Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Annie Hall-ish

I built today's outfit around this blouse that I got at the thrift store:
It's Banana Republic and was $19.99. The tag says it's "HOL 02" so it's nearly eight years old - and it still had a remnant of its original tag on it, so it's barely (if ever) worn. I gravitated to it because of the cuffs - something you can watch for when you shop thrift/consignment because they hang down lower than other long sleeves.

It also had a really nice feel to the fabric - soft, not rough or snaggy. It's machine wash and dry too. And it's really quite see-through! I was really happy that I decided to wear this floppy bow, ha!
The menswear-ish vibe reminds me, of course, of "Annie Hall" and Diane Keaton's signature style from that movie.

The vest is another workhorse item in my wardrobe - I've worn it tons of times (really, I have, it's amazing how many). I've only worn the skirt once, so about time I dragged it out again! It's a really thick ultra-suede.

The stuff:
I wore the boots a few times last winter (here, last Christmas' capsule wardrobe, and originally here). The scarf is actually the belt from one of my skirts.

A close-up of the bling:
Another pair of L's cufflinks - these ones are stamped "Gilt." I think L's mom found those ones.

Look who decided to hang out:
Kitty in a box!

Vest (Vero Moda), blouse (Banana Republic, thrifted), skirt (Liz Claiborne, thrifted), boots (Indigo by Clarke's, consignment), earrings (Plum), cufflinks (vintage 50s).


  1. I remember when the movie came out and everyone adopted the look. It works especially well for you 'cause you have the right vibe for it.

    And I love the cufflinks!!

  2. Kitty!

    Also, love the outfit -- longer skirts and boots are fab, I hope fashion's total fascination with above the knee is over for a while.

  3. You look to so tall in this outfit. Pretty BR Blouse, I love finding really nice pieces while thrifting.

  4. You look fabulous in that vest, love it.

    Awwww kitty in a box! My kitties loved hanging out in shoe boxes so much, but Mosquito only fit into boot boxes!

  5. Ralph, watch out, you're dating yourself! ;-) I don't do the menswear look too often, but I do love it. Thanks!

    Wendy - I love Maru! Inigo is not nearly as funny.

    'Doll, aren't they fab? And they were only around $20, I think.

    Cynthia - hee! I like skirts of all lengths, but I'm happy to see longer ones back too.

    Alison, thanks! To a shrimp of 5'4", that makes me feel great! Same here, I don't mind paying a bit more for good quality.

    Thanks, Sal!

    Sherylyn, thanks, sweetie! Would you believe Inigo is IN a boot box there? Ha!

  6. Lovely blouse, and just perfect with that waistcoat and skirt :)

  7. I love your boots!! and GREAT outfit... very sophisticated!! And your cat looks just like mine.. totally awesome.. they could be twins!!

    I have some earrings as a giveaway you might like :


  8. Thanks so much, Cat!

    Thanks, Jodi! Aw, a twin to my kitty, how cute! Thanks!

  9. Nice deployment of the menswear style. I like the scarf bow over vest. My mother wore quite a bit of that style to work in the 1980s, and I imitate it today.

    I have only one suggestion. I would favor a more delicate shoe on that ensemble. The boots make the outfit a bit bottom-heavy, whereas I think the visual interest is at the top (scarf, etc.).

    Nicely done.

  10. Thanks, Steph!

    Thanks, Cat - yes, I recall that this look was huge in the 80s. I considered a daintier shoe, but eh, I've done that before, so tried the boot. They were nice and comfortable. Good to see you again! It's been a while. :)

  11. Yeay for the Annie Hall look! I heart that vest.

  12. ha! yesterday, at the sink, it occurred to me why i love this look so much.....it's kind of 'outside of time'. it has echoes of various retro/vintage styles, but it's not wedded to any in particular. it'd be hard 100 years from now to peg this look as 'definitely 2010'. it doesn't really fit the '70's, either, as similar skirt shapes were around in the thirties and forties. i just love it - it has a mysteriousness to it, a little slipperiness, which is a favorite thing for me in outfits. yay!! steph

  13. Steph, yes, that's it - I love those kinds of looks too. It's not something I'm going to look at in 10 years and go, "Oh, god, what was I thinking?" Thanks!

  14. The Annie Hall look is one of my most favorite, and it never goes out of style, with small tweaks here and there. You do it especially well here. Love the boots!

  15. Thanks, Kristen, I totally agree - it's a classic look. Thanks so much!


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