Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tweed and Eyelet

There's nothing particularly exciting about this outfit:
New black eyelet button-down shirt (100% cotton, my favourite Club Monaco) that I picked up in the thrift store for $14.95. My tweed skirt that Celia gave me ages ago (seen here and here).

I added a red cami under the shirt for a bit of visual interest:
My hairdryer broke this morning - it now only shoots out cold air at a very low speed. My hair is now flat, arg.

Add in the bigass shoes (last seen here):
And Grandma J's lovely necklace.

A close-up:
I love that. The beads are heavy (glass? jet?) and warm up as I wear it.

Inigo obliged by being cute:
And now I have to get into my Hallowe'en costume for Book Club! I'll be wearing it to work tomorrow as well.

What are you dressing up as for Hallowe'en?

Blouse (Club Monaco, thrifted), cami (Mexx), skirt (Mexx, gift from Celia), shoes (Qupid, consignment), necklace (vintage 50s? Grandma J).


  1. I love the eyelet top! Those shoes are totally amazing.

    Strapped for funds this year - I'll be reusing bits and pieces to create a princess costume, but if it's cold, I'll probably go for a witchy costume.

  2. Great layering under your sheer shirt. I love how the color peeks out.
    Also, the blunt toe of your shoe is genius.
    Inigo looks like a wise soul.

  3. The shirt and red cami are a great combination. Subtle and stylish.

    Can't wait to see your Halloween costume. I'm posting my in a few minutes.

  4. Ooooh! Those shoes are fantastic! I'm still a little uncertain about my Halloween costume this year. I'm doing a 5K in it so whatever it ends up being it has to be running-friendly.

  5. The necklace is a lovely heirloom, I love that blouse, and the color underneath adds pop while still being subtle.
    And I'm not saying what I'm going as on Halloween... but you will want to check for the photos- they are going to be great!

  6. I love the way you added color! Also the shoes and necklace shot--made me want to go put on shoes and necklace right away instead of sitting in robe writing proposals! :)

  7. i love outfits like these.....they look very nice from a distance, nothing outstanding, but they draw you in. and when you look closer, you start to see all these details that aren't apparent from a ways away. they reward you for closer inspection. i love the necklace with the eyelet - yum!

    that cat! i want to pat his little belly. ours only lets you pet his tummy at certain times, but it's worth it. happy costume wearing!! steph

  8. p.s. "My hairdryer broke this morning - it now only shoots out cold air at a very low speed."

    just what every woman needs - cold, lo speed air. pfffft. good thing your hair looks great anyways! : )

  9. Inigo looks like a great accessory! Love the eyelet. Happy Halloween.

  10. Thanks, Megan! I didn't spend a dime on my costume - I can't wait to see yours!

    Thanks, Rad! Inigo is...kind of a dumb cat, actually. :)

    Thanks, Ralph! I loved your costume!

    LaHdeM: thanks! Wow, that's amazing - good luck in the race! I don't think I could do a 5K in mine!

    'Doll, thanks, I love the necklace. Ooh, I will check in on you tonight!

    Ann, thank you! Heh, you could definitely wear a necklace and shoe with your robe - who would know?

    Steph, thank you so much. You know I'm a detail person! Inigo loves tummy rubs - we can totally rub him with our feet or hands, and he will even tke them from strangers.

    I know, I am pissed about it. Now I have to buy a new one. Grrr...

    Thanks, Lisa, he's the best!

  11. I was searching to find out what my Grandmother's black, shiny, cool to the touch, heavy beads were- and here is what I found- natural jet is an organic gemstone comprised of fossilized wood, which makes it light weight and warm to the touch. Most jet is mined in either England or China. The word jet became synonymous with pitch black color, so lots of black jewelry was referred to as 'jet', even though it wasn't actually natural jet.
    I hope that helps; I found it pretty interesting!
    (I thought jet was heavy!)

  12. Thanks, Rita! I've heard of jet and thought this might have been jet beads, but like you said, I thought jet was heavy too. Maybe it's just glass (made for the poorer folks)?


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