Friday, October 22, 2010

Casual Friday: Purple Spirit Support

I missed the memo on "Spirit Day" during which participants wear purple to show their support of LGBT (edited: thanks, Ralph!) people and to bring attention to the anti-bullying message. I was bullied as a kid (you can get a glimpse of it in my speech "Found on the Ferry" that I wrote here), and I can't imagine how much more awful it could have been if I was gay or transgendered. My heart goes out to those folks.

Anyway, I hope I'm making up for it today:
My purple shirt and my purple shoes (I actually have two pairs of purple shoes to choose from!), and hey, look, I'm in jeans! A rare occurence, although I wear them around the house nearly 100% of the time.

Sorry the pictures are dark - it was dark out this morning when I took them.
Shoes last seen here. Also worn here, here, here, here and here. Wow, I didn't think I had worn them that much!

The stuff:
My new bracelet from L - love all the stones! Turquoise, quartz, amethyst, tiger-eye - it's handmade silver from India, and I love it. I also put on my amethyst jewelry from the 80s: my earrings, ring and the crystal.

The shoes:
It may be time for these shoes to say good-bye to my closet - I don't really wear them much anymore.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Shirt (H&M, thrifted), vest (Esprit), jeans (Seven7, gift from Caro), shoes (Bronx), bracelet (gift from L), earrings/ring/crystal (80s, gifts from Mom & Dad), turquoise ring (Plum).


  1. Love your purple. When do you hear about the potential new job?

  2. What shoe size do you wear? I'm an 8-8 1/2 US. Just in case you decide to ditch the shoes ;D

    You actually wear jeans in the house? I'm impressed! I wear PJs unless I'm leaving the house. I've been known to do the school run in PJs, if I wasn't going to the office that day.

    Very cute outfit, but it looks more like me than you....

  3. Ohhhhh Sheila! First off let me tell you how much I love your style and your blog. I check in with you every day. Second...OMG what size are your feet?!?!?! I love your purple shoes and would gladly ummm, you know, relieve you of them :o) (I happen to live in the lower mainland also) You have THE best shoe collection and I dream of having my own. I am working day and night on it, much to the husbands chagrin.

  4. Sheila, your legs look killer long in those jeans!

  5. I missed the day to, I'll have to make up for it asap!

  6. It's really admirable, buddy, that you have awareness of and compassion toward those who are different. That shows how sweet you are.

    It's small and unimportant but the acronym is usually stated LGBT, not GLBT. You might confuse people with those letters.

    Your purple shoes want me to shrink my feet so I can offer them a new home. But, alas, you're normal-sized and I'm Herman Munster.

  7. That is one spectacular bracelet. I'm such sucker for semi-precious stones. So pretty!

  8. I don't know why you don't wear jeans more often; you look fantastic in them! Why are you getting rid of the shoes? My first thought when I saw the closeup was how much I liked them. Are they uncomfortable?

  9. I'll get to the rest of the comments later this weekend, but: the shoes.

    They hurt my feet and they are a size 40/9 to 9.5 - if you're interested, drop me a line with your email. :)

  10. I love your purple! Especially those shoes! I think I want your entire shoe collection - so many beautiful colors!

    I was bullied as a kid too, so I feel the same way. And honestly, I think there needs to be some awareness for all kids who are victims of this, because it just all around sucks.

  11. I carry a purple wallet every day. Does that count as showing my support every day? I hope so! ;-)

  12. Thanks, Cynthia! Well, I'll interview tomorrow (Monday), and then fingers crossed.

    'Doll, size 40 or 9-9.5 US. I wear jeans all the time (I don't even own sweatpants or PJs). Hey, I like doing a "normal" outfit once in a while. ;)

    Victoria, thank you so much - and thank you for commenting. The shoe size is noted - drop me a comment with your email if you're interested and I'll send them to you.

    Cara, thanks!

    Iris, good for you!

    Ralph, thanks, I just feel like everyone should have the same opportunities (and disadvantages) as everyone else, regardless of sex, gender preference, colour - or anything! I did correct the acronym, thank you. :)

    Thanks, Alison! I love it too.

    Kristen, it's because I wear them at home so much - they feel very casual to me. But thank you! The shoes are not very comfortable and I'm just tired of them.

    Anne, thanks! I think the recent YouTube video campaign is wonderful - I hope it makes a difference.

    Wendy, absolutely, girl!

  13. Really? The shoes are so pretty! I love them with your long-legged jeans.

  14. Eh, I'm just tired of them. I have other shoes I love more.


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