Monday, October 18, 2010

Skirt Creep - Zebra and New Shoes

This will be the last wear of this skirt for the season. I wore it with micro-fishnets today and had awful skirt creep all day. Most annoying.

I did like the outfit, though, and L gave this one an enthusiastic thumbs up:
How much do I love this zebra skirt? Wow, a lot! Last worn here.

I actually had a few issues with the hip region with this outfit. The skirt has pockets and pleats, and the cardi has pockets, so I had a lot of...blousing...going on there.

I was more excited about spending my birthday money this weekend...
...on my new shoes! I spotted these a couple of weeks ago and pined after them, but they were too pricey for me (funny how you get spoiled by $6 to $40 shoes when you shop consignment!). When I was scoping around the mall I saw that they had been marked down to $75.00, so that was that.

The stuff:
Well, hello there, classic hidden platform, super-comfy teal shoes. Aren't you a lovely soft suede? I think you're going to like living in my closet.

I wasn't familiar with this brand (Me Too), but these were amazingly soft and squishy inside. The sizing ran really big, so I bought an 8.5 instead of my usual 9-9.5/40.

A close-up of the non-shoe items:
The necklace Mom gave me for my birthday, a mess of jangly bangles.

I also got another pair of shoes (boots). Look who found the box:
Aw! Kitty in a box! What a pretty boy.

Cardigan (Express, thrifted), cami (Ricki's, gift from Ruth), skirt (Plum), belt (gift from Mom), shoes (Me Too), necklace (Marks & Spencer's, gift from mom), assorted bangles (made in India), earrings (Aldo Accessories).


  1. Those are some wicked shoes. Very jealous. Also, I love the combination of the teal with the zebra. It somehow seems unexpected but absolutely fabulous!

  2. Oh, cats and boxes! Why do other cat toys even exist?

    And that skirt is awesome; I love how the skirt and sweater emphasize your teensy waist, even though they both have pockets. And those shoes are delicious. What a perfect colour and heel height. (Did you find that brand at Feet First? Inquiring minds want to know. . .)

  3. LOVE the shoes. I was actually considering a pair of Me Too grey booties before I got the red shoes.

    Also if I ever make it up to Canada, I'm totally going to catnap Inigo. He's so cute!

    (although my mom just got a second cat, so I now have two to see once a week.)

  4. Thanks, E-Jo! I love the zebra with a bold colour.

    A-Dubs, I know, why do I bother even buying him toys?? Thanks! Yes, they are from Feet First.

    Thanks, Megan! They are so nice to wear. Hee, yes, he's a cutie.

  5. Oh thumbs WAY up on this. Now I know how to wear my zebra skirt. Thanks, again :)

  6. Love the color POP of the teal shoes! Most excellent, and especially helpful on a Monday...
    I have about 8 pairs of Me Too shoes and boots. I love every pair! It all started innocently enough with a pair of pull-on ankle boots on sale at DSW several years back. Now 5 pairs of shoes and 2 more of boots later, I am still delighted with them. SO VERY comfy! Yours are beautiful. I now have lust in my heart for a 9th pair...
    And what is it with cats and boxes? (and bags too, for that matter...) If you TRY to put a cat in a box, you'd better be wearing a suit of armor. But if you leave a box (/bag) unattended for 2 seconds, there is a cat in it, looking totally adorable. Even if you don't own a cat. I've asked my two fuzzy gals about this matter, but they remain characteristically mum...

  7. I don't know what's cuter, the shoes (amazing colour!) or the kitty :-)

    Try putting a tiny bit of moisturiser on your tights, works a treat for that blasted creep!

  8. THe shoes are delectable and that skirt works perfectly. I love the proportions of this outfit and love how the skirt's print is offset with your red hair! There's some added fashion genius in having your gorgeous kitty boy tone so well with the skirt.

  9. I love me some zebra print! And paired with fishnets! I'll bet that looked great. May I suggest a half slip to solve the skirt creep problem? Our mothers and grandmothers always wore slips to avoid this issue. They fell out of favor in the 70s when pants became so popular, but every gal should have a slip or two in her closet.

  10. Black and white cats are the best. I have one in my outfit photo today. Those are excellent shoes.

  11. Those are some really awesome shoes! I love the teal color, so fun. And what a cute boy in the box. Love the kitty pictures!

  12. Our cats love their boxes too!! Funny little furballs. Yours has beautiful markings and love his curious expressions- just know he does not miss a thing that goes on in your home.

    Envy those teal numbers - looks great with the zebra print skirt- sorry about the creep (insert TLC)

    like how you downplayed the volumn in the skirt with the cardi.

  13. Aw, how adorable is kitty in a box! I'm sure that means he approves of your new boots :)

    And those shoes are fabulous! I need to get myself some more colorful shoes, and I have a feeling teal is pretty versatile.

  14. Boy, you can really put together an outfit, Sheila. You're like the Zen-master of fashion.

    I love the skirt. Sorry about its practical problems, but it looks great.

  15. Thanks, SU! I hope yours is lined.

    Thanks, Rita! I am a fan of this brand now, for sure. Hee, I know - Inigo's favourite toy is a running shoe box. He chases it all over the living room.

    Ha, thanks, Tat! I'll try that, but I think it's more the cotton of the skirt rubs on the nylons.

    Thanks, Baxter! I didn't plan for the cat to match. :)

    Jody, I totally love half-slips, but the ones I have are too long. It's tough to find a short one! I wore slips up till about the mid-80s when they got really hard to find. I adore full-length slips too. Thank you so much for the suggestion!

    Thanks, Cynthia! I will check out your blog later on tonight.

    Alison, thanks! Inigo is the cutest!

    Alecia, don't you just love seeing them in the boxes? Inigo is such a pretty cat. :) Thanks - I will have to make do with some of the other 40+ skirts in my wardrobe, haha!

    Thanks, Anne - I think he does, he tried to scratch them. Teal (and turquoise, which I also have) is a great semi-neutral. It goes with a lot!

    shybiker, thank you so much! What a nice thing to say. :)

  16. That Cat. he's becoming quite the model! such wonderfully expressive eyes.....

    wonderful look! and one i may attempt to copy at some point (when i want to look more grown-up). right on!!! steph

  17. i almost bought one just like that at Kohl's (the skirt)!

    tooo Cute!

  18. Oh, one other thing- and it doesn't always work... but: pettipants for skirt creep! I've found, as an athletic booty'd gal, that they work much better than a slip for a miniskirt. With a slip, I was often battling both slip AND skirt creep, and often found the former bunched up around my waist. (I feel pretty, oh-so-pretty!) I have also found that pettipants without lace trim work best. The lace tends to grab at the tights. Hope this helps.

  19. the zebra skirt really looks sexy on u!

  20. Steph, thanks, he is such a dear. Please feel free to copy (hee).

    BBSM, how cool! Thanks.

    Rita, I've heard of those - I never see them around, but I should have a good prowl through the local lingerie shops and check. Thanks so much!

  21. That is one of my favorite skirts of yours.
    Inigo is the cutest thinggggg my! he has got to be a heavy one !

  22. Thanks, Lorena! Inigo is probably around 12-14 lbs. He's lost a bit of weight since Othello died (he's not stealing food from Othello anymore).

  23. Awwwww, Inigo in a box! Crazy cute. How do you not rub that cute nose all day long? That's what I would do!

    I am a huge fan of Me Toos; very cute and comfortable. Love the teal!

  24. Kristen, I know, he's just adorable. I hug him all the time. Thanks!


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