Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not Quite Over - Tall Boots Redux

After yesterday's mind-f**k, I decided to go with what I'd planned for my formerly last day: my thigh-high boots:
Last seen here. This is basically a repeat of this outfit, only with the boots and slightly different accessories.

I rarely repeat outfits, but I love this top so much - but it's hard to wear! Not many things go with an asymmetrical hem, let me tell you.
It's also cold out and the heating in the office hasn't been working for several weeks, so I need that extra warmth.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts, congratulations and good advice. I don't plan to stay past this month (I have a holiday booked in December), and I made sure that my "golden carrot" is not being reduced - I will get an extra month's pay out of this (nothing to sneeze at). The months leading up to the end of the year are brutal for job-hunting, so I'd planned to take them off anyway.

The stuff:
The boss is taking us out for a long expensive lunch today. Yum!

Cardigan (Express, consignment), top (Zara, consignment), pants (Kensie), boots (Pegabo), multi-strand necklace (Plum), single neckace (2028), gold hoops (gift from L).



    That is hands down the hottest thing I have ever seen on you. I love it. It is so dang flattering and curvalicious. And the BOOTS!~


  2. Those boots make your legs look so long! Have you tried that top with skinny jeans perhaps?

    Enjoy your expensive lunch today :)

  3. You are more courageous than me: I see a shirt like that in a store, love it, but then turn it down because I never know how to style it! I think you went with the right length for that cardigan, though, which gives me a bit more options - hopefully I'll pick one up once this shopping ban is over!

  4. So glad your employment has been extended, just shows how much they value you!

  5. You look cozy in this outfit.

    The top is awesome but you are right about asymmetrical hems. I find them almost impossible to manage so I donated my worst offender thinking someone else could do better by it.

    Enjoy your lunch today!

  6. Oh, how I love those OTK boots So cute. That is so nice that your boss is taking you all out for a really nice lunch. Enjoy it, and then it's back to work for you. An extra month is a nice thing.

  7. So true about asymmetric hems - they are a bear! Love this top with the sassy boots.

  8. I loved the first version of this outfit... so of course I love this. That top is gorgeous.

    Have you tried layering a floofy skirt with it? I could even see wearing a brown or goldish pencil skirt to give the top a 'dress'like look.

  9. Thanks, Erin! I like this outfit a lot. I feel very powerful stalking around in my bigass boots, heh heh.

    Thanks, Anne! I don't actually own any skinny jeans, but I like that idea. Lunch was dee-lish!

    Cara, it's a great top over a slim pant - I've also worn it with a pencil skirt and over a slim dress (and with a short cardi too). Thanks!

    Faith, thank you. :)

    Jen, I am actually warm today! Yay! I love this top, though.

    Alison, me too. And they are much less stinky this time. :) Lunch was so good (I am stuffed).

    Sal, they're very tricky beasts, indeed. Thank you!

    Megan, thanks! Floofy doesn't work very well with it (the bias cut needs a streamlined bottom). I did it with my pencil short pants and over a slim dress in the last wardrobe challenge in June 2010.

  10. That's so crazy they waited until the last moment to tell you! Rrr.... at least you looked great both days!

  11. I think WWWYG said it all today. Sex-ay! (Your word, appropriately applied to its originator!)

    I missed commenting yesterday - 'sorry! - but wanted to say "Geez! That is crazy. But I'm glad your golden carrot got extended, too."

  12. You know THAT is one of my favorite tops !
    Hot hot, you make it look effortless even though the asymmetrical top can be a pain.

  13. 'Doll, I know - so annoying. Thanks!

    Thanks, A-Dubs!

    Lorena, I know. :) Thanks so much.

  14. I Love this top with the otk boots ! Very Chic.

  15. Man! Erin nailed it. i have to say, i'd love to copy this look of yours!! all i need is skyhigh/thighhigh boots, gorgeous asymmetric silk top, on-trend necklaces, faboo red hair, killer bod......hmm.

    at least i have the glasses part covered : ) love it! steph

  16. Thanks, Miss Emma Kitty (love the name)! Thank you so much for commenting, too. :)

    Steph, thanks! Aw, you could totally do this look. Heh, glasses and all.

  17. Hi Sheila! Thanks for stopping bye and commenting :) You look so lovely, those thigh high boots are gorgeous!

  18. You're so welcome, Weesha! Thank you for commenting - I love my boots!

  19. God, I love that top! The colors, the asymmetry, the way it fits you soooo well. Awesome.

  20. Thanks, Kristen! It is one of my favourite tops from my year of shopping non-new.


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