Friday, October 1, 2010

Casual Friday: Vintage and An Ampersand

And my week of red wraps up with a bit of coral red, in accents. I have been wanting to wear this top again for ages:
I last wore it over a year ago (here), and twice previously, here and here. I don't like to wear my actual vintage too often, as it can be delicate. I also remembered that this one tends to expose me...and with these low rise pants, I had double the risk of having muffin top exposed! I wore a cami under it to alleviate that.

I love the back view:
I feel very Audrey in these pants (always do) - these are just the right width and length on me.

And because it's casual day, I tossed on my jean jacket (I took it off for most of the day, though):
That's my new-to-me purse - also in coral red. I realize now that I'm holding it backwards, so you can't see the ampersand handle properly. Arg.

I got this in a thrift store when I went shopping with Elaine a few weeks back. I spotted the bright colour and pulled it out...hmmm, what's that I see?
That reads "matt & nat - montreal" - whoa! matt & nat are very expensive, as they are all vegan and eco-friendly. Check it out - even the cheapest bag on sale (a wallet) is minimum $45. My bag feels rubbery on the outside, and the inside is very soft, like felt. It closes with two big velcro circles.

And what did I pay? Glad you asked! I paid $4.00.

The stuff:
The bracelet and earrings were "liberated" from Mom's jewelry box back in the early 80s. The ring is new.

Top (Style Rite, vintage), pants (Focus 2000), cami (Esprit), shoes (Tsubos), belt, bracelet and earrings (70s vintage, Mom's), ring (Le Chateau), jean jacket (Ann Taylor Loft), bag (matt & nat, thrifted).


  1. I'm SO far behind that I'm not going to try to CATCH up--just KEEP up! You look great in this outfit. Weight Watchers is really paying off for you :)

  2. I love those tsubos! Fabulous bag, I need to go shopping with you sometime. You always find the coolest and best thrifting/consignment finds.

  3. Love that top! The whole outfit looks great!

  4. Love the colors on you and your story of "liberating" your Mom's jewelry!

  5. This looks like a fun outfit and the colours of that top are too gorgeous. Very Audrey indeed.

  6. I love Matt and Nat. I picked up a green faux-suede hobo a few years back at Marshalls for under $20! Now, you can't find one here in the US for under $50.

    Your top is super cute! Great outfit.

  7. Cropped pants are so difficult to wear, but you're right - these are perfect.

  8. PS I second Megan Mae - I'd love to go shopping with you too!

  9. Fabulous, fun and flirty outfit. But OMG that ampersand bag is THE BEST!! So cute.

  10. That is the loveliest outfit - the bag is a brilliant find. You've put all the pieces together so well and it all looks so effortlessly stylish!

  11. Wow, a Matt and Nat bag for $4? Your thrifting-fu is strong! Love that kicky ampersand design, too. High fashion and editorial geekery go together well, in my mind.

  12. I love the ampersand bag! The whole outfit is smashing, actually.

  13. You have the best wardrobe!

    The pants are stunning on you. And the top is very cute. Smart move to add a cami; that wouldn't have occurred to me but extends the top's coverage. Great job!

  14. That purse needs to come live with me. And your pants.

  15. Love that whole look - you do indeed look very Audrey. And that top is wonderful!

  16. Sheila you look fab in those pants.
    Or maybe the pants look fab on YOU ?
    I can only say you look amazing in this set and
    let me know when you do not want that bag.
    It was the first thing I SAW when I opened the link....
    I have bag envy.

  17. That bag is fantastic. I can't believe it was 44.00.

  18. Thanks, Rebecca, and don't worry about it. :)

    Thanks, Megan! if you're ever in my neck of the woods, it's a date.

    Thanks, lawyerdoll!

    Thanks, Lesa.

    Jen, thanks!

    LaShaune, you got a deal! That's awesome. Thanks!

    Thanks, Northmoon - and I usually hate pants. Same for you - let me know if you're in my area!

    Thanks, Kristen!

    Baxter, thanks so much.

    FT, serious! Thanks so much! I love geekery!

    Thanks, Kelly.

    shybiker, thank you! I'm always aware of coverage.

    Ha, thanks, Della!

    Thanks, Cat!

    Lorena, whatever, we just like the pants, haha! I will remember you when this bag bores me. ;)

    Thanks, Rebecca! I know - score!

  19. Oh, I just love the proportions here! You're right; the cropped pants are ideal for your figure. So sassy!

  20. love this outfit style.
    n that bag!! AWESOME! love it!


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