your changes in employment are triggering emotional responses. We certainly attach huge significance to our work and you're on an emotional roller-coaster right now. Hang on and don't fall off!

  12. Thanks, Jen! I'm biased too - fall is my favourite. Yes, Carollyne is - let me know next time you're out here! I'll introduce you. :) I know...I have never been that career-oriented. I am going to be good to myself, thank you for the reminder.

    Ralph, thank you! I'm never sure if I should make these monster posts. Aw, thanks - I do like to change up my style frequently. Thank you for the encouragement.

  13. so enjoyed "walking" along with you- just beautiful-esp liked the animals shots and the foliage ones.

    Will be thinking of you - I so get your feelings being all over the place- and i don't mean perimenopausal

  14. Thanks, Alecia, I'm glad. :) Aw, thanks so much. You guys all help me so much. I really appreciate it.

  15. Yay for yellow! That's a great shade of it.

    Hang in there, hon. I actually think a break from work might do you good (asuuming you will be okay financially). Shake up your routines and get into learning new ones; if you jump from one job into another it can be a lot harder.

  16. Oh Sheila, thank you for the lovely photos. That is a great view to be looking at while at work. The nature is the best companion and friend. You helped me remember walks in Stanley park and the sea of pink blossoms in the spring.
    Saying good-bye is so hard, I've done it lots of times changing jobs and countries. I'm a firm believer that things will work out in the end.
    My word verification is "joyina". I know you'll continue finding joy in all those things around you that you showed us today, you'll have a well deserved vacation and find a great job.

    (Still trying to figure out where you live :)

  17. I love the "little things" highlighted from your walk!

    The yellow skirt outfit is so cheery, it's hard to see how anyone could feel down in that.

    I'm so sorry you lost your job. I spent chunks of time unemployed in recent (trying to block out) memory, and know what an emotional rollercoaster it is.

    Love the art show outfit, and I'm curious what outfits you will post now that you no longer have to stay "office appropriate"

    Blog On!

  18. Thanks, Kristen. We should be okay - I have my "golden carrot" at the end, and I will get into new routines.

    You're welcome, Tanya! :) Nature is the best at soothing me. I don't reveal my city due to privacy.

    'Doll, thank you. I appreciate your empathy. I will have to come up with some other way to get my outfit "fix" in.

  19. You live in an amazing place Sheila.
    I love all of your shots, its a city so very close to nature!
    I think I would miss the walks too ... the water is SO CLEAR.
    IF I TOLD YOU.... I live two blocks from a contaminated beach. Sometimes it stinks in the afternoon. All of the sewage is dumped there. It's horrid, BUT I AM GETTING A HUGE tax increase because I live close to it. How about that ?!

  20. Lorena, I know, I'm really lucky to live here. I'll take more pictures on my new routes once I'm off. I'm sorry to hear about your polluted beach - that sucks.

  21. I'm so sorry about your job situation, Sheila. You have such a great attitude though -- I'm certain you'll find something new and exciting!

    You look stunning in both these outfits, btw. Love that arty dress, and corresponding pose!

  22. Thanks, Audi, something new will come along, I'm sure. Thanks so much!

  23. i love this post. n love ur arty dress!


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