Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What to Wear for a Phone Interview - Also, Gifts Received and Given

Warning: big post, lots of stuff going on.

Firstly, I had a phone interview today with the company whose job fair I attended a couple of weeks ago (outfit here)! Woo! I think it went very well. I should hear by the end of the week if I am going to get an "in person" interview. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, silly thing, but hmmm...what do you wear for a phone interview? This is what I went with:
No rattly bracelets or earrings to distract while on the phone. Solid shoes and a classy look but with a bit of funk (for that confident edge).

I was really pleased with the layering of the navy tulle skirt under this floral one.
I glopped on my strands of necklaces for some bling near my face. Got my haircut last night - man, I need to dye it badly. I have massive roots!

The stuff:
I love those shoes - it's hard to see but they have a black platform and solid rubber heel. I had to be bad, though: I slit the back of the heel because they rubbed really badly right in one spot. So much better now!

The sparklies:
I've worn all of these lots of times before, although the earrings are new. Check 'em out:
Heh, I've got big steel balls. Heh heh.

Sweater (Tobias), skirt (Mexx), underskirt (Noa Noa), shoes (Camper), belt (Plum), rhinestone necklace (Jacob), other necklace (Plum), earrings (Aldo Accessories).

The lovely and fabulous Sherylyn (oh my god, bacon sauce??) gave me a birthday gift today. We meet every Wednesday after work for a walk. She's also one of my Book Club and Winesday Women and is a wonderful friend. Look at the card:
And Shi Studio earrings! My favourite! Thank you, sweetie, that's so generous of you.

Now, if you don't know Hilary, you absolutely should! Go now! Wish her a very Happy Birthday - she is a wonderful Libra just like someone else (ME). And for her birthday, she asked people to post the contents of their daily bags.

Well, honey, I hope you're not disappointed, but I don't carry a bag like most people on a daily basis. This is my bag:
My rockin' red Mountain Equipment Co-op backpack! I've had this one for about a year - I wore my last one out.

It has a rear big pocket:
Emergency tampon and bandaids in the mesh pocket; otherwise empty. That's where I pack my shoes or boots and my clothes/accessories for my work day.

It also has a biggish middle pocket:
Completely empty. That's where my lunch bag goes.

It also has a smaller big pocket that contains this stuff:
Clockwise from top: black make-up bag, blue toque, wallet, Band-Aids and my card-holder.

I have "business" cards in my cardholder:
I give them out when I'm out shopping and the subject of my blog comes up. I made them using Publisher - not bad, eh? I matched the colours to my blog layout.

In the little black make-up bag, I cram all this stuff:
Clockwise from the top: tampon, deodorant, face powder, Clinique bonus collapsible brush and mirror, Avon nail file, mirror compact, more Band-Aids, and tutti-fruiti dental floss.

I love my mirror compact:
It's very me.

The very front of my pack has this stuff in it:
Bus fare ($2.50), my homemade Weight Watchers tracker (I can track a whole week on one sheet), and my key card for work.

The pack also has two mesh side pouches. This is what I have in those:
The yellow thing is my pouch rain protector, and the green thing is a shopping bag. In the summer, I swap out the rain cover for a tube of sunblock. I guess I should have my rainhat in there too, but the weather's been good this week.

That's it! When I have my pack loaded with my lunch and my shoes/clothes, it weighs about 20 lbs. That's a workout in itself.

Did you notice what I don't have? A cell phone! I don't have one. I do carry keys and an mp3 player (not an iPod, I have one by Creative), and lip balm, but I carry those in my coat pockets.

Happy Birthday, Hilary! I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my world.


  1. Cute interview outfit. The skirt is lovely.
    You are hard core. Like army hard core, with that bag. I thought my gigantic rooting around bag was hardcore. I dig the utilitarian elements.

  2. I just wanted to say I was pleasantly surprised to find out I had been following the blog of a fellow Canadian! Yay! (If I had clicked on your complete profile, I would have known that months ago.) Seeing the word 'toque', and a picture of the toonie tipped me off. Funny tho, that the word 'eh' did not... although I no longer live in the True North, I guess I'm still a Canadian at heart.

    Anyway, good luck on the results of your phone interview!

  3. Sheila you make me laugh! Getting dressed (and fabulously) for a phone interview! Wishing you tons of good luck on that!

    Your compact is great! I have a little pill box that has the retro girl saying "I used to care, but now I take a pill for that".

    Please post about cutting the backs of your shoes. I'm not sure what you mean, and ALL my shoes hurt. My feet were destroyed in those pointy high heels from the 80's.

  4. With THAT outfit, I'm SURE you'll get invited for a PROPER interview :) The bling is great - shoes look both comfy (now that you've slit them) and attractive.

    It was fun seeing the contents of your bag. Maybe you could sell your homemade WW tracker to the WW franchise and forget about a regular job!

    Looks like you're stocked for bandaids...Can't believe you don't have a cell phone...And I really like your Ephemera business cards! Very cool.

  5. That's a great outfit. I love the layering of the skirts! Good luck with the job!

  6. You are so funny!

    Dressing for a phone interview reminds me of the old insult that someone "has a face for radio."

    Love your shoes. Classic beauties.

    I admire that you lack a cellphone. I resisted getting one for years until I thought I was alone in being cell-less. Then work forced me to carry one. Have you realized that all the public payphones have disappeared?!

  7. Fingers crossed!

    oooh, i weely weely like the fabric on that skirt....(it's going in the 'to copy' file). and a gorgeous, appropriate outfit!

    i love it when people who consistently look very pulled together let on that they do big no-no's like slit their shoes. (hee hee!) i also admire your multiple stocks of band never know.

  8. The phone interview outfit is marvelous, lady! Do keep us posted when you hear back, OK?

  9. Thanks, Rad! Yes, I'm hard core - I need a functional bag to get to and from work and still look fabulous, hee hee.

    Hey, welcome, fellow Canuck, DelLatitude! I love hearing from Canadians. :) Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

    Lesa, I know, I'm silly. :) Thanks! The artist is Ann Taintor who does those retro thingies. Re: cutting the backs of my shoes. I only do it if I absolutely can't do anything else to stop my shoe from rubbing. I take an Exacto blade (extreme caution recommended) and make a slit right at the back of the heel where it rubs. This only works for rubbing due to too-tight stitching or a small rub point. If ALL your shoes hurt, I don't think this would help. Maybe you're buying the wrong size?

    Thanks, Rebecca! I should do that - make a fortune from WW! Yes, you never know when someone will need a Band-Aid! Nope, I do fine without a cell phone - glad you like my cards!

    Cynthia, thanks!

    shybiker, thanks! Ha! Yes, I know that joke. I don't feel the need to get a cell phone unless a job requires it - I've managed my whole life without one, and it hasn't been that difficult. I don't need to reach anyone THAT urgently! There are still a few payphones in my city.

    Thanks, Steph! Please go ahead and copy. :) Heh, I also use felt pens to touch up scuffs on my shoes. Band-Aids are always useful.

    Thanks, Sal - I will.

  10. Welcome. You know how some people are torture to shop for? Not you. As someone who loves jewellery and accessories and is not at all conservative, fashion-wise, you are fun and easy to shop for! That said, I sure hope you like them :).

  11. Wishing you lots of luck on the phone interview. I hope you get the inperson one!

    I've heard dressing up for phone interviews can help your "voice" come across as more confident. I hope it worked for you because you look fabulous with all the bling and purple.

  12. Sherylyn, that's what L tells me too. I love the earrings - I will be wearing them tomorrow!

    Megan, thanks, hon! I am actually more interested in another position that this company has open, and I mentioned that during the interview. Fingers crossed! I like your theory on dressing up - awesome. Are you seeing purple? That's a royal blue.

  13. Geez, you are so prepared! I love the cards; I've thought of doing that myself to spare the hassle of having to write down my blog name. But knowing me, I'd never remember to keep the cards in my purse!

    Love the skirt layering, btw. The proportions here are really lovely.

  14. Thanks, Audi! I got tired of having to spell "ephemera" for people who didn't know the word (not to mention, most people can't spell my name). That's why I have my nice wooden case: when I change to a purse, I just move my wallet, black makeup bag and my cardholder over.

  15. What a great skirt!

    I hope that you get a call for an in person interview, Sheila! I've got my fingers crossed for you!

  16. I am so excited on the phone interview, I hope it goes for the best!
    I am loving those shoes... the rubber sole makes me think I could walk for hours in them. Shoes like that should have their own room.
    And I am amazed at how much you take with you everyday.
    I will never complaint when my bag is a little heavy.

  17. I hope you are not disappointed, but I have a bag like most people on a daily basis.

  18. Sheila, Yep my monitor is reading purple. Royal purple, though. My monitor's a bit old, lol!

  19. ahahhaha i also bring backpack to work lately. it might be not that fashionable. but.. its comfy! :)

  20. Thanks, Freeda!

    LaHdM - thanks! I hope I get a call-back too.

    Thanks, Lorena! The shoes are pretty good, comfort-wise. I wish I had my own room for shoes! It's a lot to carry, but it works for me - and a backpack is easier than a huge purse.

    Motorcycle Parts, I am not sure if you are a real commenter...

    Megan, can you calibrate it? Try your settings, or the buttons on the front/bottom of your monitor.

    Nilcha, no, it's not fashionable at all! :) Good for you, though.

  21. Best of luck Sheila, I hope they offer you the job you are interested in.

    I liked seeing your bag - my friend cycles in to work in sports gear & always says it is hard to then pack her bag & dress up for work. I told her I know a very stylish blogger who fits exercise into the first part of the day - I'll be sending her this blog post as proof!

  22. Thanks, Secret Squirrel! It takes a lot of dedication and perserverance to pack your clothes and stuff each day for a commute where you're working to get there - tell your friend it can be done! Sal at Already Pretty also commutes by bike for at least 1/2 the year.

  23. I am constantly amazed that you walk and carry all that stuff everyday. It takes a very strong will and dedication -- and then you look fabulous to boot!

    Boy, I would really hate you if I didn't like you so much. ;-D

  24. Ha, Kristen - you know I have to do it. If I's a slipperly slope from there. I try not to think about it too hard - I just do it! Heh, you couldn't hate me. :)


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