Monday, November 8, 2010

Three Days to Go

Wednesday is probably going to be my last day at work - Thursday is a stat holiday here (Remembrance Day), and I doubt my boss will make us come in for Friday (that's my "official" last day). It felt weird planning my outfit last night, knowing that I probably won't wear a lot of the stuff in my closet for several months.

Anyway, I'm not wholly happy with today's outfit:
I think it's the skirt. I love the colour and the high waist, but with the dark tights, it really stumpified my legs and me, overall. But you know what? It's good enough.

With the jacket done up:
It's a bit too tight across the boobs to wear this way, but it looks nice. I have only worn this jacket once before (here, beware, vacation pictures) - I pinned my zipper rose on the collar this time.

I bought a whole year's supply of tights on the weekend, including these funky ones:
I do love plaid, especially with a nice red stripe.

The stuff:
My glorious Fluevog "Coffee" shoes (last seen here).

Jacket (Camden Market, London), top (Planet), skirt (Bedoe, thrifted), belt (Nygard), tights (Filodoro), shoes ("Sumatra Coffee", Fluevog), zipper rose (Victoria & Albert Museum Gift Shop), ring (gift from Cindy), earrings (Aldo Accessories).


  1. I love the tights, but I think that's what is making the skirt seem off. If they were lighter maybe? Either way, all the pieces are great!

  2. Love the tights! Plaid is awesome.

    I was kindof feeling the same thing today. My skirt is about the same length as yours and I felt kind of stumpy most of the day.

    I like the blazer buttoned up though. It emphasizes your waist and balances out your torso with your legs.

  3. Thinking of you this week (and the ones after, of course). This too shall pass.

    In the mean time, I like what you've done here, with all your sophisticated mixing of muted colours in super-styley pieces.

  4. It is good enough. I'm thinking of you this week.

    If you don't mind, is it all right if I ask you a question about your Vog's? I've been reading that the sizing is a bit off. Have you found this to be true with your Fluevog's? I've seen reviews suggesting 1/2 size up and also 1/2 to a whole size down and am seriously confused. I'm looking at the Macchiato online and wonder what your thoughts were on this brand's sizing. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  5. Hugs to you, Sheila.

    First of all - coming from someone who is terrible at being unemployed (I get bored and depressed very easily), I think it's very important to make sure that you do things that boost your mood and energy rather than putting them on hold until you have a job again. Wear your pretty shoes and pencil skirts - I know that you have the ability to style them in modern and funky and even more casual way than than the average woman. Go out of the house every day, even if it's just to the grocery store. Basically, don't do what I did and sit indoors in the dark on the computer all day, because that's just a recipe to get depressed and uninspired.

    I really hope that another opportunity pans out soon - wishing you lots of luck.

    (Also: I don't see stumpifying in this outfit, particularly with the jacket done up. I like how the cream in your shoes complements but doesn't exactly match the tone of your skirt. And I really want your zipper brooch!)

  6. Sheila, I know you said you're a shortie (LOL), but honestly, it is impossible to stumpify your legs. Proportionally to your whole bod, they go on for a very long time! :)

    Those tights are fantastic!

  7. The tights are amazing! I need to get out there and check out the possibilities.

    You look just fine to wrap up this chapter of your life. Another WHOLE episode is just waiting to be written!

  8. I love those tights and those shoes. I don't think that this outfit stumpifies you because of the heels.
    Sending you good vibes about your last days of work.

  9. Killer tights. Nice choice.

    Sorry about the melancholy. Leaving any workplace is sad. Hang in there, buddy.

  10. Oh I so love those tights and shoes. The last week of work is so weird isn't it? Hang in there.

  11. Oh Sheila, wish I could hug you. Bleh, what a week.

    I'm struggling with tights, too, this season. What is UP with that?

  12. Girl- i like this all together- nice contrast with the lighter skirt and tights- i could go on and on about those shoes and tights!!!

    Hoping you find a job soon- hugs to you.

  13. I am loving those tights !
    Right now focus on positives, you will have a well deserved vacation and Inigo will be thrilled to have you around until you start working again :)

  14. Thinking of you in your soon to be laid off state. Hope it doesn't last too long. I love what Rebecca said - here's hoping for a new and wonderful chapter in your life to begin.

    Just think - for a while you'll have more time to spend with that beautiful cat!

  15. Sheila, I love how you put your leg on the table to take a picture of your tights!

    I hope it all goes well tomorrow, if it does turn out to be your last day. Will be thinking of you.

  16. Thanks, Cara - yeah, it's the combo of the light skirt and dark tights. Not so much.

    Megan, thanks, agreed! I saw your outfit and loved it! I need to drop a few pounds and then I can wear the blazer done up. ;)

    A-Dubs, thanks, I appreciate that. I'm doing okay (for now).

    Thank you, Jen. Sure! Yes, the sizing is hugely erratic. If you go to the website and read through the comments, you can see what other people say. I typically have to go up 1/2 to a full size. Eg., I wear a 9 to 9.5 usually, but in 'Vogs, it's a 9.5-10. They cut really narrow on a lot of styles too (I have narrow feet). With the Macchiato, that's the same line as these ones that I'm wearing - mine are a 9.5, so go up 1/2 a size from what you would normally wear. There is a bit of stretch, but not much. Check their return policy, just in case!

    Kari, thanks, hon. I read your comment this morning and thought about it on the way to work. I also get bored and depressed easily (I'm naturally introverted), so I really appreciate your advice. I am making an effort to try and stay positive and enjoy a little down time. Thank you so much for your words of experience.

    Kristen, oh, you are too kind! Thank you!

    Rebecca, I love tights - don't be afraid to experiment! You are so right - I am excited to see what is next on my journey.

    Rad, thanks! I appreciate the vibes. :)

    Ralph, thank you! I am naturally a bit melancholy (I am a poet, after all), but I'll be okay. Thank you so much for your support.

    Alison, yes, it's so bizarre. Thank you, hon.

    Sal, thanks for the virtual hug. :) I know, is it hot, is it cold? Bah.

    Alecia, thank you so much! Hugs back.

    Lorena, thank you! You're so right - and I know Inigo will LOVE having me around. :)

    Thank you, Northmoon! Stayin' positive! Ha, Inigo is going to be so spoiled. :)

    Secret Squirrel, hey, whatever works, right? Thank you.

  17. Thank you for your Vog's sizing help. I've read the reviews at their site and on other info shopping sites and didn't know which way to go. I really didn't want to order multiple pairs at once. I'd like some new shoes for upcoming events beginning on the 27th but left it a bit too late for back and forth shipping...Oops.

    Thanks you again for your help, I really appreciate it.

  18. Try not to get too down, and please dress anyway, because we all love to see what you'll do next!

    While I agree the light skirt and dark tights aren't the best combo, I don't think you look "stumpy". Probably because you've got killer legs!

  19. Sheila, Your outfits are always stunning, I am a Sheila-Wanna-Be. I know you must get tired of hearing it, but good things are going to come your way.



  20. You're welcome, Jen - I would go with the reviews on the site. Good luck!

    Thanks, 'Doll! I will keep dressing, don't worry. :) You're too kind, thanks so much.

    Aw, thank you, Lesa, that's so sweet of you.


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